Friday, 13 March 2015

Armen Martirosian‎I am a descendant of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide! Yesterday at 13:56 · Due to many of you sending me links to a New York Times article

 (…/study-backs-5th-century-historians…), regarding the recent Haber paper on the lack of admixture of Armenians, I felt the need to respond and clarify a few things. Though the article makes a number of grave errors that should be taken into consideration, let's start with the insights gained from the Haber paper. What the Haber paper essentially strongly infers is that Armenians have rem...
Geneticists found Armenians to come from a mixing of populations that occurred from 3000 to 2000...
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  • Armen Martirosian It's rather subjective comparing the beauty of languages. If Armenian wasn't the language of your cultural background, you'd never find it interesting, as it's not even well known. When was the last time you heard Albanian? Celtic? Laotian? san? Navajo? Quechua? ....the list goes on.
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  • Armen Martirosian Zee, take my advice and try not to use superiority in your phrasing, as it's a loaded word. Saying something is superior to something else implies that the other is inferior, when clearly there's subjective bias. We are Armenians, and as such, we will...See More
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  • Armen Martirosian Aram, as for Japanese and Korean, it's debatable whether it should be included with the Turko-Mongolian families. Generally, among most contemporary linguists who deal with those languages, they divide them into two camps. Micro-Altaic and Macro-Alta...See More
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