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THE ARMENIAN WEEKLY - Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014
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The Child of a Refugee
By Siran Seza
The following story was written by Siran Seza in April 1946. Seza was the penname of Siranoush Zarifian, a Lebanese-Armenian writer born in Constantinople in 1903. She is best known for founding the Beirut-based feminist journal The Young Armenian Woman (Երիտասարդ Հայուհի)in 1932.
Siran Seza, a portrait
Siran Seza, a portrait
After attending Armenian, French and American schools as a child, Seza graduated from the American College for Girls in Constantinople in 1919. Her grasp of English allowed her to continue her education in the United States. She moved to New York in the late 1920’s to pursue a master’s degree in literature and journalism at Columbia University. After graduating in 1931, she settled in Beirut where she established herself as a leader in the Lebanese-Armenian intellectual community until her death in 1973.
Her greatest contribution to this intellectual community wasThe Young ArmenianWoman, a journal that she edited through its entire run from 1932-34...
Lazarian Joins Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation
The Howard Karagheusian Foundation recently announced the appointment of Irina Lazarian as its new managing director. The foundation, formally known as the Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corp. (HKCC), was founded in 1921 in New York City by Mihran and Zabel Karaghuesian in memory of their 14-year-old son, Howard, who died of an illness.
Irina Lazaryan
Irina Lazaryan
With the arrival of Irina Lazarian, the foundation begins a new chapter in its long history of coming to the aid of needy Armenian children and families throughout the world. “Irina brings new vitality and energy to the Karagheusian programs as we face increasing challenges in Armenia, Syria, and Lebanon, where the foundation is currently operating” said its president, Michael Haratunian.
Lazarian is the former executive director of Armenian Fund USA, and brings with her extensive experience in humanitarian and infrastructure projects in Armenia. Born in Yerevan, she relocated to the U.S. in 1998 and is expected to lead the...
Farfetched Proposal
We, Armenians, should be developing better, broader, and deeper relations with the Kurds (especially of Turkey).
The Kurds should be reaching out to us in more ways than genocide-related matters.
Turkey claims to want “normalized” relations with the Republic of Armenia (RoA).
Turkey is cynically supporting the Kurds of Iraq while “negotiating” with the Kurds that are its citizens and simultaneously fighting the Kurds of Syria (through intermediaries—the Islamic extremists it is arming, backing, and providing a base of operations for).
Iran is confronted with the reality of a de facto Kurdish state on its borders and is likely concerned about the potential restiveness of its own Kurdish citizens.
The KRG (Kurdish Regional Government—of northern Iraq, that is, not the fledgling one in Syria) is now sitting on far more oil (and I’d bet methane [natural gas], too) than it knows what to do with, especially after taking control of Kirkuk when the Islamist extremists took over...
Babayan Named President of American Urological Association
BOSTON, Mass.—Richard Babayan, MD, chief of the department of urology at Boston Medical Center (BMC) and professor and chair of urology at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), has been elected president of the American Urological Association (AUA). He is the first Boston urologist to be elected national AUA president since 1988.
Dr. Richard Babayan
Dr. Richard Babayan
This three-part role begins May 2015 when Babayan will be named president elect of the association. From May 2016-17, he will assume the presidency and preside over the AUA Annual Meeting that will be held in Boston. He will serve as past president from May 2017-18.
Babayan has previously served in both local and national urological associations. He was the president of the Massachusetts Association of Practicing Urologists from 2012-14 and the New England Section representative to the AUA Board of Directors from 2005-09. In 2011, the AUA Leadership Program and Board of Directors honored him with a Distinguished Service Award.
Vartabedian: Keeping in Step with Dance Recitals
I committed the ultimate social blunder the other day at my granddaughter’s dance recital.
Just as she appeared on stage for one of her “dazzling” performances, I jumped from my seat and began taking photographs.
I didn’t sit back down until the number ended three minutes later, hoping to get that shot of a lifetime.
I would have remained seated had the patron in front of me been a child. This guy was six feet tall and just as wide. Why he chose that spot was my albatross. One seat over would have been a better choice. Had he moved the other way, he would have blocked my wife’s view.
As protocol has it at these exhibitions, they discourage an all-out stampede in the aisles from amateur shutterbugs. I’ve seen it get downright nasty. It’s worse than a paparazzi blitz at the Academy Awards.
It never used to be that way, back when my daughter hit the stage. She was about 4 at the time and was set to dance a Yankee Doodle Dandy number. Sonya looked like a patriotic American...
Uncle Garabed’s Notebook (July 26, 2014)
Hill-Billy Talk
I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are
the president.
… Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents.
Indian Proverb (Tamil)
The comfort of the bed is not experienced by the mattress.
Classified Ad
NORDIC TRACK $300. Hardly used. Call CHUBBY.
Rules for Scalping
The Cheyennes, in scalping, remove from the part just over the left ear, a piece of skin not larger than a silver dollar. The Arapahoes take a similar piece from the region of the right ear. Others take the entire skin from the crown of the head, the forehead, or the nape of the neck. The Utes take the entire scalp from ear to ear, and from the forehead to the nape of the neck.
A Toast
May you sleep like a log but not like a sawmill.
A Tip
It has been suggested that the Washington Redskins be renamed the Washington Foreskins because the moral integrity of the team owners is just as useless.
Seen in a Different...
Fatih Akin’s Film on 1915 to Premiere at Venice Film Festival
VENICE, Italy (A.W.)—Award winning director Fatih Akin’s latest film, “The Cut,” will premiere at the 71st Venice International Film Festival that will take place from Aug. 27 to Sept. 6. “The Cut” tells the story of an Armenian man, Nazareth Manoogian, who after surviving the Genocide learns that his twin daughters may be alive, and goes on a quest to find them. Nazareth’s journey takes him from his village Mardin to the deserts, to Cuba and finally North Dakota. Nazareth, who is a mute, is played by Tahar Rahim. Other cast members include Simon Abkarian, Arsinee Khanjian, Akin Gazi and George Georgiou. The script is written by Akin himself and Mardik Martin. The film is in English, and runs for 138 minutes, although the version that will premiere in Venice is dubbed over in German.
A snapshot from 'The Cut'
A snapshot from ‘The Cut’
A snapshot from 'The Cut'
A snapshot from ‘The Cut’
“Tahar doesn’t say a word throughout the film and he is a bit like Charlie Chaplin, but at the same...
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