Sunday, 14 February 2010

Take Action Now on Upcoming Genocide Resolution‏

From: S.F. Bay Area ANC (

Dear Friends,

The Armenian Genocide resolution, H.R.252, will be taken up for a vote in the House Foreign Affairs Committee on March 4th. It's very important that all Armenian-Americans do their part in advocating for the passage of this resolution. Here are few simple, quick ways to participate:

1. Send a free message to your representative:
It's as easy as a few clicks. Representatives have an easy excuse not to support the Armenian Genocide resolution when they get no messages from their constituents. Please go to the TAKE ACTION section on the ANCA homepage. Using your zip code, the website will identify your representative and send an appropriate letter, thanking them for co-sponsoring H.R.252 or urging them to co-sponsor. In the Bay Area, the following representatives have not yet co-sponsored the Armenian Genocide resolution, and we strongly encourage those of you who are their constituents, to take action:
George Miller (7th District)
John Garamendi (10th District)
Tom McClintock (4th District)
Wally Herger (2nd District)

2. Sign the following online petition urging Congress to pass legislation recognizing the Armenian Genocide and call upon President Obama to honor his pledge and unambiguously acknowledge the Armenian Genocide on its 95th anniversary this April.

3. Call the offices of these Bay Area representatives, urging them to co-sponsor the Armenian Genocide resolution.
Rep. Miller: (925) 602-1880
Rep. Garamendi: (925) 932-8899
Rep. McClintock: (916) 786-5560
Rep. Herger: (530) 893-8363

4. Pass on this e-mail to your friends and family.


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