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USA Armenian Life #1311 ----- Is Former Foreign Minister Oskanian on a pathway to political self-destruction?

Issue #1311 | May 12, 2012
Is Former Foreign Minister Oskanian on a pathway to political self-destruction?
By Appo JabarianExecutive Publisher/Managing Editor
USA Armenian Life Magazine
There is absolutely no doubt that the May 6 Armenian parliamentary elections were marred by serious irregularities, large-scale bribes and outright fraud. Many political leaders and observers criticized the tainted 
Lawsuit-Happy Turkish Group Loses Appeal on Armenian Genocide
By Harut SassounianPublisher
California Courier

The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) has been on a rampage in recent years, filing lawsuits against scholars, public officials, and civic groups who support the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.   
Christine Krikorian's motherly love permeates
the community
By Editorial Staff
USA Armenian Life Magazine
There is a consensus and universal

Azerbaijan 'targets
activists' as it prepares to host Eurovision
By Daniel Sandford
BBC News
Baku's Hospital Number 1 is an impressive building. It is immaculately clean and well equipped, a symbol of the modern state that oil-rich
Miracle of Armenian Alphabet
The Armenian Alphabet is a miracle. Here are the names of some chemical elements. The interesting fact is that each one of the Armenian alphabetic letters represent a numerical value. Now the sum of the numerical values of
The story of Armenian Jerusalem to come to life in feature film

Jerusalem - The story of the Armenians of Jerusalem, a fascinating tale of courage, hope and endurance, sprinkled with the inevitable grains of turmoil and tragedy, is planned to be

Interview with 
Harut Sassounian
By: Armenia My Friend
(a French-Armenian website)
Harut Sassounian is the publisher ofThe California Courier
Armenia My Friend : Can we consider denial of the Armenian genocide as a grave inexcusable act?
NY to host fundraising event for Armenian village environmental project
Armenia Tree Project (ATP) and the Acopian Center for the Environment (ACE) are joining together to initiate a 
I would not want for my son to take up boxing
Former IBF Middleweight Champion Arthur Abraham, 32, is currently speaking with students from Yerevan State University (YSU).
Arevagal: The following article by the former Russian ambassador to Armeniawas written just before Moscow liberated South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgian/Western aggression. The commentary by the ambassador is a 

Mobile commerce service introduced in Armenia
Armenian clients will be offered another innovation by the banking systems. Unibank and Boomerang Software Company will provide the customers with mobile commerce service (shopping through mobile device).
Hometown Hye-Lite: Hejinian Turns Artwork
into Action
By Tom Vartabedian
Armenian Weekly
CHELMSFORD, Mass.—Anyone with a prominent Armenian name like Daniel Varoujan might be adding poetic justice to the Armenian Genocide.
Armenia’s Police plan on installing more cameras & speed detectors
Armenia’s law enforcement intends to increase the number of video cameras and speed detectors at capital Yerevan’s streets by the end of the year, Deputy Road Police Chief, Police Colonel Hayk Sargsyan said during a press conference on Friday.  
In his words, thirty speed detectors are currently installed at twenty streets 

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