Friday, 13 March 2015

Armen Martirosian‎I am a descendant of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide! 7 hrs · Edited · Any of you into dice games and politics?

Things haven't changed much for Armenians in the last 3 millennia. Archaeologists have essentially found evidence of ancient divination via bones and stones (osteomancy and lithomancy respectively) during the Armenian Bronze age, in a site called Gegharot, near present day Abaran. My friend Levon is one of the archaeologists involved in uncovering the history of this area. Feel free to ask him nicely and if you're in Armenia during summer excavations, he may allow you to participate.…/2015-03-bronze-age-bones-evidence-politic…
Nayroush posted on this about a month ago, as it seems to hit the mainstream news in cycles. Still, it's important enough that it warrants posts every time it cycles into the mainstream news.
Trying to divine the future of a precarious administration, 'House of Cards' President Frank Underwood enters the inner sanctum with a trusted adviser. 'It's really a crapshoot,' the adviser says, and the president nods. The bourbon is drained,...

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