Friday, 13 March 2015

Armenian News - House of Commons Upcoming business Monday, 23 March 2015 Commons: Main Chamber

    • Home Office, including Topical Questions Oral Questions; 2:30 pm 
    • Tobacco Manufacturers Producer Responsibility 

– Paul Burstow Ten Minute Rule Motion
    • Conclusion of the Budget Debate Debate
    • Centenary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide
 – Stephen Pound Adjournment debate 
If you are going to respond to the following suggestion only made in the 
last day, send your letter to arrive before the above debate to encourage
your MP to attend and speak in support.

With this issue of news, it is now known that both Presidents 
Hollande of France and Putin of Russia will be in Armenia on 24 April 
to participate at the Armenian Genocide commemoration.

The May 1915 Tripartite Statement specifying the actions of
Ottoman Turkey as 'crimes against humanity' was also signed by 
Great Britain. It would be hugely symbolic if the UK was also 
represented in Yerevan. Such high-level attendance would clearly 
demonstrate that the United Kingdom believed that the declaration 
of that time which they repeatedly refer to is as valid today as it was 

Do write to the Prime Minster, or your MP making this points 
using if you wish some of the highlighted arguments in the European 
Parliament report.

Prof Suny on aljazeera

Ronald Grigor Suny, a professor at the University of Michigan, 
discusses the 1.5 million people killed from 1915-1922

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