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Christopher Walker 

it is with regret to announce that Christopher Walker has passed away 
after a long period suffering from cancer. 

He was a staunch friend of the Armenians using his academic qualities 
to ensure that the Armenian Genocide in all its aspects was properly 
disseminated and understood based on sound and rigorous analysis of 
proven sources of reliable facts. 

His publications included The Armenians (co-written with the late Prof 
David Marshal Lang) , Armenia and Karabagh and Visions of Ararat. He 
wrote articles and gave presentations, including one at the House of Commons. 

He will be greatly missed and mourned. 

RFE/RL Report
Probe Of Yerevan Hostage Crisis Complete
May 10, 2017

An Armenian law-enforcement agency announced on Wednesday that it has
completed the main criminal investigation into last July's deadly
attack on a police base in Yerevan carried out by members of a radical
opposition group.

The Special Investigative Service (SIS) said the 14 main suspects in
the case will go on trial on a wide range of charges, including
illegal seizure of government buildings and weapons and hostage

Two of them also stand accused of murdering three police officers
during the armed group's two-week standoff with security forces. In
addition, one of those gunmen, Armen Bilian, has been charged with
stealing over 14 million drams ($29,000) in cash from an ATM machine
inside the police compound in Yerevan's southern Erebuni
district. Bilian's lawyer said in November that his client denies the
murder charge.

The gunmen seized the facility and took several police officers
hostage on July 17. They demanded President Serzh Sarkisian's
resignation and the release of Zhirayr Sefilian, the jailed leader of
their Founding Parliament movement. Sefilian was arrested on June 20
for allegedly plotting an armed revolt against the Armenian
government. He denies the accusation as politically motivated.

Security forces avoided storming the compound during the standoff,
which also sparked anti-government demonstrations in Yerevan. Instead,
they shot and wounded some of the armed oppositionists. The 20
remaining gunmen holed up in the compound surrendered to the
authorities on July 31, hours after freeing medics who were also held
hostage in the besieged compound.

The U.S. State Department strongly condemned the Erebuni attack, while
urging the authorities in Yerevan to exercise "appropriate restraint."
The European Union Delegation in Armenia likewise called it

The SIS statement said that investigators have conducted some 500
interrogations and over 100 forensic tests during the inquiry. It said
the findings of the probe have been sent to a senior Armenian
prosecutor for approval and subsequent submission to a court. The 14
suspects will face lengthy prison sentences if found guilty.

Their defense lawyers have repeatedly alleged violations of the due
process of law in the probe. They have also protested against their
clients' prison conditions and law-enforcement authorities' reluctance
to allow their relatives to visit them. 

ARMINFO News Agency, Armenia
May 10, 2017 Wednesday
YBC and ARARAT brandy are awarded at the prestigious 

international competitions of the spirits

Naira Badalyan. Ani brandy of ARARAT Yerevan Brandy Company received
golden medal at the Berlin International Competition of spirits, and
YBC itself was awarded with special international medal ?Enterprise of
the year?.

According to YBC press-service, this year the competition which
presented more than 400 beverages from 20 countries of the world,
passed on March 5 and 6. Berlin International Spirits Competition was
unique due to its panel of judges, which included alcohol industry?s
experts, including key representatives of on and off trend channels,
distributors and importers, who can influence on the disposal of the
given beverage.

ARARAT is the first Armenian brand, representing Armenia at the
competition. Earlier ARARAT brandies won at the prestigious
international competitions, such as San-Francisco international wine
competition and spirits and World Spirits Award.

Brandy ARARAT "Ani" is named in honor of the capital of medieval
Armenia. The symbol of the Bagratid dynasty, a graceful leopard
adorned by the main arches from the forty gates of Ani, is now
depicted on the packaging of the eponymous cognac of the ARARAT range.
Brandy is created for those who appreciate bright emotions and
impressions. Its composition will open up new limits of brandy and
emphasize the completeness of the moment. The legendary Armenian
ARARAT brandies are made at the Yerevan brandy factory using
traditional technology, the basis of which were laid back in 1887 by
the brothers Vasily and Nerses Tayryants. When creating brandies, only
high-quality Armenian grapes of endemic varieties and crystal-clear
spring water are used.

ARARAT precious brandy alcohols are aged in barrels from the age-old
Caucasian oak, made in the factory's own cooperative workshop. In
1998, the Yerevan Brandy Company entered the international company
Pernod Ricard (Pernod Ricard), the world leader in premium alcohol.
British company warned for illegal activity in Karabakh
10 May 2017
By Rashid Shirinov 

Azerbaijan has warned Grant Thornton, one of the world's largest professional services network of independent accounting and consulting member firms, over inadmissibility of its daughter company’s activity in the occupied territories of the country.

The Economy Ministry of Azerbaijan has studied the issue of illegal activities of Grant Thornton’s daughter company Grand Thornton Armenia in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, the ministry told APA on May 10.

The study revealed that in 2015, Grand Thornton Armenia audited the fixed assets of projects implemented by Armenian Hayastan Foundation in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia.

In this regard, a representative of Grand Thornton International Ltd on Azerbaijan was summoned to the Azerbaijani Economy Ministry.

After that, the Central Office of the company sent a letter to Grand Thornton Armenia, in which noted the inadmissibility of illegal activities in the occupied Azerbaijani territories and expressed the harsh response of the Azerbaijani side. The head company also mentioned that if the member companies don’t obey the requirements, they will be removed from the network.

Azerbaijan takes necessary measures against those, who are engaged in illegal economic activity in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia.

In general, unauthorized visits to Nagorno-Karabakh and other occupied regions of Azerbaijan are considered illegal and individuals who pay such visits are included in the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s “black list”.

Baku has repeatedly warned foreign officials and diplomats against unauthorized visits to territories under Armenian occupation, stating that such visits violate international law. The country urges all foreign nationals to refrain from traveling to the occupied territories in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

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