Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The British Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group

Armenia Solidarity

Nor Serount Publications

The British Armenian All-Party Parliamentary Group

You are warmly invited to the following events on:

Armenian Genocide Day

24th April

One hundred MP's have now signed the motion recognising the Genocide. (EDM number 357) Please contact your MP and ask him/her to sign the motion!

(Only a few London and the home county MP's have signed)


1. Rembrance at St Mary's-under-Croft Church
The House of Lords at
11.00 am

(Until 11.20 am to attend this you must confirm by 13th April)

2. Wreath-laying at the Monument to the Innocents outside Westminster Abbey
Darfuri representatives)
12.00 noon till 12.15 pm)

3. Major Presentation of oral and written evidence for the Armenian Genocide in the Grand Committee Room The House of Commons - At 4.00 pm till 5.30 pm

Chaired by Lord Avebury

and sponsored by

John Bercow MP

Followed by: Appeal to all MP's to support Early Day Motion 357 on the Genocide and the Formation of a Future Delegation to meet the

Rt. Hon Geoff Hoon

4. 5.45 pm: Proceed together from the House of Commons to a Laying of a wreath at the Cenotaph at 6.00 pm



Mob: 07876561398

RSVP. We hope you can manage to attend at least one of these events.


03.04.2007 15:38 GMT+04:00

PanARMENIAN.Net - 114 British parliamentarians are for recognizing
the Armenian Genocide by the United Kingdom, Co-Founder and
honorary Secretary of the British Armenian Group Odette Bazil stated
to a news conference in Yerevan on Tuesday. She said, in order to
include the resolution in the agenda one third of signatures of the
665-member parliament are necessary.

"For this purpose the British Armenian Group cooperates with other
organizations, which protects rights of victims of other genocides,"
she said adding that it is difficult to deal with pro-Armenian lobby
in the United Kingdom, since very influential Turkish and Azeri lobby
organizations work there.

O. Bazil also said that from the moment of establishing the group the
organization has rather enlarged and reached certain success. "When
the group was established only 6 parliamentarians were included in
it, and now their number has reached 106. This is the largest
lobbygroup in the British Parliament,"
she noticed.

O. Bazil informed the British Armenian Group also cooperates with
extraparliamentary organizations of the Armenian community in
Great Britain, particularly with "Armenian Solidarity" and
"Nor Serund" (New Generation), "Novosti Armenia" reports.

IN UK - Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey
April 3 2007

Support for a motion at the British House of Commons calling on the
government to recognize claims of an Armenian genocide at the
hands of the late Ottoman Empire has been steadily growing, adding
to worries in Ankara over worldwide efforts of the Armenian
diaspora towin international recognition for allegations that it
categorically denies.

The number of MPs having signed an "Early Day Motion," or EDM,
has reached 100 in the 646-member House of Commons, British
parliamentary records showed. The motion, EDM 357, was tabled
on Nov. 29 and first signed by Conservative Party Member of
Parliament Bob Spink.

Turkey denies Armenian charges that up to 1.5 million Armenians
were killed in a systematic genocide campaign at the hands of the
late Ottoman Empire during the World War I years, and said there
were killings on both sides as the Ottoman Empire was trying to
quell civil unrest caused by Armenian revolts in collaboration with
the invading Russian army in hope of claiming part of eastern

Ankara is concerned over prospects for passage of a resolution in the
US Congress that calls on the administration to recognize the alleged
genocide and plans of the German presidency of the EU to introduce
EU-wide measures against the denial of genocide and crimes against
humanity have increased worries.

The EDM in question reads: "That this House believes
that the killing of over a million Armenians in 1915 was an
act of genocide; calls upon the UK Government to recognize
it as such; and believes that it would be in Turkey's
long-term interests to do the same."

An EDM is tabled usually for the purpose of calling for a debate on
a particular subject and, since there is rarely time to debate them,
the practical purpose of an EDM is considered to enable MPs to
draw attention to an issue and ensure other MPs support it.
Diplomatic sources say they have been following developments on
this front and share their perspectives with British officials and
parliamentary members at every chance possible. These sources
note that there is not much of a chance that Britain will
officially recognize the Armenian claims.

Ankara has been satisfied to learn that government
sources reiterated to parliament members that there was
insufficient evidence to mandate the official recognition
of genocide claims
. In addition, the motion cannot be turned
directly into parliamentary decisions. Armenian circles in Britain,
though, maintain the collection of MPs' signatures will be enough to
keep the subject on the British political agenda.

Similar sources note that the collection of signatures sped up in the
wake of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink's murder and that
the Armenian lobby has been using Dink's murder as a way of
increasing support.


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