Monday, 2 April 2007

SCREAMERS - System of a Down

An unusual film by Carla Garapedian, exploring the denial of genocide
in the last century through the eyes of the Armenian heavy-metal
band System of a Down. Theirs is a more informed view of politics
than most metal bands, as three of their members are descended from
genocide survivors.

On: BBC Four
Whent out on:
Thursday 29 March @ 10.30pm-midnight (repeat at 2am-3.30am)
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Carla Garapedian, 2006
Thursday 29 March 10.30pm-midnight; rpt 2am-3.30am

Article on the Armenian massacre and its legacy

Opinion on the massacre
From BBC News website users

"War, death, love and prog operatics"
Collective on System of a Down's Hypnotise CD
The film's official website
The band's offical home on the internet

Nick Fraser
Storyville Series Editor

Genocide is abhorred by civilised opinion all over the world - and protesting against it is becoming a cause taken up by many young people. Should the purpose of Western nations above all be to prevent genocide or to intervene whenever it occurs?

Screamers approaches this bleak subject via the medium of rock 'n' roll. System of a Down are a Los Angeles heavy metal band, popular throughout the world. Three of the five band members are Armenian by origin - they emigrated to LA via Iraq - and they have turned their concerts into a form of lobbying, wanting to see the 1916 Turkish massacres of Armenians recognised as genocide.

Carla Garapedian's film follow the band as they mount a campaign, and explains the background. The Turks have never recognised that the massacres happened: they still allege that the killings took place in self-defence. Defenders of the Armenian position have been murdered in Turkey.

Garapedian's film is a new way into a very topical subject.

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