Monday, 28 January 2008




at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 27th January 2008

A Wreath-laying Commemoration will be held at:

The Armenian Genocide Monument

North Road Side

The Garden of the Temple of Peace

King Edward VIII Avenue

Cathay’s Park,


To remember the victims of all Genocides

preceded at 2.45 pm

Wreath-laying Commemoration for Hrant Dink,

Editor of the Armenian newspaper "Agos"

assassinated in Istanbul on 19th January 2007.

Speaker: Martin Shipton, chief reporter of the Western Mail & Echo

Press Release
Protests expected at Holocaust Event in Cardiff
Tel: 07718982732 or 07876561398
This Sunday at 3.00 p.m. Turkish protestors are expected to heckle or disrupt the Holocaust Memorial Day event in Cardiff, Wales.
The wreath-laying event , held outside the Temple of Peace, King Edward VIII Ave, Cathays Park, in the Cardiff civic centre, has
attracted the displeasure of the "Committee for the Protection of Turkish Rights".This organisation sent a hundred protesters
on the 3rd November to heckle and disrupt a requiem service organised to consecrate the Welsh National Armenian Genocide Monument
outside the Temple.
The Committee's spokesman, Hal Savas said that "We will be out in force this time" .
A spokesman for the organisers said " We feel that it is very suitable to hold the event by the Genocide Monument.
This is the only public genocide monument in Wales, even in the UK. We hope that it will become a focus for every other group
that has suffered or has been persecuted . We also hope that Armenian-Jewish friendship will be promoted by this

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