Monday, 28 January 2008

PRESS RELEASE - Hrant Dink Commemmoration in London

Armenia Solidarity
Nor Serount Cultural Association
Armenian Genocide Trust
Seyfo Centre
Hrant Dink Commemmoration in London

London (Saturday 19.01.2008) - A diverse crowd comprising of Armenians,
Kurds, Turks and intellectuals of other nationalities marked the first
anniversary of the death of Hrant Dink at the Monument to the Innocents in
front of Westminster Abbey, London on Saturday.

Prayers were said by Canon Segovsky of Westminster Abbey. The author
Nouritza Matossian, a friend of Hrant paid her own personal tribute. The
author Des Fernandes spoke about Hrant's clear position on the Genocide.

Kasim Agpak said that Hrant's death was "the outcome of a long planned
implementation of constitutional racism and anti-democratic articles and

Messages of support were read from the singer Diamanda Galas, Swedish MP
Esabelle Reshdouni, Gurgin Bakircioglu (Vice Chair of The Kurdish Student
and Academic Association of Sweden and editor of A portion of
Hrant's work was read by Nouritza Matossian. Professor Khatchatur Pilikian,
as his tribute, sang "God the Free (song of freedom)" by Mikael Nalbandian
and two white doves of peace were released by Khatchig Vartanian, Editor of
the UK Armenian magazine, "Voice of Nor Serount".

The numerous Kurds, Armenians and Turks present agreed to enter in dialogue
and consecrate their lives to study and learn fro Hrant's many articles.

Transcripts of Hrant Dink Day Speeches will be published in the forthcoming
issue of VONS.

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