Friday, 13 March 2009

REMINDER - Byzantium Exhibition ends on 22 March‏

TO 22 MARCH 2009
This is an absolutely fabulous exhibition and a must for anyone with an interest in art, culture and
the church.
It brings together priceless items from all over the world that probably have not been assembled before.
Thanks to the efforts and scholarship of Der Nerses, there is a solid Armenian content in the
Beyond Byzantium section.
This includes a khatchkar from Noraduz (Cat 285) and various manuscripts (Cats 292 - 301).
It's worth going just for these!
You may want to spend time with the icons from St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai.
Two other items that particularly caught my eye were the Book Cover (Cat 82) and the Chalice (Cat 290)
- but you'll have your own!
And it really puts into perspective the strange exhibition there on Turkey which purported that everything
they conquered was from their own culture.

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