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March 30, 2009

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| http://www.anca.org/change |

WASHINGTON, DC - On the eve of the April 1st arrival of Genocide Prevention Month, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) today launched a nationwide online and print campaign urging concrete action to end the Darfur genocide and ensure full U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Echoing Martin Luther King's famous remarks at the Lincoln Memorial in August, 1963, the "Fierce Urgency of NOW" campaign urges anti-genocide activists across the U.S. to visit http://www.anca.org/change to learn more about the worsening humanitarian situation in Darfur and how this atrocity fits into the cycle of genocide that started with the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923. The website provide simple ways for citizens to call on President Obama to show "unstinting resolve" in the effort to stop the Darfur Genocide, by participating in Save Darfur "add your voice" effort (www.addyourvoice.org). Activists can also call on the Obama Administration and Congress to recognize the Armenian Genocide, putting to an end to U.S. complicity in Turkey's international campaign of genocide denial.

On Monday, March 30, 2009, full page ads were placed in The Politico and Roll Call newspapers, primarily targeting Administration and Congressional decision makers in Washington, DC, with a powerful graphic bringing together child survivors of the Armenian Genocide and Darfur Genocide into a stark visualization of the ongoing cycle of genocide. The photos are juxtaposed with President Obama's January, 2008, campaign pledge to the American people stating:

"Genocide, sadly, persists to this day, and threatens our common security and common humanity. Tragically, we are witnessing in Sudan many of the same brutal tactics - displacement, starvation, and mass slaughter - that were used by the Ottoman authorities against defenseless Armenians back in 1915. I have visited Darfurian refugee camps, pushed for the deployment of a robust multinational force for Darfur, and urged divestment from companies doing business in Sudan. America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President."

To read the complete "Obama file" on Armenian Genocide recognition, visit: http://www.anca.org/change/docs/Obama_Armenian_Genocide.pdf

Individuals can help expand the "Fierce Urgency of NOW" campaign by asking friends, family and coworkers to visit www.anca.org/change and take action. The effort can be publicized through a number of online sharing tools reaching the vast array of social networking sites including Facebook and LinkedIn, among others. To promote the campaign on college campuses or local communities, contact Garo Manjikian at garo@anca.org.

Organizations can join the ANCA campaign as "Fierce Partners" against genocide and genocide denial by contacting elizabeth@anca.org. Read Complete Release. . .

Photo Credit: Left Photo - Armenian Genocide, Armin T. Wegner, Right Photo: El Fashir, North Darfur, Brian Steidle, Hope Photos.

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