Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Namaz in Ani Cathedral on 1 October 2010

This is the message that came to me:
"look at those clowns! they are celebrating the fact that they have almost succeeded in bringing
back the 11th century. Ermolov, Paskevich and Loris-Melikov are now forgotten, Lenin having
gifted this territory to Mustafa Kemal."
But click on
and look at the people, their faces, the crowd dynamics, the aggression (at times unrestrained),
the ceremonial pomp
... then think back 90 years and imagine that ordinary Armenian civilians had to face such mobs
with no protection whatsoever.
Can we really comprehend their terror, to the extent that old people used to have nightmares until
they passed away that gendarmes were coming after them?
Now come forward 90 years and imagine the worldwide reaction if we had a Christian service in
a mosque.
Has the underlying core of the Turks really changed over the century, and beyond?

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