Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Armenian News... A Topalian... Overcoming denial is the only way forward

Ruth Barnett is one of the children evacuated from Nazi Germany
who actively campaigns on the issues relating to genocide, not just
the Holocaust.

She has been a solid supporter of the Armenians and is urging you,
your family, your friends and your contacts to support the petition 
urging HMG to recognise the Armenian Genocide.

Please do so if you have not already, and distribute her message as
widely as possible.

Thank you.

-------- Original Message --------
From: Ruth Barnett <>
Subject: Overcoming denial is the only way forward
Date: 12-06-2016 
From: Ruth Barnett <>

Denial of past genocide has made it much easier and safer for more
leaders with power and sovereign immunity as Heads of State to commit
genocide against the people they have responsibility to protect. The
Holocaust has not put a stop to this because the Ottoman Genocide is
still largely denied. Germany has 'come clean' now, after 101 years, 
admited its part in supporting modern Turkey's denial of the Ottoman

It is time that our British government finds the moral stature to do
likewise. It has all the proof needed in its own British Government
archives. You can request it through FOE and you will get pages of
redaction with not enough left to be readable.

Please view this appalling video clip (web-link below) of the Ottoman
Genocide and then, if you are moved, please sign the petition and pass
it on to  your friends.


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