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Leaving the EU, the Remain creeps threaten, would be tantamount to the Apocalypse. Because it would open the UK door to terrorists, destroy business and the economy, push up prices, cut pensions, screw up the NHS, be a disaster for universities, science and little children, cause air pollution, increase xenophobia, endanger MP’s lives, please ogres like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, halt foreign investment, collapse the stock market, usher in World War III…and so merrily on.

True or false? Rubbish or good sense? Realism or project fear? It won’t be the Apocalypse, that is certain. Because only God can unleash that final, cosmic mega-battle between Good and Evil, not the puny animalcules called human beings. Although the EU’s declared un-Christian character must be gratifying to the Devil and irksome to the Lord, I doubt it is enough for Him to set off Armageddon. Nonetheless, a Leave vote is perhaps the lesser evil…

Britain’s departure would be good for Europe. Read my lips: ‘Europe’, not the EU. Two very different entities. England’s strategy, historically speaking, has always been to divide Europeans, to sow discord among them, to prevent the unification of Europe under a central force or leadership. Philip II of Spain, French Louis XIV, Corsican Bonaparte, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, bad old A.H. – all men who posed a lethal menace to England. Because they wanted to unite the continent under their aegis. Bad guys? Tyrants? But that’s not why England fought them. She did because any European hegemony was a threat to England’s own worldwide Empire. Her own political and mercantile interests of ruling (or was it colonising, exploiting and plundering?) other lands. Hence ‘Divide and Rule’ has been this island’s perennial foreign policy motto.

After WWII victorious Britain was broke, her empire gone and the nation drifting off into irrelevance. Swallowing her pride, she then applied to join the European Economic Community. General De Gaulle, of blessed memory, vetoed that. The great statesman wisely observed that Britain evinced ‘a deep-seated hostility’ towards Europe. The General gone, in 1973 Britain got in. But half-heartedly. Constantly looking over her shoulder, towards America, and fearing a Franco-German alliance. Even today Britain refuses to join the Euro and the Schengen agreement, wanting to have it both ways. She dreads a EU that could one day give rise to another Napoleon or Kaiser Wilhelm. She is there mainly to cause mischief – and out of perceived self-interest, of course.

Europe, not the EU. The latter embodies secularism, liberalism, capitalism and the corrosive, anthropocentric ideology of human rights. Values and principles in direct opposition to the Divine Will and often used as weapons to oppress believers. The EU is perversely not only anti-Christian but also resolutely anti-God. Recall how it banned any reference to the Creator in its fundamental charter. Oblivious to that, the asinine non-Christian leader, Justin Welby, so-called Archbishop of Canterbury, has come out for Remain. He says he has ‘no divine hotline’ to the right answer. Superfluous remark. (More likely a diabolical hotline, methinks!) No one would expect this fool to care about the teachings of Christianity. If he did, he would know that an organisation that will not officially mention God’s name should be despised and spurned by any genuine follower of Jesus Christ.

If Britain votes Leave, it could start a chain reaction inside the EU, ending in the disintegration of the dubious body. That would be good. European nation states are already beginning to reassert their identities. Greece, Hungary, Slovakia have discovered it is impossible to retain security unless they can control their own borders. France may rediscover her vocation to lead Europe. Germany…Don’t shake in your boots. The Wehrmacht will not march again. The warlike nation that impressed and scared Europeans, from Tacitus to Churchill, today is a lovely pussycat.

And England? Actually, Brexit would be good for her too. Being organically connected with the continent is an anomaly in her modern history. When George, Elector of Hanover, became King of England in 1714 as George I, her enemies rejoiced. Because of being able to strike at England in Europe without the problem of crossing the Channel and conquering the island race. George III put an end to that when he surrendered the Hanover Crown to his son, Ernst Augustus. From then on England has had no foothold in Europe – apart from Gibraltar. Breaking away from the EU would be a liberation, the end of a liability, the removal of her equivocal EU ties or shackles. Freed from that, Britain would reach out to the Commonwealth countries, America, the whole world!

Alas, it won’t happen. British people by nature shy away from radical choices – unless in extraordinary times of national emergency or wars. Besides, project fear is making an impact. Too many gullible people swallow the ludicrous list of woes in the first paragraph above. The shameless, nauseating exploitation of the murder of MP Jo Cox and resulting emotive blackmail by the Remain brigade is having an effect. (Odd it should have happened exactly when a YouGov poll showed the Leave campaign surging ahead with a 7-point lead. Conspiracy mongers will have a field day.)

So, the Apocalypse looks like being postponed. The EU imbroglio – and Britain enmeshed in it – will drag on. The whole thing is likely to end not with a bang but with a whimper.

Revd Frank Julian Gelli


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