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Armenian News... A Topalian...Reportage on Pilgrimage St. Thaddeus Monastery

Reportage on the Occasion of the Annual Pilgrimage 

to St. Thaddeus Monastery in Maku, Iran, July 2017 
22 August 2017  

How the World's Direct Armenian Journal emerged in Madras 

The Hidden Armenians
May 6, 2015 

Armenia is marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the World War I-era massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, widely recognized as the first genocide of the 20th century. The nature of the tragedy continues to be disputed by Turkey, which says that civil strife claimed lives on both sides. In this documentary, RFE/RL's Armenian Service investigates the stories of Turkey's "hidden Armenians" -- families whose forebears converted to Islam, or were forcibly converted, and concealed their background to escape persecution. They describe a slowly changing atmosphere in Turkey that has made it possible, after decades of silence, to live openly as Christians and Armenians.


Public Radio of Armenia
Aug 25 2017
Azerbaijan outraged over the sale of Kim Kardashian lipstick sale in Baku 

Azerbaijan has detected something of a national security breach. And this time it comes via a lipstick collection carrying Armenian-American television star Kim Kardashian West’s brand name (KKW) and sold to unsuspecting Azerbaijanis, EurasiaNet.org writes.

For Azerbaijan any product with an ethnic Armenian connection, whether a lipstick or a rifle, can be considered an enemy operation. “You put a little bit of Kim Kardashian West (KKW) on your lips and, boom, you support Azerbaijan’s enemy, one government-aligned media outlet warned,” the article reads.

“You may say it’s just cosmetics, big deal. What does it have to do with the Armenian-occupied territories of Azerbaijan?” observed Azeri Today in a Russian-language article with the sub-title “For the attention of Azerbaijan’s Security Services!” The story takes the trouble to respond to its own question.

The Kardashian family spends part of its earnings on “advancing the recognition of ‘the Armenian Genocide’,” the author posited.

The 36-year-old Kardashian West indeed campaigns for international recognition of the massacre of ethnic Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide.

EurasiaNet.org reminds that with her sister Khloé and husband, rapper Kanye West, in tow, Kardashian West made a grand visit to Armenia in April 2015, drawing attention to genocide commemorations there. The actress’ own paternal ancestors barely escaped the killings when they migrated to the US at the turn of the 20th century.

The fact that neither KKW by Kylie, nor its distributor, KylieCosmetics.com, is Armenian means little or nothing to ethnicity-conscious Azerbaijanis. Earlier this year, calls were made in Azerbaijan to ban Yandex and Uber’s joint taxi-hailing service because an ethnic Armenian is at the helm of the company, EurasiaNet.orgwrites.

Gears Of Biz
Au 27 2017
Hollywood honours French singing legend Charles Aznavour
By Victoria Ritter

LOS ANGELES – French icon Charles Aznavour, one of the 20th century’s most prolific entertainers who continues to write and perform at 93, was honored Thursday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

With a career spanning eight decades, the crooner has recorded 1,400 songs — 1,300 of which he wrote — and produced over 390 albums in multiple languages.

The star, who is also credited in more than 60 movies, defied detractors who pointed to his unconventional looks to become one of France’s most iconic singers, dubbed the country’s Frank Sinatra.

“Sinatra once said every song is a one-act play with one character, and Charles is an extraordinary actor as well as an extraordinary singer,” film director Peter Bogdanovich, a friend of the star, said at the unveiling ceremony.

Aznavour delivered a brief message thanking well-wishers, explaining that he rarely speaks publicly in English as he doesn’t feel his command of the language is good enough.

“French is my working language but my family language is always Armenian,” he said, in front of hundreds of fans from both countries, as well as supporters from across the world gathered outside the historic Pantages Theater.

“After today, after that star there, I can be somebody that can say I’m also now a little bit Californian because I have my daughter here and my grandchildren.”

Bogdanovich — whose movies include “What’s Up, Doc” and “The Last Picture Show” — went through some of Aznavour’s most popular hits, including “She,” which he described as the greatest ever song about women, and paid tribute to Aznavour’s energy and dedication.

“That he does what he does at 93 is an inspiration to all of us. He doesn’t lack anything. He’s the best,” he added.

PanArmenian, Armenia
Aug 25 2017
Yerevan at Night: New route for tourists visiting Armenia's capital 

 Yerevan City Tour , the route program developed by the municipality will from now own offer tourists and residents a new route called Yerevan at Night .

The new line will start operating from Friday, August 25, scheduled to launch a 45-minute trip from the Republic Square in downtown Yerevan.

The tourists visiting the Armenian capital, as well as the residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the city at night, the new musical program of the singing fountains at the Republic Square, as well as tour Yerevan's most iconic and interesting places and delight in the capital city's panoramic view from the Cascade.

The route will operate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

ARKA, Armenia
Aug 25 2017
Zorakan village to host ‘Millennial Traditions’ festival

 On August 26-27 the village of Zorakan in the Armenian province of Tavush, populated mostly by Armenian refugees from the village of Chardakhlu in Azerbaijan, will host the second festival called ‘Millennial Traditions’.

The coordinator of the festival Hovhannes Karapetyan told journalists today that the main purpose of the festival is to encourage the development of border regions and the restoration of old traditions. He said the residents of Zorakan used to have interesting traditions, which the festival is trying to restore. In his words, the festival will feature organic fruits and vegetables grown in the village.

The tourists, if they wish, will be able to participate in various daily activities of the residents, take a course on honey pumping, cooking traditional dishes, sewing a blanket, making home vodka and even sewing a donkey saddle.

They will also be offered the opportunity to prepare a traditional Armenian dish called "hophop", which is prepared of goose or chicken meat, onions and pomegranate. The participants of the festival will also take part in rural folk games - tug-of-war games and the traditional ritual called "nuru-nuru", believed in old times to help villagers ‘cause" rain.

Instead of hotels the guests will be staying at the homes of local residents. In the evening all the guests will gather around a bonfire to fry meat or potatoes, corn and sing songs. The next day, they will go to the nearest forest to gather cornel, blackberries and other berries, after which they will take pictures of a hundred-year-old tree with a huge hollow .

Until 1988 the village of Chardakhlu was located in Azerbaijan. Residents of the village were forced out of their homes by Azerbaijani authorities. The village is the birthplace of two marshals of the former USSR - Hamazasp Babajanyan and Ivan Baghramyan , as well as 12 army generals and seven heroes of the Soviet Union. --0--

The Peoples Person - UK
Aug 26, 2017
Manchester United fans delighted with dazzling Henrikh Mkhitaryan display against Leicester 

Manchester United fans were quick to heap praise on Henrikh Mkhitaryan as the Armenian claimed yet another assist during their side’s 2-0 win over Leicester City.

The 28-year-old, deployed in behind Romelu Lukaku once again, produced a dazzling display on the ball, surging past opponents and picking out neatly disguised passes all afternoon as Jose Mourinho’s men dominated from the start.

And he provided yet another decisive moment with a laser-guided cross that fell perfectly on to the boot of Marcus Rashford , who duly netted a crucial opener for the hosts after 70 minutes.

Supporters didn’t hesitate in lauding the playmaker for what was another scintillating, decisive performance.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently insisted that this would be Mkhitaryan’s season and, like usual, the Swede appears to be on the money: the Armenian has more assists (5) after three games than any other player has managed in the last six Premier League campaigns, and he needs just two more to equal Philipe Coutinho’s best ever Premier League total. He has the same assists as Manchester City have goals so far this year.

In other words, he is running the show. United have been an exciting, penetrative and ultimately effective force going forward in these opening three games and at the heart of that is the magical Armenian.

He is beautiful to watch. The likes of Wilfried Ndidi and Matty James could only play the role of spectators: Mkhitaryan is simply too agile, too quick, too intuitively brilliant to ever track, and this time around he is producing end product – something he struggled with last season.

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