Friday, 4 August 2017

Gibrahayer proudly presents the introduction of A Cypriot-Armenian, Maral Ceulen Assilian, worked as a volunteer in Armenia through AVC (the Armenian Volunteer Corps) and stayed with a family in Yerevan. She saw how hard it is for citizens of the country to make living an developing a better future. In the family, skills were available to make beautiful silver pendants. However, not much was sold at the Vernissage or otherwise. Maral thought, that it would be good to assist them. Words like “help” and “aid” may easily give the idea of giving it to a needy person. But her thought was not charity, but cooperation. In cooperation, you can come both with ideas, take your own responsibility and challenge the other to make steps. That is what they have been doing ever since the first encounter. 
The first products are based on one of the cornerstones of Armenian culture: the unique Armenian Alphabet. Now a website with a web shop has been set up, and accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Modern communication channels require lively images and video’s. So there is also a YouTube channel, on which introductions will be given of new items available through the web shop. All items are handmade, unless stated otherwise. Enjoy your taste of this expression of Armenian culture, by visiting any or all of the following sites/links. 
Orders can be placed through the website, which also contains the contact details. Shipments are made by registered post from Cyprus, which means that the customer and can monitor exactly when the item was posted, when it left the country, when it entered the country of the recipient and so forth. Easy payment by means of PayPal. Support the cooperation and please yourself or your loved ones with beauty!
Website: Artzard Handmade
Facebook: ArtZard@handmade
Instagram : ArtZardarmenia
Phone: 00 357 99 96 41 96
Artzard welcomes people who want to be Ambassador or possibly reseller in their shop. Please contact us by e-mail.KRMaral and René

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