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Armenian News... A Topalian.,, Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan

The Design and Symbolism of Tsitsernakaberd
Dr. Hayk Demoyan, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan 

The Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex in Yerevan is Armenia’s official memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Tens of thousands from all over the world gather at the site every April 24 to remember and pay their respects to all those who perished a century ago. Because of its centrality in the consciousness of Armenians everywhere, the design and symbolism of the memorial complex have become a subject of contemplation and popular interpretation. In this video, Dr. Hayk Demoyan, the director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, describes the origins of the Memorial dating back to 1967 and the meaning and symbolism behind its carefully selected location and architectural details. 

Armenia Sings On In Our Hearts (documentary) with English subtitles 

WiRED's Work in Armenia
December 2017
News from WiRED International

Mediamax, Armenia
Nov 30 2017
Emmanuel Macron to visit Armenia in 2018 

Ambassador of France to Armenia Jonathan LacĂ´te told this during his meeting with Minister of Economic Development and Investments of Armenia Suren Karayan on November 29.

Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Armenia within the frames of the 17th Summit of La Francophonie to be held on October 11-12 of 2018.

[after the European declaration, another success for Azeri diplomacy at the expends of Armenia] 
TODAY.AZ / Politics
Armenia's protest at PABSEC session brings no results
01 DECEMBER 2017
By Rashid Shirinov 

The protest of the Armenian delegation against the declaration adopted at the 50th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) in Kiev brought no results.

Azerbaijani MP Aflatun Amashov, who took part in the session, made the remarks in his interview to Trend on November 30.

He noted that on the proposal of the Ukrainian delegation, an amendment on the need to “restore the territorial integrity of the BSEC states, and release the occupied lands within their territorial integrity” was made to the declaration, and this displeased the Armenian delegation. The Armenians demanded to delete this paragraph, but the majority supported the paragraph.

“When the Armenians became convinced that this paragraph would not be deleted, they left the meeting hall,” said Amashov.

The MP added that the Armenians made speeches with various proposals at the session, but none of them was adopted.

“The declaration was adopted for the first time in the history of the organization, and it is quite important for Azerbaijan. In general, such declarations have the character of the legal framework in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,” he said.

Amashov added that the Azerbaijani delegation took an active part in the session, and the adoption of this declaration can be considered the success of the country.

The need to restore Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and inviolability of borders has been noted many times in different international documents, and, first of all, in four resolutions on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict adopted by the UN Security Council.

However, these demands are still on paper as Armenia refuses to fulfill them and instead tries to deceive the international community about the essence of the conflict. These efforts of Armenia, of course, receive no attention of the international society, and the incident in Kiev was another proof of that.

[a better outcome here]
Artsakh Applauds CSTO Position on Karabakh Conflict Resolution
The leadership of Artsakh on Friday praised the position adopted on Thursday by the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which during a summit in Minsk, the Belarus capital, reiterated the organization’s backing of the Karabakh conflict resolution process spearheaded by the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as the CSTO’s support of the three key principles guiding the effort, among them the Artsakh citizens’ right to self-determination

“This is a very important statement given the fact that recently several countries, such as Turkey, are indirectly trying to undermine the OSCE Minsk Group format,” said Artsakh presidential spokesperson David Babayan, who was referring to recent statements made by Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who expressed his support to the Minsk Group co-chairman, while strongly advocating for a resolution to the Karabakh conflict that would only benefit Azerbaijan.

“We see what statements that country [Turkey] makes and its active involvement in the geopolitical processes in the Caucasus, namely the resolution of the Karabakh-Azerbaijani conflict. These are very dangerous steps, which can lead to more complications. The latest statement of the heads of the CSTO member states, I think, is a response to Turkey’s behavior,” added Babayan in an interview with

Babayan said that during a recent meeting between the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office with the Turkish leadership in Ankara, Turkey was “shown the red line that it must not cross.”

“Such efforts by the international community in the person of the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk group are aimed at putting Turkey in its place to prevent the country from further complicating the situation,” added Babayan.

He further addressed Cavusoglu’s remarks about Ankara’s support for any resolution on the Karabakh conflict, which will satisfy Azerbaijan.

“The Azerbaijani president once again announced that Artsakh is allegedly their historical land, and Armenians were newcomers there. So what? Does Turkey accept that Armenians are newcomers? This is another basis for a new genocide,” Babayan highlighted.

RFE/RL Report
Armenian Government Downplays Impact Of Higher Import Duties
December 01, 2017
Hovannes Movsisian 

The upcoming adoption by Armenia of higher import duties set by the
Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will not significantly push up the
prices of some key foodstuffs, a senior government official insisted
on Friday.

Membership in the Russian-led trade bloc requires Armenia, which has
traditionally had a liberal foreign trade regime, to enforce the EEU's
uniform tax rates for virtually all goods and commodities imported
from third countries. The Armenian government secured temporary
exemptions for about 900 items when it joined the EEU in January
2015. Customs duties levied from them have to be gradually raised to
EEU levels by 2024.

Around 40 types of imported goods -- notably cooking oil, butter,
poultry and tea -- will be taxed in accordance with EEU rates starting
next month.This has raised fears of price hikes that would hit hard
many Armenians struggling to make ends meet. Butter prices in the
country have already soared by 40 percent this year due to what
government officials call external factors.

Deputy Minister for Economic Development Hovannes Azizian sought to
allay those fears, saying that retail prices of the products in
question could only rise by up to 2 percent on average. He also
claimed that the higher duties will boost Armenian manufacturers and
translate into more jobs.

In an interview with RFE/RL's Armenian service (, Azizian
singled out the Armenian poultry industry which has struggled in
recent years to compete with cheaper fowl imported from non-EEU
countries. "Many think that our local products are better than
imported ones," he said.

Artak Manukian, an independent economist, countered that trade
barriers are a wrong way to boost the Armenian economy. "Domestic
manufacturers should be stimulated but there are quite a few indirect
tools for doing that: flexible loans, more flexible conditions for
loan collaterals and many other things," he said. "The worst thing to
do is to artificially hamper the emergence of competitors in your

Manukian also pointed out that the EEU is planning to increase excise
taxes collected in its member states from fuel, alcohol and tobacco.

According to official Armenian statistics, Russia and other EEU member
states accounted for about 28 percent of Armenia's foreign trade in
January-October 2017. By comparison, the European Union's share in the
total stood at just over 24 percent.

Pan Armenian, Armenia
Dec 2 2017
10 in every 100,000 of Armenia's population infected with HIV: report 

10.1 in every 100,000 of the population were diagnosed with HIV infections in Armenia in 2016, the HIV/AIDS surveillance data, published by ECDC and the WHO Regional Office for Europe, revealed.

The country thus ranks the 10th by the number of HIV-infected persons in the Eurasian region.

According to the report, Russia is in the first spot with 60.6 in every 100,000 infected with HIV, followed by Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia.

Azerbaijan has the least number of people diagnosed with the disease, with 5.7 for every 100,000 infected.

No information is available for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

The HIV/AIDS surveillance data for 2016 show that the proportion of those who are diagnosed late is increasing with age. Early diagnosis is important because it allows people to start HIV treatment sooner, which in turn increases their chances of living a long and healthy life.

With a population of almost 1 billion people and an estimated 4 million people infected with HIV, India is thought to be the country with the largest number of HIV-infected people in the world.

Armenian, Armenia
Nov 30 2017
Armenian GM Levon Aronian named world's second strongest 

Levon Aronian of Armenia retained his standing on FIDE's chess rating, having climbed to the second spot two months ago.

FIDE unveiled the new ratings on Thursday, November 30, with Magnus Carlsen of Norway still leading the list of strongest chess players of the world.

Among the top 100 are also included two more Armenians - Vladimir Akopian on the 78th, as well as Gabriel Sargissian in the 72nd positions.

Aronian won the Stavanger-hosted Norway Chess tournament in June 2017, the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament two months later, and snatched the World Chess Cup victory in Georgia in late September. Also, the Armenian grandmaster won the fourth leg of the FIDE World Cup in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 

Levon Aronian to participate in London Chess Classic 

The London Chess Classic Tournament will be held in London, on December 1-11 (10 participants, round-the-clock), which is the fifth and last round of the Grand Chess Tour. This reports the Armenian National Olympic Committee (ANOC).

The composition of the participants: Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Levon Aronian (Armenia), Maxim Vachier-Lagrave (France), Fabiano Caruana (USA), Wesley So (USA), Viswanathan Anand (India), Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Sergey Karjakin(Russia), Ian Nepomnyashchy (Russia), Michael Adams (England).

Manchester United to sell Henrikh Mkhitaryan
November 30, 2017 

Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho is dissatisfied with Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s play, so he wants to sell the football player during the upcoming winter transfer window.
This reports BBC Sport.

According to the source, “Manchester United” is going to sell the Armenian player in the winter. Rumors have been circulating that Henrikh Mkhitaryan wants to get his former club, Dortmund Borussia. The English club hopes to earn at least 20 million pound sterling from the player’s transfer .

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