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You may or maynot agree with post's on my blog!...It is a platform for all manner of facits in life!
Personally, I feel it is an oppinion that the individual is expressing and it is just an oppinion and their belief based upon the sect they were born into, so without futher a do read on.


Who taught Winston Churchill his famous victory symbol, the V-Sign, now popular worldwide? Someone nicknamed the ‘most wicked man in the world’. The notorious British freemason, spy, pervert and Satanist Aleister Crowley. A diabolical trick, because, unbeknownst to Churchill, the V-Sign, composed of the extended index and middle fingers, stands for…the devil’s horns. So claims Roger Peyrefitte, the brilliant French author of The Children of Light, a gossipy expose’ of occult Masonic misdeeds. That would make PM Churchill, himself a Freemason, an unconscious propagandist for the powers of darkness.

Note that Crowley’s stated aim was to combat another diabolical sign, the swastika, used with initial success by the Nazis. Satan’s horns in the V-Sign were meant as a positive counter-sign, to neutralise Hitler’s aggressions, as Crowley took Satanism to be a force for good. After the war, Crowley produced picture postcards, showing him puffing, Churchill-like, on a fat cigar. Underneath, the boast: ‘This is the inventor of the V-Sign of Victory’. Further, he spread about the rumour that it was thanks to a satanic Mass he had secretly celebrated in Westminster Abbey that Germany had lost the war. A pearl!

The weird reveries of a fantasist? Yet Dr Marco Pasi’s scholarly, if dull, study of Crowley, ‘The Temptations of Politics’ charts his hero’s close involvement with many fascinating people and organisations, ranging from British Intelligence – in the person of 007’s creator, Ian Fleming – successfully luring Hitler’s right-hand man, Rudolf Hess, to England, to Russian Bolshevik agents and to traditionalist luminaries like Rene Guenon and Julius Evola - check out my e-book on the latter. Was it Evola who got Mussolini to kick Crowley and his minions out of Sicily? An esoteric supporter of Fascism, did Julius Evola predict Crowley’s future role in undermining the Axis? Thereby hangs a tale.

Mind you, there is no need to invoke marginal oddballs like Crowley to detect diabolical influences at work in society. The recent vote opening the doors to abortion in the Republic of Ireland will result in a growing number of babies being murdered in the womb. If anything is, the massacre of innocent children is a monstrous, satanic deed. The paradigm case is related in St Matthew’s Gospel. In the attempt to destroy baby Jesus, King Herod had ordered the slaying of all the children of Bethlehem. Modern abortion is actually worse than that. Herod was a tyrant, an enemy of the common good, while the Irish abortion law has been voted on by the people. Also, the mothers of the Bethlehem children fought like furies to defend their little ones from the slayers, whereas the women going in for abortion actively collude with the unnatural horror. And the weak, hopeless non-leader, Theresa May, is urged to extend the massacre to Northern Ireland. Is Satan winning then? God forbid!

The devil is fiendishly clever. Like Antichrist, he disguises his crimes under plausible, socially acceptable ways. Thus the ubiquitous language of ‘rights’ can be a cover for satanic ploys. Women’s rights are good and proper when it comes to protecting the female of the species from abusive husbands or predators like Harvey Weinstein. But what kind of putative ‘right’ is one that permits a mother to destroy the nascent life in her womb? The life of a harmless baby who only begs to be born and live? Yet, under the rubric of a woman’s right to her own body the innocent is murdered. (With the father being deprived of any say in the matter – yet, does it not take two to tango?) Can you hear the devil’s ghastly laughter?

Voices calling for the decriminalisation of drugs invoke a right for the dope-heads to get their fix legally.  I don’t always care for Melanie Phillips but she is spot on in her Times column when she warns about the dangers and the fallacies surrounding the liberalisation of drug-taking. August bodies like the British Medical Association, the Royal Society of Public Health and similar institutional panjandrums back going soft on drugs. When the healers root for sickness…what’s going on?
‘The war on drugs’ had failed, they claim. But has that war ever being fought? Where are the sanctions? Where the tough penalties against the drug traffickers and peddlers? Phillips describes a cannabis legalisation rally in Hyde Park when ‘thousands openly smoked the drug while police officers stood by smiling and made not one arrest’. Has Scotland Yard also being taken over by the Prince of Darkness? Or is the absurd Police Commissioner Cressida Dick plain dumb?

Did Crowley really possess sinister, supernatural powers? Writer Somerset Maugham knew him and did not believe so. Yet, the evil charlatan impressed Maugham enough to cause him to write a beguiling novel, ‘The Magician’, whose protagonist, Oliver Haddo, is based on Crowley. Apart from sexually enslaving a young woman, Haddo tries to create in a test tube a homunculus, a freak, tiny and deformed humanoid being. I read the novel one night in Paris. I recall waking up in the middle of the night with something hopping across my chest. It was a cat. A black one, which had crept in via the balcony. Of course, according to legend Crowley had the capacity to turn himself into a black cat…

Unlike Marco Pasi, I doubt that Crowley occultly shaped the politics of his time. But is Satan now atrociously, openly active in shaping the degenerate politics of our time? I fear it looks that way.

Revd Frank Julian Gelli


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