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Acknowledging the particular progress made by Armenia in its relationship with the European Union and intending to substantially strengthen its cooperation with Armenia, the European Commission has launched a tailor-made initiative—the EU Advisory Group to Armenia—which was discussed and agreed between Serge Sargsyan, President of the Republic of Armenia, and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, in Brussels in November 2008.

Since early 2009, the European Union has deployed a team of high-level EU Advisers in selected branches of the Armenian public administration to support the implementation of the EU-Armenia European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan (ENP AP—see: for full text).

The EU Advisors have already started their work with the Armenian authorities to support the Government's reform agenda. Specifically, the EU Advisors provide high-level technical advice to design, steer and implement reforms aiming at strengthening the capacity of the Presidency and the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary powers of Armenia in line with the ENP AP with a particular focus on democracy, good governance, rule of law and market economy.

To expand the core group of advisors, the European Commission seeks advisers in the following fields:

  • Deputy Team Leader, to assist the Team Leader in the day to day management of the Advisory Group, including coordination with European Commission Services and EU Member State authorities. Experience from EU enlargement and twinning will be a strong asset.
  • Adviser to the Minister of Finance and to the Head of the State Revenue Committee of Armenia, to advise on practical issues of the application of the tax laws with regard to tax audits, based on the best practices applied in main European countries.
  • Adviser to the Minister of Economy on Intellectual Property Rights, to advise on all issues related to bringing the current Armenian legislation and enforcement of intellectual property rights in line with EU legislation and best practices, in the context of future DCFTA negotiations.
  • Adviser to the Minister of Economy on Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Regulations, to advise on all issues related to bringing the current Armenian legislation and institutional arrangements on sanitary and phyto-sanitary matters in line with EU legislation and best practices, in the context of future DCFTA negotiations.
  • Adviser to the Minister of Economy on Technical Barriers to Trade, to advise on all issues related to bringing the current Armenian legislation and institutional arrangements on technical barriers to trade in line with EU legislation and best practices, in the context of future DCFTA negotiations.
  • Communication Officer, to assist the Armenian authorities in raising public awareness of the cooperation between Armenia and the European Union, including contact with media, public events and website management.

Advisers will work in collaboration with other EU Advisors under the supervision of the Team Leader and the Delegation of the European Commission to Armenia, who will ensure the coherence of all Advisers' interventions.

Detailed terms of references and required profiles for the advisers are available at: Eligible applicants will be nationals of EU Member States. The foreseen duration of the assignments is until April 2010, with possible extension.

On-line applications, including a detailed curriculum vitae and additional documents requested in the Terms of Reference, can be submitted through, attention Mr. Angel Dimitrov, no later than September 28th, 2009, 5 p.m. Armenian time. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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RAG Mamoul (


Tripartite Joint Declaration - Australia‏

From: RAG Mamoul (



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LIVE Webcast 9/24: Town Hall on the Turkey-Armenia Protocols‏

ANCA Town Hall Meeting and LIVE Webcast

Turkey-Armenia Protocols:
The Facts and Implications

Hosted by the ANC of Greater Washington D.C.

Thursday September 24, 2009 6:30PM (EDT)

Featuring Remarks by
ANCA Executive Director
Aram Hamparian

followed by question and answer session

You can participate in two ways:

Participate online:
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in Washington, DC:
Join us at the ANCA Aramian Conference Room
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20 Problems with
the Turkey-Armenia "Protocols"

This quick and easy guide reveals
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one-sided pro-Turkey agreement.

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Here's the situation in a nutshell:

* On one side, Turkey and its allies are using illegal blockades to force Armenia to accept "Protocols" that threaten the future of Armenia, cast doubt on the Genocide, and surrender the rights of all Armenians.

* On the other, Azerbaijan and the oil industry are pressuring Armenia to accept the "Madrid" principles, giving away hundreds of square miles of Armenian land in return for a possible decision on Karabagh's status - at some point - in the future.

These dangers are real and urgent.

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Forthcoming events in Hayashen - 1st October 2009

Wonderful Armenia Concert 1st October (See attached)


  • Saturday 10th October 6pm

A tale of faith, love & treachery set amidst the turmoil of the 5th century
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Wednesday 14th October Tuesday 20th October
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  • Classes start from 10 am till 4pm Lunch is included.
  • Travel expenses reimbursed and crèche facilities available.

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EDITORIAL - Turkish Road-map - by Jean Ipdjian

Gibrahayer e-magazine
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GIBRAHAYER e-magazine2008-2009 were promising to present quite a few diplomatic challenges to the Foreign Ministry in Turkey, which needed to exert all its manipulative powers and persuasion to surmount them.
This coming December, during the upcoming meeting of the leaders of the European Union Turkey’s progress in addressing thorny issues, such as the finding of a solution to the Cyprus problem and the opening up of its ports to Cypriot vessels, human rights in Turkey, the treatment of minorities, the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and other such matters, are to be assessed.
Furthermore, on the other side of the ocean, the United States have a new President who on numerous times during pre election speeches and interviews had openly and categorically expressed his views on the Armenian Genocide, views that surely sent shivers up the spines of those in power in Turkey and more so horrified those who yield real power from the dark shadows of the Turkish state. Also, there was the fast arriving date when the US Congress was once again going to debate the mater of the resolution for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide which this time, with Obama an obvious fan of the theme, stood real chance of being adopted.
And Turkey, being Turkey, has already dived nose first into its manipulations and diplomatic and not so diplomatic moves in order to neutralise these threats.
Therefore, regarding the solution of the Cyprus problem, it has started together with her GIBRAHAYER e-magazineagent Mr. Talat, the leader of the Turkish-Cypriot community or as they and Turkey like to call, the pseudo President of the pseudo Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, making all the right kind of noises European leaders so love to hear. This has been greatly assisted inadvertently by the election of a ‘soft’ president in the south, who was ready to make a sincere effort to find a mutually acceptable agreement to a solution of the Cyprus problem. The negotiations that have already started have now reached to a point where the Greek Cypriot ‘soft’ President has been manoeuvred to find himself being forced to warn his counterpart Mr. Talat of suspending the said negotiations, thus risking being considered as the intransigent one and being blamed for making progress difficult. And naturally, the Europeans in order not to complicate matters any more, in order to maintain the good climate and in order encourage Turkey to continue playing a positive role, have stopped pressuring her to abide by the her agreements and obligations towards the EU and its member states. In the meantime, Turkish ports remain closed to Cypriot vessels, and Turkey refuses to recognise the Cypriot government. And as long as some kind of a negotiation process is underway, Turkey is off the hook, because no one would dare antagonise her and risk being accused of hindering the negotiations.
As for matters on her eastern frontier and the problems she has with the Armenian side, there also there are positive results. With a curious twist of events and coincidentally, at a most convenient time for Turkey, rapprochement has become the order of the day, negotiations and efforts by the Swiss government, have resulted in the pencilling of two declarations of a set of Protocols between the governments of Turkey and Armenia. These have eventually to be ratified by both parliaments. It is not my intention to analyse the protocols here. They have been done and redone sufficiently elsewhere. However, what I would like to point out is that whatever the eventual fate of this exercise, whatever the final outcome, Turkey has already reaped the fruits of her diplomatic dance. The President of the United States, Mr. Obama, felt obliged to refrain from calling the Armenian Genocide, a Genocide, contrary to his stated beliefs and pledges, in order not to antagonise a particularly difficult Turkey and thus jeopardise the then secret negotiations between Turkey and Armenia. After the 180 degree u-turn done by the President, the US Congress will surely follow suite as in the past and refrain from discussing the proposed resolution. On the other side of the Atlantic, the European Union is happy with Turkey and the constructive stance she has apparently adopted of late. Naturally, Turkey expects and hopes to be amply and properly rewarded by the EU. Moreover, these negotiations have nudged the Armenians a little further away from the Russians. But most of all, Turkey and these negotiations have been able to turn the existing crack between Armenia and its vast and resourceful Diaspora into a gaping gorge. Sadly, it seems that the political power wielded by the Armenian Diaspora throughout the world is appreciated more by Turkey than by the government of Armenia.

It would be extreme naivety to think that these processes are not the result of the machinations and a road-map that Turkey herself has drawn. As far we are concerned, there are two triangles of issues involving Turkey: one is the triangle Turkey-Greece-Cyprus and the other Turkey-Azerbaijan-Armenia/Diaspora. Unfortunately for Cyprus, one of the sides of the first triangle is the ‘motherland’ Greece, who has mostly acted as a eunuch would in an Ottoman palace. As for us, the Armenians and the second triangle, we find ourselves in a more unfortunate and impossible position since the part of the eunuch is played by the one half of the side of the triangle, which is supposed to represent us, the Armenian government. In the case of both triangles, if care is not taken and vigilance shown to ensure that the historic and rightful concerns and national issues are kept in proper perspective, then surely both nations will be led into an abyss from which it will be impossible to retreat or recover.
Therefore, all of us who are not ready to pay the ultimate price of signing away our heritage, in signing away of the memory of all those who have given their lives for their country and to sign away the future of our fatherlands in order to have open borders, in order to be regarded as ‘good boys’, in order to be able to lick at the honey that is going to stick to our fingers from promised economic booms, we have to thunder our resounding ‘NO’ to all attempts to woe our leaders into capitulation to the whims and ambitions of Turkey. Our heritage and inheritance are not for sale or to be lightly given away!

Jean Ipdjian - London - 2009
Photojournalist Anush Kostanyan was the "summer signing" to Gibrahayer e-magazine's growing global team. Anush will be sharing her "clicks" with our subscribers with images from Armenia. She begins her journey with us with "First Day at School".
I agree in general with whatever Mr Ipdjian has said, I also agree that AGBU's own members are blinded by the old glorious days of AGBU which don't exist any more. AGBU has turned into a corporation (where politics and money play very high role), there's nothing there benevolent anymore.
Selling MEI or preparing the grounds to close Melkonian was in long works and some of us thought it was just rumour at that time, but where's there's smoke there's fire. So the decision was made to the horror shock of many and to some not so at all as they knew it but didn't object to it based on their own personal experiences and ideas. At the end of the day we in the Diaspora have lost another institute to sustain us in education and character. I know of some in Larnaca who were hoping to send their kids to MEI, but their hopes have been dashed.
The kids now are registered to local Cypriot schools. A lot of children in the Gulf, EU ... who could have benefited from MEI however the CB of AGBU and not to mention their contacts in Armenia didn't want to pursue that direction. There's no lack of students who want to attend MEI but there was lack of support from AGBU in the last 15-20 years in my view to encourage and support kids from all over to come and study there. Now the school has been leased to a local Cypriot school (as the Cypriot school as far as I know is under reconstruction) and what will happen when the lease is done and the Cypriot school is ready?!!! Will MEI be left like that till some kind of 'paper' rises from AGBU allowing them to sell the whole or whatever is left of the property??? They are waiting for the property prices to come up to sell it? Who needs another school in Armenia? MEI was not aimed to move to Armenia...and what's the point of having anything of MEI in Armenia when the whole purpose is the Diaspora and its survival? Do AGBU and its partners think that every Armenian will move to Armenia? Or have they forgotten how many of the Armenians are leaving the mother land to go to America or anywhere else?!! I am not judging of course these people who are moving away but I questioning and so many of us have questioned the wisdom (if there's any) in closing down MEI! I still remember before leaving Lebanon how much pressure we faced and how many times we faced walls of rejection and sarcastic remarks...and how some of our articles that the Alumni in Lebanon had prepared to be published in Zartonk were sometimes rejected (Thankfully Aztag, Dgazghig and Ararat were around)...because we were daring to question AGBU and its 'vision and plans' to MEI.
To all our arguments AGBU CB have came back with either no response or vague answers or 'plans to move MEI to Armenia.." or on top of all one of the pathetic excuses that it was not up to standard which we all know are just excuses and excuses as AGBU knows where MEI stood in Cyprus with its standard along with the other high standard schools. In all cases, MEI was never to be blamed for any of reasons given by AGBU for closing down, at the end AGBU didn't want to run it properly nor bring it further into the 21st century they just bid their time and manipulated every situation and lobbied whoever they can. Sending Mr Anderson (if I am not mistake with his name) was the biggest sign we didn't realise nor wanted to believe that AGBU could be so underhanded...but there you go. He was hired to do all the work...not leaving room to anyone to oppose to him in meetings with the school's board of directors...
If only I had or have the knowledge and power to bring life back to MEI, better than before, I would do it and I know so many would join in making this happen. United we were and always will remain strong regardless how many time Mr Setrakian would say "...soon they will forget about Melkonian" or something along those lines. Of course my comments and questions would be...where is the Melkonian fund now? How much of the money they lost? Where was it spent...? Who and where is the income from the leased property is going to? Is it going into MEI's fund/account (where correctly and logically should be) or into AGBU account just because they were handed the management? Supposedly MEI was "a loss making institute", why as AGBU who is collecting millions of donations didn't make an effort to cover the loss if there was any? Isn't it what AGBU is supposed to do? Should we ask to their other clubs and schools and the churches in Beirut how much support they are getting from AGBU?...Isn't AGBU supposed to be clear and open Benevolent Union? It was - but not anymore unfortunately. I have repeatedly said before I have nothing against AGBU for what is used to stand for in the past in every community - but that has changed dramatically in the last decades. Mottoes have shifted, directions have changed under the guide of "modern needs".
To all AGBU educational centres, schools...clubs in the are all on the waiting list to see the same fate as MEI. I hope I am wrong... for no community must be deprived from having the choice of educating their kids in Armenian schools.. We in Cyprus need MEI so do all the EU- ME -Gulf member Armenian communities and minorities.
Sometimes I wonder if it's better to split AGBU into 2 parts, USA and Southern American countries, EU-Middle East/Gulf. Each to have its own CB directors and manage whatever is in their areas according to their jurisdiction and laws. They can have annual meetings to update each other without having anyone influence or control the other. It's just a thought anyway, it might be a way to reopen MEI by help of EU laws for minorities.
In all cases, thank you for reading and your time spent. Please have in mind my aim is not to insult anyone but to give my opinions through my experiences without passing judgements on anyone, even the ones who insulted and talked behind my back for defending MEI, as I do understand that most of them were employed somewhere by AGBU so obviously they couldn't raise their finger too to object or they would lose their income!
At the end of the day, our legacy from Melkonian Brothers- to remain alive, to defend our culture and heritage where ever we may be however we can.

Taline Babikian

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

Nanor's new glass art jewellery collection is still on display at Vartan Gallery in Nicosia.
Her new collection features her new fused glass jewellery as well as unique flamework, all one of a kind pieces.
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17.09.2009 - PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkish journalist, columnist of Taraf newspaper Alper Gormus and Israeli journalist Amira Haas were honoured with Hrant Dink International Award during an annual ceremony in Bolis.
The event was attended by state minister, Turkey's chief EU negotiator Egemen Bagis, DTP party member Aken Birdal, EU representatives and well-known musician Arto Tuncboyaciyan, who performed with "Turk Brothers" band.
Dink's widow Rakel Dink and Ali Bayramoglu, chairman award committee of the International Hrant Dink Foundation established by the Dink family, delivered speeches.
Last year the award went to publisher and publicist Ragip Zakaroglu.


organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative, on the
occasion of the 140th anniversary of the birth of Gomidas Vartabed

to view Gomidas Quartet on youtube click here


By Owen Matthews | NEWSWEEK - From the magazine issue dated Sept 14, 2009
The ruins of the ancient Armenian capital of Ani are haunting, and haunted. On what is now a windblown patch of grassland enclosed in colossal walls and dotted with ancient cathedrals, there was once a great city. You can still see the ghosts of its streets outlined in the turf, and inside the granite churches you can make out the fading faces of saints and kings painted on the ceilings more than a millennium ago. On one side of the city, a dramatic single-span bridge, now ruined, brought the Silk Road across the gorge of the Akhurian River. On the other, the road wound on across the Anatolian plains to Constantinople and the great trading cities of the Mediterranean. Once, Ani was close to the center of the world. Today, it feels like the end of the earth.
Only a few determined tourists make it to this remote patch of borderland on Turkey's frontier with Armenia (it's just four years since it became possible to visit the site without special permission from the military). In its heyday, being at the crossroads of empires made Ani as large and as wealthy as Venice. But for most of history, that crossroads has also been a cursed place. The Seljuk Turks took Ani from the Armenians in the middle of the 11th century. After that, it's hard to name an Asian conqueror who didn't stop off at Ani—the Mongols, Tamerlane, the Persians, the Ottomans, and the Russians all tramped through.
But the ghosts I'm talking about are much less ancient than the medieval walls and churches—and less serene. The Anatolian plateau around Ani witnessed some of the worst slaughter of World War I. On the orders of a megalomaniacal commander, 90,000 Ottoman soldiers froze to death fighting the Russians in the snowy passes. Meanwhile, Ottoman troops and vigilantes were deporting the region's Armenians for allegedly sympathising with the Russians. More than a million died on forced marches to Syria. Today, no Armenians remain in what was the cradle of Armenian culture since pre-Roman times.
I don't believe in ghosts. But maybe I believe in the spirit of a place. And in Ani, and all over ancient Armenia—now eastern Turkey—there's something missing. There's a feeling that the place has been abandoned by history, and by the people who made the place's history. Lately, though, the governments of both Turkey and Armenia have been feeling their way toward reconciliation. Turkey's refusal to acknowledge the 1915 massacres as genocide matters less to the Armenians of Armenia than it does to Armenian expatriates. The locals care much more about cross-border trade, cheaper electricity supplies, tourism—the nuts and bolts of daily life. And the elements of diplomacy have been falling into place: a friendly soccer match, an equally friendly return match, and presidential visits.
A few soccer matches don't efface the murder of a whole population from memory. But perhaps Ani supplies a clue as to how the future world might look. Ani's two greatest cathedrals served Christianity for less than 70 years before being converted to mosques by the Seljuks. But the Turkish conquerors left most churches as they were, side by side with new mosques. Like all the great trading cities of the medieval world, Ani was a promiscuous mix of faiths and peoples—a crossroads, a meeting point, a place of equal footing. Perhaps with the opening of the border, this corner of the world could start to become a crossroads again, instead of a lonely dead end.

Harut Sassounian has 10 major concerns regarding Turkey - Armenia protocols

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Letters to the Editor

"But it is not the Board and Central Committee which are wholly to blame for the sale of the Melkonian. A lot of the blame should also be shared by the ordinary members of the AGBU, the different Alumni of the school and by the Ramgavar party leaders to whom the AGBU owes unofficial allegiance."
Please add here: the Armenian Republic ex-council of ministers and the Catholicos, who are the main responsible parties for this anti-Armenian act.
Edouard Selian, PhD - Los Angeles


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On Gibrahayer Facebook this week
The Pivotal Role of Lebanon's Armenian Christians
by Gary C. Gambill
Lebanon's parliamentary elections demonstrated the growing political significance of the country's seventh largest ethno-sectarian community. Due to a number of political and historical factors, Armenian Christians lined up predominantly on the side of the opposition and helped propel it to victory in Lebanon's largest Christian district. The balance of power in the next election cycle may well hinge on whether they stay this course.
Click here to read the rest of the article
Daniel Sagherian responds to Gibrahayer Facebook article

I read this article, as well as Ara Sanjian's chronology of events to the 2009 Elections. Both, among other things, fail to highlight two main points that the Armenian Lebanese community, the heart of the Armenian Diaspora demands, is facing :

(1). Sunni petro-dollars are taking over both Lebanon and Syria; repatriating Palestinians in Lebanon; ... Read more and kind of exchange lost Palestine with gaining of Lebanon and Syria. This plays to the tune of Israel, USA, Saudis, and Turkey, against Shiite/ Iranian/Russian aspirations. Loss of the last Christian remnants of the ME are the collateral damage to this policy, Armenian Lebanese being part of this loss.

(2). In a 50/50 Parliament, which appoints the Prime Minister and the Army General and the Governor of the Central Bank, and elects the President and the Speaker, subdued independent Armenian Bloc is what awaits ALL Christians. Beirut, all Greater Syria, is nothing but Sunni for them, and Armenians nothing but French intrusion.

Some Maronite extremist leaders think all Christian Lebanese are OBLIGED to speak a Maronite tone. Some Sunni extremist leaders think partitionist Christians who even collaborated with Israel in massacring Arab Muslims should be fought back by Sunnifying Beirut, similar to Tripoli, Saida, and beyond... thus putting petro-dollars into their own ... Read more mouths, and redistricting, bribing, imposing Tai'f Accords, buying the votes of a 50:50 Parliament ( the key to EVERY political office)...

And there is an Armenian Lebanese leadership and masse, that strives to say NO to both, and dare to stay as independent as possible, EVEN at the cost of losing rubber-stamp seats and assignments...


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  • Wednesday 28 October 8:00pm - Public Lecture organised by the Armenian Evangelical church. Title: HAY ASDVADSASHOUNCIN SHAHEGANOUTIOUNE- BADMAGAN AGNARG YEV NERGA OREROU HRAMAYAGANERE. Speaker: Dr. Ari Topouzkhanian (Laser Physicist- French National Center for Scientific Research - Lyon, France). The lecture will take place in the Armenian Prelacy’s Utudjian Hall, Nicosia
  • Friday 30 October 8:30pm - Public lecture organised by the Armenian Evangelical church. Title: HAVADK YEV KIDOUTIOUN - 21 RORT TAROU HAY YERIDASARTIN PENDERDOUKE. Speaker: Dr. Ari Topuzkhanian (Laser Physicist- French National Center for Scientific Research- Lyon, France). The lecture will take place in the Armenian Prelacy’s Utudjian Hall and is dedicated for the “2009- Year of Youth”
  • Saturday 31 October 7.30pm at Pallas Theatre - Concert by Gomidas Quartet of Armenia, organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the birth of Gomidas Vartabed
  • Saturday 31 October 4:30pm Armenian Evangelical church service in the Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos street, Nicosia. Speaker: Dr. Ari Topouzkhanian (Laser Physicist- French National Center for Scientific Research- Lyon, France). The service will be dedicated for “TARKMANCHATZ”
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Open Letter to President Ahmadinejad‏ - FATHER FRANK’S RANTS

Rant Number 364 22 September 2009

Dear President,

I have a dream. I have it because I had a dream.

I dreamt of you, Mr President. Nothing so special in that, you might say. But my dream was different from other dreams. Because I dreamt of you dreaming. A dream within a dream – that must be pretty rare, as far as dreams go, I hope you will agree.

The dream I dreamt you dreamed concerns the greatest Iranian, the greatest Persian ruler of all time, Mr President. King Cyrus – you Iranians call him Kurush, I believe.

So I dreamt Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid empire, had appeared to you in a dream, and warned you.

‘Mahmoud, why are making a great mistake’ he told you. ‘Worse, you are persisting in your mistake.’

‘Mahmoud, I love you. That is why I am telling you this.’

‘Mahmoud, you know I am Cyrus the Wise. I ruled my kingdoms with justice and moderation. I was friendly to the Jews. After I conquered Babylon I freed them from their captivity. I allowed them to return to their land. To ancient Israel. I was so good to them that one of their prophets, Isaiah, called me a Messiah, the Lord’s Anointed One.’

‘See how great my wisdom was, Mahmoud? I knew what was the right thing, the wise thing to do. But you are not being wise. Not at all. Because you insist in doing the wrong thing. In making bitter enemies of the Jews – the very people I befriended.

‘That is wrong. It is also foolish, Mahmoud. Consider: the Assyrians, the Pharaohs, Emperor Titus, Hitler, Nasser and many, many others - they all have one thing in common. They all sought to attack and destroy the Jews – and they all have come to grief. See?’

‘Baiting the Jews will not do you or your country any good. Instead, you ought to follow my example. Don’t go on doing the foolish thing. Do the smart thing. And the right thing. Proclaim yourself the friend, the protector of the Jews. Give up your strident Israel-bashing. Be another Cyrus. Concede to them their bit of land – less the illegal settlements - what’s so bad about Israel being a little Jewish Vatican, eh?’

‘The Palestinians. You care for them, I know. I am not asking to forsake them, no. But the best way to help the Palestinians is not to indulge in this pointless rhetoric of yours.’

‘It is just sound and fury, Mahmoud, and you know it. Far from Iran being capable of wiping out the state of Israel, it is Israel which could turn Iran’s cities into many Hiroshimas, if it wanted. The Israelis really do possess nuclear weapons – you don’t.’

‘Mahmoud, listen to me. I hope you heed my warning. Otherwise I predict some very bad happenings....’

Mr President, here the Cyrus of my dream – an awesome, richly apparelled royal figure – faded away. You woke up. Appeared quite stunned. And very puzzled. Then I saw you standing at the podium. Addressing the UN General Assembly, as you will do shortly. But I could not hear what you were saying. Then my own dream dissolved. I woke up. So here I am, telling you about it.’

Mr President, I too, like King Cyrus, am keen you. Pretty daring of me, a poor priest, because you are the West’s favourite whipping boy. (A whipping boy, in case you did not know, is a scapegoat. An innocent one who takes the blame and punishment for someone else’s misdemeanours.) An ogre. But for me you are the joker in the pack, a maverick, an enfant terrible and I kind of like people like that. People who don’t ‘fit in’, like me. We are different, al hamdulillah! Besides, did we not meet and did I not hug you in Tehran, back in June, during the Khomeini conference? How could I forget that, dear President? That is why I do not want you to come to a sticky end.’

‘Mr President, I know what you are going to say. Your country is surrounded by hostile forces. I have got eyes, I look at the map and I see US military bases in Iraq, in Qatar, in Bahrain and in Afghanistan. I don’t see Iranian armies stationed in Cuba or Canada. And the Taleban themselves are the Shia’s sworn enemies. Your borders are not safe. Far from seeking to attack your neighbours, it is foreign powers who strive to undermine your country. They foment dissent and discord inside Iran, they want to overthrow the Islamic revolution, that’s it. And even US intelligence has admitted that you have no intercontinental ballistic missiles. Also, the intentions of the Israeli government towards you are not exactly benign, I grant you that. But President Obama has acted wisely. He demands that Israel freezes the illegal settlements - pretty bold, eh? He has declared he wants peacefully to engage with Iran, not to bomb it and invade it. Isn’t that good? He has saluted your Islamic republic and has extended the hand of friendship to you. For that, for his good will he is being demonised by troglodyte neo-cons and other war mongers in America. So you ought to give nice Barack a chance. As well as giving yourself a big, big one.’

My dream is this, Mr President. When you speak to the UN next, you surprise them. They all expect you to rant and rave about Zionism, holocaust, all that. They actually look forward to that, so they can dismiss you once again as a madman. That would indeed be the dumb thing to do. Instead, you do the smart thing. You tell them that you have decided you want to follow up in King Cyrus’s footsteps. That Iran will be Israel’s friend, not its enemy. You will then disarm your critics and foes at a fell swoop.’

‘Would that mean letting down the Palestinians? On the contrary. You would be serving their interests best. Palestine’s just cause is not helped by posing as a bogey, as a latter-day Haman. Be a Cyrus, instead. The plight of the Palestinians cannot be repaired by military action. Peace will come only through negotiations. Their best friend at the moment is President Barack Obama. Help him to help them, and help yourself and the Islamic republic into the bargain. Be another Cyrus. Help both Jews and Palestinians.’

‘OK. I hear you protest: “Crazy, Mr Priest. Utterly crazy. Totally naive. The worst ‘angelism’. Ridiculous. Unreal. Preposterous. Goes against the grain. I had no such a dream! You don’t really expect me...etcetera.’

I know that. I told you it was a dream, didn’t I?’

‘Dreams, however, can be prophetic.’

Revd Frank Julian Gelli


Anvsdahoutyoun‏ - From: RAG Mamoul (


Corrections: Town Hall Meeting, Oct. 8: Turkish-Armenian Protocols & Genocide Insurance Claims‏

/> S.F. Bay Area ANC ( Sent: Tue 9/22/09 1:54 AM

Turkish-Armenian Protocols
and Armenian Genocide Insurance Claims

With Panelists:
Prof. Stephan Astourian, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Armenian Studies
Steven Dadaian, Board Member, ANCA-WR

The Armenian and Turkish foreign ministries have signed a set of protocols laying the groundwork for diplomatic relations between the two countries. The protocols prescribe a list of actions, which have important implications for Armenians. Professor Astourian will provide historical/political background leading to the current situation. Steven Dadaian will offer perspective on the potential effects of the protocols and the drive towards normalization and reconciliation. Dadaian will also brief the community on the recent U.S. Federal Court of Appeals ruling against the CA law allowing for claims against insurance agencies for unpaid insurance policies of Armenian Genocide victims.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Location: St. John Armenian Church, 275 Olympia Blvd. San Francisco, California 94131

Free Admission
Refreshments will be served

Armenian National Committee
San Francisco - Bay Area
51 Commonwealth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
Tel: 415-387-3433
Fax: 415-751-0617

News from beyond Armenia's closed borders‏

(though this remarkable article does not give the name of the author,

it is Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a human rights advocate)

Today's Zaman
Sept 18 2009

I am not a religious person. I am not Kurdish. I am not gay. I am not
Christian. I am not Armenian. I am not Roma. But I have spent all my
life defending these people's rights.

I am a human rights defender. When I describe myself, I say I am a
human rights defender, a lawyer and a writer. It was during my first
time in London in 1998 that I realized, no matter what I do, I was
a "bloody Turk" for some people. Ironically, I was working for the
Kurdish Human Right Project there, and we were taking cases to the
European Court of Human Rights, as a result of which I felt deeply
threatened by the deep state elements in my country. When I met with
the Armenian community in London, I turned into a representative of
It was the first time my "Turkishness" took precedence over
all my qualifications.

Massacres of Armenians were orchestrated and organized by the
Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) -- which came to power through
a military coup -- while the Ottoman Empire was falling apart. After
these massacres and as a result of the lack of confrontation with our
past, the CUP and its gangs changed their format and turned into the
"deep state" in Turkey. These deep state elements continued their
massacres and manipulations and drenched Turkey with blood during
the Republican era. We have these deep state elements, but we also
have many people fighting against them with or without knowing the
history. The Ergenekon trial, in this sense, is a turning point in
this endeavor in Turkey. You can think of the Ergenekon gang as the
armed wing of the CUP in today's Turkey.

The massacres of Armenians were carried out by a certain mindset,
by a political movement. Unfortunately, this political movement also
created the official Turkish history, one in which there is no place
for Armenians. And the state is in complete denial of what happened
in Turkey in the past. This denial unfortunately gives strong support
to a racist approach toward Turkey and its people.

I was in Toronto last year attending an extremely interesting
course on genocide. For two weeks we went into all the details
of different genocides that took place in various parts of the
world. All lecturers gave exemplary presentations, and I felt I had
really learned something. However, I also realized that there was a
fundamental difference in the way in which the Armenian genocide is
being handled. When we spoke about the Holocaust, we spoke of the
Nazi regime; when we discussed the genocide in Cambodia, we talked
about the Khmer regime; when it came to the Armenian genocide, though,
we only heard the word "Turks

Complete and blanket denial feeds complete and absolute labeling. This
is a vicious circle. It is very unfortunate that some Armenians,
while believing they are seeking justice, have turned into hopeless
racists. They do not want to believe that there are many good people
in this country. They do not want to remember that there were also
Turks who lost their lives while trying to protect Armenians. They
hold tightly on to this image of the "bloody Turk." Every Turk,
every individual living in Turkey, is just a murderer for them.

The pathology of amnesia and the pathology of blind hatred are two
sides of one coin.
They both serve the same purpose: Both leave Turks
and Armenians as deeply neurotic people.

In the midst of all this madness, Hrant Dink was a safe haven of
reason, wisdom and compassion. He had a deep understanding of Turkey
and the trauma we have been suffering for so long. He was killed
because he was the hope in the face of this madness. He could have been
killed by an Armenian racist. But instead, he was killed by Turkish
racists, of course, under the guidance of the deep state. Dink was a
bloody Turk for Armenian racists and an Armenian traitor for racist
Turks. He was a dangerous figure for all who wanted to continue this
vicious circle of hatred. During his funeral, we chanted, "We all
are Hrant Dink." We all need to be Dink if we wish to contribute to
reconciliation. I bow respectfully before his memory.

RFE/RL Report
Eurovision Amends Rules, Does Not Sanction Azerbaijan
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which organizes the song
contest, was considering fining Azerbaijan or banning it from the
contest for up to three years for violating contest rules.

The EBU said in a September 17 statement that its ruling body, the
Reference Group, acknowledges that some Azerbaijanis who voted for
the Armenian entry were called to the National Security Ministry.

The union also decried the breach in privacy of Azerbaijanis who
voted via mobile phone for the Armenian song and were reported to the
government. EBU Director-General Jean Reveillon said violating the
privacy of voters "or interrogation of totally

The EBU says the Reference Group decided at a meeting in Oslo on
September 11 to amend Eurovision Song Contest rules so that the
country's participating broadcaster is liable "for any disclosure of
information which could be used to identify voters."

The union said the rule change is aimed at ensuring that the privacy
of Eurovision contest voters is protected. It added that its previous
rules put the obligation for protection of voters' privacy on the
respective telecommunications companies. The EBU said it does not
have the ability to penalize the telecom companies but can now, in
future contests, impose sanctions against the broadcaster.

The Reference Group is made up of delegates from Norway, Russia, and
Serbia -- the last three winners of the Eurovision contest -- along
with Spain, Holland, Ireland, and two members from Sweden.

In one example of the harassment, Rovshan Nasirli, a 25-year-old
Azerbaijani, was called to the country's National Security Ministry
on August 12 to explain why he voted for an Armenian song in the
contest broadcast from Moscow in May. The officials told Nasirli that
his vote for Armenia -- Azerbaijan's long-standing rival -- was a
matter of national security and requested a written explanation
before releasing him.
17.09.2009 19:01

Turkey's foreign minister and the head of the French senate met in
the Turkish capital of Ankara on Wednesday.

Commenting on relations with Armenia, Davutoglu said that Turkey
"expected the normalization of its relations with Armenia as well as
the termination of the invasion in the Azerbaijani territory."

Davutoglu said France could have a remarkable contribution to the

Gerard Larcher, the head of the French Senate, expressed on Wednesday
his full support for Turkey's Armenia reconciliation process, saluting
the country's improvements in the field of democratization.

"The normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia is important
for us. We want to establish the future. The dialogue between the two
people should be revived. The task of examining history should be left
to historians
," Larcher told reporters at a joint press conference
with Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali Å~^ahin.

Monday, 21 September 2009

URGENT NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE RESPOND

Dear All

please complain to this Lebanese Arabic newspaper editor for spreading lies from Azerbaijan media, that Armenians massacred Azeris!!

For those who do not know Arabic: the petition is in Arabic and writing your email address is in reverse to the English.

Ara N


Միանալով Ազդակի արաբերէն կայքէջին դուք պիտի տեսնէք արաբերէնով գրուած բողոքագիր ուղղուած Նահար թերթի խմբագրութեան ճամբով յօդուածագիր Մարուան Իսքանտարին, որ «Նահար»ի 13 սեպտեմբերի թիւին առաջին էջին վրայ հայերը ամբաստանած էր իբրեւ իսլամ ազրպէյճանցիներու ջարդարաներ։

Միացէ՛ք ելեկտրոնային արշաւին եւ բողոքագիրը յղեցէ՛ք տեղադրուած ելեկտրոնային հասցէին։ Դուք սատարած կ՛ըլլաք հակահայ գրութիւնները կասեցնելու կոչուած աշխատանքին։


Message sent to Canadian professors & lecturers‏ From: Dikran Abrahamian (

From: Dikran Abrahamian (

On behalf of the signatories of the Petition the following message was sent to more than 5000 professors and lecturers and to 1000 people of all walks of life in Canada:
Dear Professors and Lecturers,
Turkey and Azerbaijan have blockaded the Republic of Armenia for close to two decades now. The United States, Western Europe, and Russia, acting in their own oil and geopolitical interests, have urged Turkey to lift the blockade and establish diplomatic relations with Armenia.
Armenians, worldwide, have welcomed the opening of the border. However, Turkey, taking advantage of Armenia's weak military, economic and institutional situation, has imposed preconditions which jeopardize tiny Armenia's security and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide for which the descendants of the 1.5-million Armenian victims have struggled for nearly a century.

We invite you to take a look at the referenced material and to the petition. Please join us to neutralize this latest hostile act by Turkey.

Selection of the Week:

Joint Committee? Alan Whitehorn


Turkey and Azerbaijan Try to Undermine Appointment of Canadian-Armenian Judge Harut Sassounian

Ամեն տեղ հայ եմ, բացի Հայաստանից Կարապետ Զաքարյան

Journalists Görmüş and Haas receive International Dink Award YONCA POYRAZ DOĞAN

Why Ratify The Protocols? Let Azerbaijan and Turkey End Their Self-Inflicted Blockades Without Armenia's Capitulation Appo Jabarian

Déclaration du CCAF

Statement of the AGBU Central Board of Directors

Վերադարձ Գրիգոր Գրաճեան

Second Best in Contrast to Ideal Goals

Taner Akçam: Turkish policy of denial is a strategy of buying time

Petition Opposing Some Provisions in the Protocols

ADLP Armenia Chair's Address‏