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Armenia Fund

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Armenia Fund has brought clean water to Karin Tak, a village known for its heroism during the Artsakh War for Independence. With help from donors like you, the Fund has also renovated part of a school, and continues to implement new projects to improve living conditions in Karin Tak.
Read our blog for more on the stories of heroism from Karin Tak:
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Any out-of-the-box suggestions on how we should commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Cyprus?

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  • Seta Cox
  • Seta Cox ---This is me thinking out-of the-BOX! Shame the one and a half million did not have a box to rest in...Instead they lay dyeing, cloths, half stripped off, eyes still open looking towards the sky!

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  • Seta Cox Alexander Neo, it is a part of our being, to mourn our dead for their sacrifice, to die without graves, to be raped, stabbed, and even hung, Our beloved Father Gomidas was driven mad by seeing these things...By all means do anything that you wish to commemorate the Centenary! Personally, I wish to bring back the spirits of the DEAD! We in England march down to the CENOTAPH - DO WHAT EVER IN TRADITIONAL ARMENIAN COSTUME! WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORN IN 1915...CARRYING WHAT EVER BELONGINGS THEY WOULD HAVE DONE! MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN...GRANDMA, GRANDPA BABIES IN ARMS...AT OUR FINAL DESTINATION...WE SHOULD ALL LAY DOWN AS IF DEAD! IN A VERY PUBLIC PLACE - LET THE WORLD MEDIA DO THE REST! This is a very strong message, bodies strewn, elderly and babies crying...
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  • Ohanian Levon Give lots of gifts to various charities and generally to Cypriots. We should celebrate that we are alive and prospering.
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  • Alexander Neo The Genocide is no longer the final destination, the final purpose and it is no longer a cause for lamentation. The week encompassing April 24 should be full of activities promoting Armenian and Armenian-Cypriot culture and history, preferably at public places and not solely at the Utidjian Srah. This claustrophobic syndrome must go away.
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Génocide Arménien raconté par Haig Arslanian

Dear Reader

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This Documentary concerning the Armenian Genocide, though the commentary is in French there are original images, proof of Slaughtered Armenian's. The centenary fast approaching [1915-2015] What will happen after? Who will care? Where do Armenian's turn? When will the 1915 Genocide of the Armenian's be recognised!
Genocide is being carried our even as we watch and speak of this event in the third world,  but who will care about it in a hundred years?
If you have a solution, or wish to air your views on this subject as to how this desperate situation can move forward without bloodshed, please make your comment below...Thanking you for your contribution in advance...

[I am proud to announce a family link to the producer of this Documentary]

AGBU Nicosia - Hrant Dink lives on in our hearts!

Here we are, Seven years have passed...And to mark the occasion the following even will take place at the venue below!

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An event is organised by the University of Cyprus in memory of Hrant Dink (1954-2007). The event will take place at the main lecture hall of the central university building on Kallipoleos street on November the 10th at 18:00. The theme of the event is Post Kemalist Turkey - Problems and Prospects for Democratization. The main speakers are Prof. Niyazi Kizilyurek (UCY), Prof, Athanasia Anagnostopoulou (Panteio University), Prof Cengiz Aktar (Bahcesehir University) and Prof. Nil Mutluer (Nisantasi University).

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pilgrimage deadline and details for 2015 - Friday 31st October 2014 - View 2013 Pilgrimage Video

The Primate’s Office is happy to announce the extension of the deadline for signing up for the 2015 Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, to Friday 31 October. The pilgrims, 6-14 February, 2015, will visit Biblical shrines in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and other cities including the Armenian Patriarchate, sailing the See of Galillee, and climbing up Mount of Temptation by cable car. The cost of the pilgrimage-- £1250 for shared room and £1500 for a private room --covers roundtrip airfare via British Airways, transportation from and to Tel Aviv Airport, daily breakfast and dinner, air-conditioned bus transportation with tour guides to all sites, admission fees and tips. To sign up for this inspiring journey to the roots of our faith and the ancient Armenian community in Jerusalem, please send your non-refundable deposit of the amount of £500 payable to the “Armenian Church Trust UK” to the Primate’s Office by Friday, 31 October, 2014. Please Note: price will go up after the deadline.
For the video from 2013 Pilgrimage please check the link below 

Armenian Church ENewsletter - Issue 44

Attached please find Issue 44 (Vol. 5) of the weekly E-Newsletter of the Armenian Church of the UK And Ireland.

In this Issue:
  • The Primate's Annual Appeal - Please respond positively
  • Youth Badarak in St Yeghiche
  • Fr Garegin's Final Badarak and Farewell Party
  • Bishop Vahan Investiture as a Knight
  • Updates about our annual Opera Gala

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Enjoy reading through the notices to know what you too can join in with and share the benefits of being a 
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Armenian Church ENewsletter - Get it direct

Attached please find Issue 44 (Vol. 5) of the weekly E-Newsletter of the Armenian Church of the UK And Ireland. In this Issue: The Primate's Annual Appeal - Please respond positively Youth Badarak in St Yeghiche Fr Garegin's Final Badarak and Farewell Party Bishop Vahan Investiture as a Knight Updates about our annual Opera Gala

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Armenian Church of UK and Ireland Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: 6-13 Jan 2013

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The video is produced with the most relaxed and extremely professional manner by the producer, Zara...Equally relaxing is the presenter which is most valued part of the video and may I also say
his voice is apt in view of the nature of the subject...

There are a number of snippets from the pilgrims including our Bishop Vahan and Fr Hambardzumyan who have supported the various diaspora with unity, invigorating the love of the Armenians for their Christian belief and the realisation of the importance of being Armenian.

Armenian's become the fist to take on the Christian faith as a Nation in 301.

You still have a few more days left to join next year's pilgrimage to Jerusalem, by contacting the Primates office:    [Copy and paste to your URL]