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AArmenian Church of The United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland

330th December 2011, Issue 52, Volume 2

The Right Revd Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate



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In less than 24 hours the world will welcome the New Year, 2012. Once again we witness God’s creative love in action, as His creation is renewed with a new year of

new possibilities and opportunities for achievements, progress, growth and celebration of God’s gift of life and love. The final hours of every year and the early hours of the new year, set the stage for the annual mental and spiritual exercise of revisiting the memories of the past year. It is a sacred moment of journeying back through our experiences of the year, hopefully with the intention of learning from our past and correcting our old bad habits, while rejoicing in our many successes and achievements. As such it is time to give thanks to God for all that we experienced, celebrated and learned from. However, at the same sacred moment while revisiting the past, we look forward with optimism to the future. Our hearts and souls are showered with the great feeling of a new beginning with infinite possibilities to celebrate and help others enjoy God’s miraculous creation. As such, it is also the time to renew our commitments to God to live the years ahead according to His will, to do our best to seek Him: to seek His love and to live accordingly; to be ambassadors conveying His divine love and faith to all those with whom we come in contact during our life’s journey. It is time to make, remake, modify and renew our resolutions to be better Christians and dedicated sons and daughters of our spiritual mother: the Armenian Church. Finally it is time to pray. Let us pray that the year 2012 may bring with it God’s peace that many parts of our world today, especially in the Middle East, so desperately need. May the first dawn of 2012 shine forth the light of faith, hope, and love

into the hearts of God’s creation, especially those who live alone, away from their loved ones, and those who struggle with health challenges and diseases. May the first hours of the year 2012 mark the beginning of an even brighter future to the Armenian people all over the world, the Republic of Armenia and the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. God bless us all. Happy New Year!


In an effort to actively engage every Armenian in the administration and programming of the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland, the Primate’s Office is

happy to announce the date of the first annual Assembly of the Armenian Church of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The assembly is scheduled to take place at St. Yeghiche Church on Sunday, 5th February, 2:00-4:00pm. The Assembly will include the presentation and discussion of reports by the Primate, the Armenian Church Youth Fellowship (ACYF) and the Primate’s Office with all its programmes including the Continuing Education Ministry, Mission Outreach, Deacons’ Training, and the Liturgy and Worship programmes. All are welcome to attend the Assembly and discuss the reports. For further information please contact the Primate’s Office at: 020 8127 8364 or e-mail:



With this issue of the Armenian Church E-Newsletter this publication concludes its second volume. As of the date of the issuing of this E-Newsletter, our circulation list has reached to 1765 recipients. The list has been classified into several

categories based on various criteria. The E-Newsletter, for example, is sent to the various boroughs in London, Bath, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glascow, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Walsall and other cities. The list includes categories such as students, seniors, ACYF London, ACYF Manchester, ACYF Dublin, MPCs ... etc. It is interesting to note that the first issue of the E-Newsletter was sent almost two years ago to less than 50 recipients! The list continues to expand as we receive requests from people who wish to have a member of their family or themselves connected with the Armenian Church and receive updates about the church’s various activities and programmes. If you or someone you know wishes to receive our E-Newsletter, please forward the person’s e-mail address and city to: Finally, thank you for your support and valuable feedback.

Հրապարակային Դասախօսութիւն

ԱՄԱԶԳԱՅԻՆ Կրթական եւ Մշակութային Միութիւն Լոնտոն, Հրապարակային Դասախօսութիւն, “Աղթամարի Սուրբ Խաչ Եկեղեցին Պատմութեան ԸնդմէջէնԿը դասախօսէ՝ Պետրոս Թովմասեան, Պատմաբան - Լոս Անճըլըսէն, Հեղինակ «Հայկական Լեռնաշխարհը եւ Միջագետքը» Գիրքին: ԵՐԵՔՇԱԲԹԻ՝ 03 ՅՈՒՆՈՒԱՐ 2012 ԿԵ ժամը 8:00 –ին: ՆԱՒԱՍԱՐԴԵԱՆԿԵԴՐՈՆ. Մուտքը՝ ազատ

A Lecture by the LA Armenian historian and writer Bedros Tomassian titled: “The Holy Cross Church of Aghtamar in History, will be offered on Tuesday, 3rd January, 2012 at 8:00pm in Navasartian Centre. Free Admission. Click Here for further information,


The Cardiff Mission Parish Council (MPC) is happy to announce the scheduling of the celebration of the Armenian Christmas Badarak on

Saturday 14th January 11:00am, at the Ararat Baptist Church, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1EQ. Following Badarak, which will be celebrated by His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate, the MPC will have its annual Christmas Dinner which will continue until 18.00 hrs. Alice Kanekanian, from the Armenian Mission Parish of Cardiff, has organised some carols to be sung by the children. The ladies of Cardiff MPC are preparing their usual delicacies for this occasion. Also planned are Musical performances, Games and an appearance by Father Christmas to hand out presents to the children. All are welcome. For further information about the event and to join the Primate in the Badarak celebration and the programme to follow please contact the Armenian Church Mission Parish Council in Cardiff (MPC) by e-mailing John:


During a brief visit to the United States of America, His Grace Bishop Vahan

Hovhanessian, Primate, met with His Eminence Abp. Khajag Barsamian,

Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America last


Thursday, 29th December. During the meeting Bishop Vahan shared updates

from the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland and news of the various

new programmes and ministries in the Diocese. The two hierarchs discussed the diocesan bylaws adopted at a meeting in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin attended by Primates and Chairmen of Church Councils around the world, including the UK, in 2007. The training of future and young clergy and the role of St. Nersess Seminary was also discussed. Present at the meeting was the Very Revd Fr. Simeon Odabashian, Vicar General.

Tuesday, January 3 at 8:00pm

Մուտքը՝ ազատ


Armenians have beautiful traditions associated with major feast-days of the Church, especially Nativity (Christmas) and George 646 761 9971

Easter. One of these traditions is the visit of the local parish pastor to the homes in his neighborhood or town to bless the Armenian households. Usually, the main hymn of the feast is sung and a brief biblical passage, narrating the event of the feast, is chanted. The priest blesses a loaf of bread, a glass of water and some salt, as a sign of life and God’s blessings. Please, help the Armenian Church maintain and promote this beautiful tradition during the coming season of Nativity and Theophany (Surb Dzunoont). Please contact the Armenian Church office or the Church Mission Parish Council in your town or city to coordinate a house blessing by one of our clergy. Happy New Year and Blessed Nativity(Soorp Dzunoont)!

THE PRIMATES OFFICE - PRISON MINISTRY Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something

to drink? And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?' And the king will answer them, 'Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:37-40)

The Primate’s Office recently announced the launching of a new ministry to reach out and comfort those among the Armenians who are incarcerated (in prison). We will contact the authorities involved and coordinate an Armenian priest’s visit to the prison to meet, pray with and comfort the incarcerated individual. For further information please contact the Primate’s Office at:, or call: 020 8127 8364. All information shared with the Primate’s Office and clergy will remain strictly confidential.


(According to the Armenian Church Lectionary)

Sunday 1/1

Happy New Year!

Proverbs 11:2-11 Isaiah 4:2-6 Colossians 1:21-29 John 10:11-16

Monday 2/1

Isaiah 51:15-52:3 Hebrews 13:18-25 Luke 22:24-30

Tuesday 3/1

Hebrews 12:5-17 Luke 20:41-21:4

Wednesday 4/1

Hebrews 12:25-13:6 Luke 21:20-33

Thursday 5/1

Eve of the Nativity

Titus 2:11-15 Matthew 2:1-12

Friday 6/1

Feast of the Nativity

Titus 2:11-15 Matthew 1:18-25

Saturday 7/1

Acts 6:8-8:2 John 12:24-26

Happy New Year



His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate and the volunteer editorial staff of the Armenian Church E-Newsletter

ARMENIAN CHRISTMAS AND NATIVITY SERVICES: The Primate’s Office announced the following schedule for the Church services on

the occasion of the Feast of the Birth and Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ:

St. Sarkis and St. Yeghiche Churches in London:

Thursday, 5th January: Eve of the Nativity

5:30-6:00 6:00-7:30

Friday, 6th January: 11:00-12:30

Evening service and Scripture Readings Badarak (Divine Liturgy)

Feast of the Nativity and Divine Revelation Badarak (Divine Liturgy)

Holy Trinity Church in Manchester:

Friday, 6th January: Feast of the Nativity and Divine Revelation 11:15-1:00 Badarak (Divine Liturgy)


The Primate’s Office is happy to reiterate a wish by His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, announced during his first Badarak in the UK as Bishop, that he

wants to visit each and every Armenian and Armenian household in the UK and Ireland. Please help our Bishop’s wish come true! The Bishop is eager to know the Armenian community personally and to hear their ideas, suggestions, concerns and complaints and how they perceive the role of the Armenian Church in the UK- Ireland Armenian community. The Bishop’s visit can be anytime during the day, afternoon or evening, weekdays or weekends. If time is of essence to you, then the visit can be as brief as 15 minutes or so. No need for any prior preparations. Please contact the Primate’s Office and schedule the Bishop’s visit to you and your household. You can reach the Primate’s Office by phone: 020 8127 8364, or e- mail:


Please help us continue publishing the E-Newsletter & offering the various educational, cultural & social programmes planned and funded by the Primate’s Office by financially supporting the Armenian Church Trust UK. C L I C K H E R E


For over a year now, the Continuing Education Ministry (CEM) of the Primate’s Office has been offering two Bible Study groups, which regularly meet at Nevart Gulbenkain Hall to read, discuss and interpret the Bible according to the Armenian Church traditions. During the past year we finished reading the Gospel of Mark and are almost done with the Book of Acts. Because of the New Year and Advent season with family gatherings and celebrations the Primate's Office has suspended Bible Study sessions till January 2012. The two groups will resume their study sessions during the second week of January 2012. Why not making Bible Study attendance one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2012? Happy New Year!


The Primate’s Office: 25 Cheniston Gardens, Kensington, London W8 6TG, UK Website: • E

Part Publication...


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Church News


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Friday, 30 December 2011

Lifetime Achievement Awards 2011



Happy New Year, Update 5/10


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Thaks for your attention.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tourkian Yerek Pastatought Ouni Interview with Rouben Safrastyan By Mikael Aharonyan






b) Ramgavar Mamoul Announcement




բ) Ռամկավար Մամուլի Յայտարարութիւն

Monday, 26 December 2011

Hadoutsoumn e Tourkio Hamar Khochuentod-ue? By Hagop Mardirossian



Ramgavar Mamoul Announcement



Ռամկավար Մամուլի Յայտարարութիւն

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Update 5/9


Thanks for your attention.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Update 5/9


Thanks for your attention.

Sunday, 25 December 2011


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Saturday, 24 December 2011

20 Tari Antc By Astkhik Khachatryan



Fresh Page at Historic Sèvres

Exclusive Special Report, 22 December 2011

Armenian activists from all corners of the far-flung Armenian communities converged Dec. 10 on Sèvres, a suburb in southwest of Paris, to launch the Third Congress of Western Armenians and to open a new and optimistic page in the contemporary history of Armenians.

Following the introductory remarks by Dr. Hagop Kerkiasharian, president of the Organizing Committee in France, Rev Bartev Parseghian of the Armenian Apostolic Church and Rev. Haroutune Bzdigian of Mekhitarists Congregation welcomed the participants.

....

Happy Holidays from the Bay Area ANC

French Parliament Passes Bill Criminalizing Denial of the Armenian Genocide

Toronto, Canada - The Armenian National Committee of Toronto (ANCT) welcomed the passage of a bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, and rendering it punishable with a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros ($58,000). The bill was voted on the morning of December 12, 2012 in the lower house of French parliament and is now scheduled to come before the Senate early in the new year, where if passed, will become part of French law.

France formally recognized the Armenian Genocide in 2001, though at the time, there were no laws criminalizing its denial. France, as well as many other European countries, already has laws banning the denial of the Jewish Holocaust.

In the days leading up to the vote, the Turkish government threatened its relationship with the French government, in an attempt to sway the vote. Many French Members of Parliament spoke against these bullying tactics, including the bill's author, Valerie Boyer, who has maintained that the bill is not aimed at any particular country, but instead is based on European laws that reprimand genocide denial in all forms.

"The statement issued by some of Turkey's main political parties claims the bill 'denigrates Turkish history'; this is yet another example of the Turkish government trying to force its own views not only on the French government, but also the Canadian government, the U.S government and other governments around the world," said ANCT Chairman Jack Tchakmakian. "We applaud the French government for refusing to heed to Ankara's attempts at bullying and blackmail."

Soon after word of the bill being passed, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan followed through on many of the threats made, halting bilateral political and economic contacts, suspending military cooperation and recalling Ambassador Tahsin Burcuoglu.

Turkey has also argued that the bill passed in France encroaches on freedom of expression however, the Turkish government has long been reproached for its own questionable freedom of speech record, including Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, which makes it a crime to "denigrate the Turkish Nation" and its government. Many well-known Turkish authors, such as Orhan Pamuk, the late Hrant Dink and most recently, Ragip Zarakolu, have all been charged under Article 301 for publicly speaking about the Armenian Genocide.

About ANCT

The Armenian National Committee of Toronto is a chapter of the Armenian National Committee of Canada, grassroots organization that was founded in 1965 to address the concerns of the Canadian Armenian community of a broad range of issues.

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Menk Artsyok Patrast Enk? By Sona Arshuneci



Dzern ou Yeridasart-ue By Haig Naccashian





FATHER FRANK’S RANTS - Christmas Approach

Rant Number 469

You get an e-mail from an unknown sender. Ends up in your trash bin, you are about to delete it as spam when...something about it makes you pause. The content is puzzling, unedifying, maybe even vile and vulgar and yet...and yet, something about it just makes you restless. The message draws. You try to forget about, go about your daily work and chores but the funny e-mail does not leave you alone. Eventually, you decide, absurdly, to devote yourself to finding out its origins, its meaning, its sender.

Jorge Louis Borges’ wonderful Sufi tale, The Approach to al-Mu’tasim, follows a similar – if not electronic - outline. A Muslim student in Bombay kills – or he believes he has killed – a Hindu in a riot. In flight from the law he falls into the company of thieves and robbers – the lowest human scum. However, despite their degradation, he thinks he discerns in them a peculiar reflection. A person, a man, a being, something higher. A figure whose beauty and glory shines even through infamy...All he knows the person is called al-Mu’tasim. The fugitive determines to find him.

The rest of the story is a boundless, perilous adventure throughout India. The student’s vicissitudes encompass the whole human condition, from mathematics to fornication. Eventually, in a second-hand bookshop, from behind a cheap bead curtain, he beholds a streaming radiance. He realises the inconceivable, the ineffable al-Mu’tasim is behind the curtain. He draws it aside and enters. The story ends.

Christmas – the predictable, corny, even tiresome date falling on 25 December – could well be about al-Mu’tasim. Or the sender of the strange e-mail. No, don’t howl in disbelief! Surely everybody knows what the feast is about? The Christmas trees, the lights, the decorations, the kids, the presents, the office parties, the booze – even the occasional crib – surely it is all too well-known?

Yes and no. Despite the official holiday, the church ceremonies and the pious platitudes about world peace, for masses of human beings in the West Christmas today is an irrelevance. How many today really entrust their whole life to a Saviour Child born in a manger 2000 years ago in Palestine?

God, to Western man, has become an unknown, anonymous, shadowy being. Awful? Again, as the Chinese say, yes and no. Maybe this is a new start. A window of opportunity. Because God is indeed in the Bible, as the Prophet Isaiah says, aDeus Absconditus. (45:15). A Hidden God. But, as Luther argues, intimations of that hidden, awesome majesty drive men into the arms of the Deus Revelatus, the revealed, manifest God. A god always gracious for humanity.

Search into yourself. Where does the e-mail come from? What does it portend? What do you want? What do you desire? What do you crave for? A better job? Money? Power? Marriage? A friend? A lover? The mysterious e-mail could signify any of those. Al-Mu’tasim too could stand for them. Or maybe just nonsense. A prank? Could it be?

In the beginning was the Word, says St John. The Word. Translates the Greek Logos. So the Apostle does not use ‘Christ’ or ‘Messiah’. The Gospel of St John was addressed to Greek-speakers. They were not expecting any Messiah – a Jewish concept. So St John speaks of the Logos. Something they knew. The Reason, the Logic, the Unity, the Meaning underlying the Cosmos but also their beings, their minds, their lives, everything.

Yeah! Rationality. Logic. Great but...not quite it. Too abstract. Pale and bloodless stuff. Can’t turn human beings on. Salvation will not come from Professors Dawkins and Hawkins. St John of course has another word handy to explain the meaning of Christmas. He who dwells in love dwells in God and God in him, he writes. Love does it.

Yes, love. But too many clerical chinless wonders like the Bishop of London, too many humanist idiots on the BBC, even many cunning politicians, from Cameron to Milliband, bang on about love these days. The splendid word has become inflated, overdone, cheap, a cliche’. Its rediscovery can only lie at the end of a quest, a search, an adventure. Or perhaps in the obvious, who knows?

Christmas. How do you make it known to the heedless, frantic shoppers of London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, etcetera? They don’t give a damn about Transcendence. How do you convey its true, tremendous meaning?

Look at the Encounters - Lonely Hearts - section in The Times. What are men and women seeking? The pubs, the clubs, the museums, the art galleries, even the brothels? What do people who throng those places seek? The coarse journalists, the media, the oligarchs, the celebs, the Big Brother brigade, the slobs, the cops hunting for the villain? What do they look for? Many different, irreconcilable things? Or, underlying it all, just One Thing? Or is that a will-of-the-wisp? A useless fruitless search? Fragmentation rules OK then?

Deus Absconditus. The Hidden God. The God who hides himself. Yet He who reveals himself. Bishop Robinson in his Honest to God and Paul Tillich in his thick theology wrote of the dimension of depth. Whatever deep inside you drives you and rules you. That is depth. Find that. Delve in that. You will find God there. (Wallahi! Dangerous, eh? But also, because of that, thrilling.)

Al-Mu’tasim. Was the name of one of Gaddafi’s son, shot in the end. But Borges’ haunting hero is unkillable. He draws the searcher irresistibly on by the power of Himself. Behind the cheap beaded curtain – is there the Holy Child of Bethlehem? A simple babe lying in a manger? A child standing for all children in the world? The rich and prosperous, the middling ones, the starving, the disinherited? The child you and I once were, the baby all past and future humanity will always pass through? The fruit and symbol of love. The subject of the never-ending, gorgeous, heart-warming story: love?

Maybe this is a fresh way to look at Christmas. A message from above. To find out the sense, the meaning, the purpose of life. Exciting, no?

Merry Christmas!

Revd Frank Julian Gelli

Շնորհաւոր Ամանոր եւ Սուրբ Ծնունդ

Happy Holidays from Armenia Fund

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Happy Holidays from Armenia Fund
Our united efforts this holiday season will help build schools for Armenia's children, construct hospitals in the regions, pave roads for the cities and bring water to the people.

Thank you for making a difference.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Declaration - "Congress of Western Armenians"


2011 թուականի Դեկտեմբերի 10-ին Սեւրի մէջ (Փարիզ) կայացաւ Արեւմտահայոց Երրորդ Համագումարը: Ներկայ էին Օսմանեան կայսրութեան նախկին հայ քաղաքացիներու ժառանգներ, ներառեալ հայրենակցական միութիւններու պատուիրակներ՝ Ամերիկայի Միացեալ Նահանգներէն, Ֆրանսայէն, Անգլիայէն, Արժանթինէն, Աւստրիայէն, Գանատայէն, Զուիցերիայէն, Հայաստանի Հանրապետութենէն եւ Ռուսաստանէն:

Համագումարի բացման առթիւ բարեմաղթանքի խօսքով հանդէս եկան Պարթեւ Վրդ. Բարսեղեանը, Մխիթարեան Միաբանութենէն Ծայր. Վրդ. Յարութիւն Պզտիկեանը եւ Ֆրանսայի մօտ ՀՀ դեսպանութեան դեսպանի տեղակալ Պրն. Աշոտ Ալեքսանեանը:

....

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Armenian Church E-Newsletter, Issue 50, Volume 2

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Declaration of "Congress of Western Armenians"


2011 թուականի Դեկտեմբերի 10-ին Սեւրի մէջ (Փարիզ) կայացաւ Արեւմտահայոց Երրորդ Համագումարը: Ներկայ էին Օսմանեան կայսրութեան նախկին հայ քաղաքացիներու ժառանգներ, ներառեալ հայրենակցական միութիւններու պատուիրակներ՝ Ամերիկայի Միացեալ Նահանգներէն, Ֆրանսայէն, Անգլիայէն, Արժանթինէն, Աւստրիայէն, Գանատայէն, Զուիցերիայէն, Հայաստանի Հանրապետութենէն եւ Ռուսաստանէն:

Համագումարի բացման առթիւ բարեմաղթանքի խօսքով հանդէս եկան Պարթեւ Վրդ. Բարսեղեանը, Մխիթարեան Միաբանութենէն Ծայր. Վրդ. Յարութիւն Պզտիկեանը եւ Ֆրանսայի մօտ ՀՀ դեսպանութեան դեսպանի տեղակալ Պրն. Աշոտ Ալեքսանեանը:

....


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Tigran Mansuryan-i Hayots Tseghaspanutyan Reguiem-ue By Alisa Gevorgyan





A message from the Melkonians

Melkonian Children’s Fund - News Letter December 2011

Registered in England and Wales / Charity No. 1134006 Email:

Part of the

Melkonian Foundation

Dear Friends,

Again, it’s that time of the year when orphan children think about their parents they never knew. Through windows of houses, through glowing shop windows… they see sparkling lights heralding the coming of the festive season, the approaching New Year.

(Left, a photo by Vartan Melkonian, Lebanon, November 2011: a 12 year old boy sitting alone on a mountain road selling oranges)

I’m sure you would agree with me that one of the saddest moments must be when we witness an orphan child weeping silently in some corner of an alleyway for a reason he or she cannot understand.

My father, Vartan Melkonian, was brought up at the Bird’s Nest Orphanage, and as most of you know, he is now a conductor of classical music. Recently he was appointed the Patron of Consortium for Street Children of UK (the other Patron is Sir John Major, the former British Prime Minister) and its Ambassador to the United Nations. On 2ndNovember 2011, he addressed the UN in Geneva, speaking about the global issues surrounding Street Children.

“I want to tell you something about the sunset,” he said when he was telling his story to the assembly at the UN. “Normal people take moments of pleasure from looking at the sun setting in the sea, whereas for me – and street children – one of the cruellest, cruellest times of the day is the time of sunset. When I finished my survival day on the streets of the city… we had no home to go to. We had no soft pillows to rest our little heads upon.” [See the report on UN’s website by clicking this link:]

(A video clip of his speech will be posted on UN’s website in January 2012.)

I felt I should share this news with you on behalf of the Melkonian Children’s Fund. I am happy about my father being given these honours which enables him to continue “…to speak up for children who cannot speak for themselves” – as he quoted at the end of his speech.

Now the time to celebrate the passing of the old year and the coming of the new is fast approaching, and on this season of good will, I wish you good health, peace, love and joy, and thank you again for your continued support on behalf of all of us.

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With best wishes,

Richard Melkonian