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Armenian Church of St. Sarkis Trust Chairman Completes Tenure, New Chairman Elected

LONDON (29.11.2013) At the annual meeting of the Armenian Church of St. Sarkis Trust, Dr Hratch Tchilingirian, the Hon. President/Chairman of the Trust was succeeded by Steve Mouradian, an architect and active member of the Armenian community. 

While the trustees do not have term limits, Dr Tchilingirian, a scholar at University of Oxford, had announced last year that he had set a self-imposed term of five years for his tenure as a trustee of St. Sarkis Church and that he has served for six years, four years of which as chairman. 

"I strongly believe that one should not go on sitting as a trustee or committee member for decades or indefinitely," explained Dr Tchilingirian, adding "I wanted to set a precedent."  He assured the trustees that he would continue to be active in the life of St. Sarkis Church and in the service of the wider community in whatever way possible.  Responding to the request of his fellow Trustees, Dr Tchilingirian will serve as a trustee for one more year. 

Levon Chilingirian, Vice Chairman, commended Dr Tchilingirian for his vision and leadership over the last four years as Chairman and thanked him on behalf of all the Trustees for his dedicated and continued service to the church and community. 

During Dr Tchilingirian's four-year tenure as Chairman of the Church Trust a number of major accomplishment were achieved, among them the complete renovation of the Vicarage; redecoration, repair and expansion of the Nevart Gulbenkian Hall (which is used over 100 times a year for church functions and wider community events) and other works totalling over £350,000.  The building works were generously funded by the St. Sarkis Charity Trust, a separate trust established by the benefactor of the church, Calouste S. Gulbenkian.  The 90th Anniversary of St. Sarkis Church was celebrated with 14 events over a four-month period in 2012. The highlight and historically significant event was the establishment of the St. Sarkis Church Parish, the first ever Armenian Church parish in London.  The parish allows the faithful of the church to take part in the ministry of the Church and opens up St. Sarkis Church to the members of the community.  Dr Tchilingirian was elected first Chairman of the Parish Assembly of St. Sarkis Church Parish and was re-elected to that position by the parishioners during the annual Assembly in April of this year.  He is very active in the parish and continues to provide valuable advice and leadership for the growth of the new parish.

At the annual meeting on 27 November 2013, three new trustees with strong professional background and active interest in the Armenian community were appointed to serve St. Sarkis. Two ladies -- Mrs Varsenik Haroutunian and Dr Sonia Vartoukian PhD -- made history by being the first female trustees to be appointed in the Trust's history.  The other trustees are Steve Mouradian (Chairman), Levon Chilingirian (Vice Chairman), Dr Gagik Stepan-Sarkissian (Hon. Secretary), Hovnan Hampartsoumian (Hon. Treasurer), Christopher Kurkjian (Investments portfolio), Dr Hratch Tchilingirian, Christopher Arratoon, Gregory King-Underwood, and newly appointed Nerces Yeretzian. 

St. Sarkis Armenian Church
Armenian Vicarage, Iverna Gardens, London W8 6TP
90th Anniversary Celebrations: Past & Present (video)

Armenian Institute

12 Capitals of the GREAT ARMENIA and SIS

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Manchester Armenian Church Holy Trinity...Dates for your diary

Sunday 1st December at 11.30pm
Badarak Service – by Father Garekin
Sunday Lunch – contact Penny Evenson to book your meal.
Followed by a Presentation by Douglas Buchanan on his recent pilgrimage to Ancient Armenia in Eastern Turkey.
Thursday 19th December at 7.30pm - St Ann's Church, St Ann's Square, Manchester M2 7LP
Classical Christmas Piano Recital by our very own Artur Bobikyan. 
Also a guest appearance by Mezzo Soprano Anaïs Heghoyan.
Tickets £7.00 from Artur on 0161 273 1074
Attended by His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian
Friday 20th December at 7.00pm – Armenian Church Manchester
The Armenian Church Youth Fellowship and the Armenian School will be singing. 
There will be a short service by His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian.
Tuesday 31st December at 8pm – Armenian Church Manchester
New Years Eve Party organised by the Armenian Church School in aid of school funds.
The parents will be preparing wholesome “home” cooked food as well as a few games and a disco.
Father Christmas will also be dropping in later on.
To book contact Ara Couligian on 07966 257431
Sunday 5th January at 5.00pm – Armenian Church Manchester
Christmas Day Badarak Service
Father Garekin will be conducting our Christmas day service followed by "the blessing of the holy water".
Christmas Day meal at the Armenian Taverna
The Armenian Ladies Association have organised a meal at the Armenian Taverna in Manchester. 
Please contact Penny Evenson or any of the Ladies committee for a booking form.
For up to date information please visit our web

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SPURK 2013

To view this document, which is in Armenian, please click here .


To view this document, which is in Armenian, please click here .

The official online publication of the Primate’s Office of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Great Britain and Ireland Issue 46..(Volume 4), 29 November..2013

E-NEWSLETTER...............Է-ԹԵՐԹԻԿ fa

On Monday evening, 18 November, HG Bp Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate, presided over the first meeting of the newly elected St Yeghiche Church Parish Council. Following the opening prayer, His Grace welcomed and congratulated the Council members and spent some time discussing the vision of strengthening the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland by the strengthening and organisation of its parishes, according to the tradition of the Armenian Church. This was followed by a discussion of the different aspects of establishing and nurturing the various units needed for a successful Parish Council ministry, such as its own auxiliary committees, Women’s Guild, Bible Study, Altar Servers, fundraising, and others. The Council also discussed ways of cooperating with the other parishes in the Diocese including St Sarkis Church Parish in London and the Holy Trinity Church Parish in Manchester, as well as the Mission Parishes in Birmingham, Cardiff and Dublin. His Grace then led the process of electing the officers of the Council. At the end of the meeting, and before the closing prayer, Bp Vahan congratulated the council members, blessing them and wishing them a fruitful and successful ministry for the glory of God and the strengthening of the Armenian Church.
This Sunday, 1st of December is the beginning of Advent for the Western world. Following the publication of our reflection on Armenian Advent in the previous issue of the E-Newsletter, we received several enquiries which we would like to address briefly in this paragraph. As mentioned earlier, Advent is a period of preparation for the Feast of the Birth and Nativity of Christ. As such it is a cheerful season of anticipation, gatherings of family members and friends and expression of love and care demonstrated by the exchange of gifts and greeting cards. Historically, Advent included periods of fasting. During this final season of the liturgical calendar of the Armenian Church, several important saints are also commemorated such as several of the Apostles including the enlighteners of Armenia, King David, St Stephen the first deacon and others. Advent in the Armenian tradition is longer than the Western Advent, because it continues through the New Year to 5 January, which is the Eve of the Feast of the Nativity. Western Advent on the other hand, ends on 24 December. Armenians designate fifty days prior to the Eve of the Nativity as Advent (Hisnag = 50). It is because of this reason that Advent in the Armenian Church start also a week or so earlier than that of the Western Church. Despite the different length and its beginning and ending times, the season has the same theological meaning: preparing to welcome the King of kings!
The Armenian community in Dublin and its surrounding was gathered at Taney Parish Church on Monday, 17 November 2013 for a very productive and busy church day. First it was the celebration of Badarak by HG Bp Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate. Then, the community was ushered to the baptismal font where the newest member of the Dublin Church was baptized. Following Baptism the faithful were invited to the Church Hall to participate in the third annual Parish Assembly. The opening prayer by the Primate,ushered the Assembly’selection of its Tivan (president and secretary)which was followed by the Agenda. The minutes of the previous assembly were received and confirmed. The reports of the Parish Council chairman and treasurer as well as a programme report of the Parish Council were discussed and received by the Assembly, which discussed also the possibilities of securing a location in Dublin as a church and community centre for the Armenians in Dublin. At the conclusion of the Assembly the faithful were treated to lunch courtesy of the Parish Council, where despite their very busy schedule they managed to celebrate Srpazan’s 50th birthday as well. Congratulations and God bless. Click here for more info.
Members of the Manchester Chapter of the Armenian Church Youth Fellowship (ACYF) are busy at work preparing for their second annual Christmas Carols Candlelight Service. This inspiring evening worship service will take place in the Holy Trinity Armenian Church on Friday, 20 December at 7:00pm. The programme will include the traditional Armenian Church Vespers interspersed with readings of Biblical passages concerning the story of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The programme will also comprise traditional Armenian and English Christmas Carols sung with the congregation as well as solo hymns by professional singers. All are welcome and admission to the Candlelight Christmas Carol service is free. Refreshments and a light reception will follow at the Church Hall. For more information about this service or other programmes of the ACYF Manchester please contact the chairman,Zareh at: 07813 864697. Meanwhile, the London ACYF is preparing for its Christmas Carols Candlelight which will take place in St Yeghiche Church on Tuesday, 24 December at 7:00pm. Details to come.
Responding to popular demand the Primate’s Office is happy to announce the second extension of the deadline for registration for the “2014 Armenian Church Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” to Monday 2December. The Pilgrimage will include visits to Armenian, Biblical and Christian sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Galilee, including River Jordan and the Dead Sea. There will also be fellowship hours, brief biblical reflections and prayer sessions. The cost of the Pilgrimage is: £1,200 for shared-room accommodations, and £1,450 for private room. The amount covers the expenses for British Airways airfare, transfer to and from the airport in Israel, luxury hotels, tour guide, daily breakfast and dinner, airconditioned bus transportation, boat sail and cable-car ride. To secure your place in the 2014 Pilgrimage, for the price indicated above, please send your deposit of £500, payable to “The Armenian Church Trust UK” to The Primate’s Office, 25 Cheniston Gardens, Kensington, London W8 6TG. For further information please call the Primate’s Office 0208 127 8364, or e-mail: Click here to read the flyer online. Your deposit must be received in the Primate's Office by Friday, 2 December. Please note British Airways prices may go up after this deadline.
Join us for Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” (Weihnachts-Oratorium)on Sundaythe 15th of Decemberat 7.30pm in the beautiful Cathedral of St. Yeghiche Armenian Church in South Kensington. Soloists include our own AnaïsHeghoyan, ArisNadirian, Jassy Husk and AlexandrosTsilogiannis. As our readers may know Anaïs is in involved in various aspects of our church life including serving as an executive member of the London Committee of the ACYF. ArisNadirian, on the other hand, is the capable Maestro of St Yeghiche Church Choir. The soloists will be accompanied by a full Baroque Orchestra the London Early Opera.The programme of the Oratorio will include highlights from stories 1, 2 and 3 from the Oratorio and will be sung in English. The Oratorio programme will last approximately 1hr and 20 mins. Tickets are £15 and are available by calling Anais: 07931 377 539, Sossi: 07815 633 628 or Mariana: 07951 363 620. The programme is co-sponsored by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and The Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of London.
First Parish Council St Yeghiche Church, London
Dublin ACYF
ACYF in Armenian Monastery San Lazzaro. Venice
The Primate’s Officeof the Armenian Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland has joined the worldwide charity fundraising programme Easyfundraising in an effort to raise funds for the programmes and ministries of the Armenian Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Simply by shopping online through, at any of your favorate stores online, you help making a donation from the store to the Armenian Church. There are no catches and it's completely free to use. It's really simple – just shop online via with over 2,700 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay, and many more, and whenever you buy something online, the retailer makes a donation to your chosen good cause. It doesn't cost you a single penny extra. Get started now by clicking here, or going to the following website:
In a letter addressed to HG Bp Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate, the chairman of the Armenian Community and Church Council of Great Britain (ACCC), Mr Are Palamoudian informed the Primate that “The name of the ACCChas now changed to Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom and we have made the amendments to the Constitution of the Community’s Council removing all references to, and responsibilities of the Council towards, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Primacy and any one particular church in the community.” In his reply to Mr Palamoudian, the HG Bp Vahan once again thanked the ACCC for their cooperation in organising the Armenian Church administratively in the UK and offered to help the ACCUK in any capacity needed.
WEEKLY BIBLE STUDY: The Bible Study group will meet this Thursday 28 November at 7:00PM in St Thomas Syrian Cathedral. All are welcome. Join us and bring a friend with you. We will start reading the Gospel according to St. Luke.
KOMITAS CHOIR: A professional Armenian Choir is being established in London by London Tekeyan Trust to enhance Armenian musical culture not only in the Armenian Communities in UK but also internationally. Those interested to join the Choir are requested to contact SipanHagopian @ 07428788644, e-mail: A Chorus Endowment has been created also to finance the operation of the KOMITAS Choir. Supporters are invited to be Patrons of the Choir. For more information please contact Me VartanOuzounian @ 07940522606, e-mail:
VOLUNTEERSare needed for the “2014 Reunion Committee” of the K. Tahta Armenian Community Sunday School. Those interested are requested to e-mail:
The Primate’s Office c/o Hye Doon, 25 Cheniston Gardens, London W8 6TG

USA Armenian Life #1392 --- A Proud Moment for Armenians: Courthouse Named after Gov. Deukmejian‏

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Countries that Recognize the Armenian Genocide

View resolutions, laws, and declarations relating to the Armenian Genocide 
1. Argentina12. Netherlands
2. Belgium13. Poland
3. Canada14. Russia
4. Chile15. Slovakia
5. Cyprus16. Sweden
6. France17. Switzerland
7. Germany18. United States
8. Greece19. Uruguay
9. Italy20. Vatican City
10. Lebanon21. Venezuela
11. Lithuania

Oxford Armenian Studies: Lecture Seminars on 28 November and 3 December‏

Oxford Armenian Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

Armenian Studies Seminar

Thursday, 28 November (Week 7), Oriental Institute, Lecture Room 1; 5-6:30pm

"A Glance at the History of the Armenian Biblical Canon - The Book of Ben Sira (Sirach)"

Rev Garegin Hambardzumyan (PhD Candidate, St Stephen’s House, Oxford)

Christian faith is based upon a canon of texts considered to be Holy Scripture. How did this canon come into existence? How did it shape the canon of the Armenian Bible that we have in modern times? These and some more puzzling issues related to the canon list of the Armenian Bible have always been a central subject of discourse amongst scholars in the field. Prior to 1666, when the Armenian Bible was first published, the Armenian manuscripts of the Bible were classified into two categories as regards the inclusion of the Deutero-canonical (Erkrordakanon) books. Those directly translated from Old Syriac did not contain Deuterocanonical writings as they were influenced by the Original Hebrew canon which had only 22 books in the Old Testament. However, the majority of the extant MSS do contain them, as they were translated from the Greek Septuagint (the first Greek translation produced in the 2nd century B.C.E.).  Rev. Hambardzumyan’s lecture will be focused on the Armenian translations of the Bible in general and on the Book of Sirach or Ecclesiasticus in particular.  Fr. Garegin Hambardzumyan is a member of the Brotherhood of Holy Etchmiadzin, Armenia. He is currently based in Oxford at St Stephen’s House, whilst simultaneously working on his doctoral dissertation.

For further details please contact seminar convenor: Prof. Theo van Lint,

Armenian Religion, Society, Politics Seminar 
Tuesday, 3 December (Week 8) Oriental Institute, Lecture Room 1; 6:30-8:00 pm

"Post-Soviet Social and Political Dislocation and 'Return' of Religion"

Dr Hratch Tchilingirian (Oriental Institute)

This is the fourth lecture of the seminar on "Armenian Religion, Society, Politics" offered by Dr. Hratch Tchiligirian. The transition from decades of “ungodliness” under Communism to “knowledge of God” in a newly independent country appeared to be more complex, problematic and difficult. Neither the society nor the religious establishment were prepared to accept the unexpected realities of freedom and liberty. This session will present some of the key dimensions of this process. Starting with a brief presentation of the glasnost and perestroika period for context, it will then focus on the critical issues since Armenia’s independence.