Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Is your MP among the 144 ?

Is your MP amongst the new increased count of 144 MPs who have signed

Early Day Motion 357 on the Armenian Genocide?

Please remind them to sign because the Houses of Parliament recess soon.

This is a record number but we need far more to register the UK community's strength of feeling.

To identify your MP, click on and type in your post code.

Then email them - a suggested proforma letter that you could use follows

It really is that simple!

Please forward this email to friends and family.

Suggested Letter (but do modify if you wish):
Dear ( name and surname of MP)
As your constituent, I write to ensure you are aware that Mr Bob Spink MP has presented an Early Day Motion ( EDM 357) and that already 144 MPs have signed it .
Your name is not among that list and I urge you to sign it before the Summer Recess, giving it the opportunity to gather enough support to call for a Ten Minute Bill Rule about the recognition of the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Government of 1915.
I will be only too happy to provide you with all the necessary documentation, UNEQUIVOCAL EVIDENCE , statements made by International Scholars, books commissioned by the British Government of the day and a list of Resolutions and Adoptions by various Parliaments and Governments, including the Welsh Parliament and the European Council.
If you wish, I could meet you in your Surgery anytime during next week to discuss with you and hopefully convince you to sign EDM 357. It is of extreme importance to me .
Otherwise, I urge you to sign the Early Day Motion now.
Thank you
Yours sincerely

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