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Anorthosis FC visit Dzidzernagapert

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Gibrahayer - Sevag Devledian - Nicosia - July 26 - Members of the Administrative Board of Anorthosis Famagusta FC - headed by President Andreas Pantelis - visited Dzidzernagapert before their match with Armenia's Champions Pyunik for the first qualifying round of the Champions League.
Last Wednesday, Anorthosis defeated Pyunik 2-0 in Kodayk Stadium in Abovyan and qualified with a 3-0 aggregate to the second round.
Anorthosis FC - a refugee club from Turkish-occupied Famagusta - stunned the sports world in 2005 when they eliminated Turkish Champions Trabzonspor (3-1, 0-1), something they will try to repeat in their second round match tonight against Rapid Vienna in Larnaca at a sold out Antonis Papadopoullos Stadium.


His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia Thursday visited the old Armenian Prelacy building and Sourp Asdvadzadzin church and the Sourp Magar Monastery in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus.
Aram I was accompanied by Arch. Varoujan Hergelian, Cyprus Diocesan Council chairman Sebouh Tavitian and Cyprus Diocesan Executive Council Chairman Dr. Antranik Ashdjian.
In the Turkish-occupied part of Nicosia, the Catholicos and his entourage first visited the old Prelacy building and Sourp Asdvadzadzin church, after which they toured the Melikian-Ouzounian school, where a memorial for the victims of the Armenian Genocide is erected. They also visited the old Armenian center, which has now been converted to a Turkish cultural center.
The Catholicos also toured the Sourp Magar Monastery in the Kyrenia mountain range, where a monument marking the 1933 visit by Catholicos Sahag II still stands.
Aram I spent more than six hours in the Turkish-occupied part of Nicosia, after which he also assessed the amount of work required following the reunification of the island.

Interview with Catholicos Aram I on


KARS (ArmRadio)--Turkish President Abdullah Gul was in Kars on Wednesday where he said that he has yet to decide whether or not he will accept President Serzh Sargsyan's invitation to come to Yerevan in September to watch the Turkish and Armenian national soccer teams compete in a World Cup qualifier match, Mediamax news agency reported.
Gul's statement came in response to questions asked by Armenian Reporter and Aztag Daily Correspondent Tatoul Hagopian following Gul's meeting at Kars's City Hall. Gul was in Kars Wednesday for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Turkish section of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad.
"I, first and foremost, thanked Armenia's president for the invitation, but we still have not made a decision," Gul said. "Our policy is clear. We seek to establish friendly relations and cooperation between all the countries in the region."
"The existing issues need to be solved," he said, adding that Turkey wishes to see stability in region.
But stability in the region is impossible when neighbours speak to neighbours through ultimatums, ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Supreme Council of Armenia Representative Armen Rustamian told reporters Wednesday during a press conference at Armenia's National Press Club.
"Turkey's preconditions for the normalisation of relations with Armenia are ultimatums and are unacceptable to the Republic of Armenia and the ARF," he said. "It is very dangerous if the Genocide becomes a subject of debate in this regard."
"We must not allow Turkey to create an illusion about the existence of relations [with Armenia]," he told journalists. "If Turkey's president comes to Armenia, Dashnaktsoutiun ...will say that a neighbour does not speak in ultimatums with a neighbour."
According to Rustamian, this is not an issue of the past. It is an issue of the future and is of direct concern to the national security of the country.
If Turkey wishes to normalise relations with Armenia, then it must take steps in line with international standards, Rustamian remarked.


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Another time, another visit: Catholicos - Khoren I in Cyprus -
from left to right: Simon Megerditchian, Parsegh Demirdjian, Hrant Mamigonian, Gatoghigosagan Pokhanort Yervant Dsayrakouyn Vartabed Apelian, Catholicos Khoren I of the Great House of Cilicia, Mgo Paroian, Sourp Asdvadzadzin Choir Master Vahan Bedelian, Kevork Tasdarian, Harout Gostanian, Diran Der Avedissian, Hagop (Agoulli) Bakalian. Source: Bedelian Family Album:


"For many years, it was my dream to see Cilicia and Historic Armenia but I was always afraid of setting my foot in Turkey. Being Armenian, born in Cyprus and with a last name “Aintablian”, I always thought I would have problems in Turkey. Like most Armenians, I did not like the Turks for very obvious reasons and the idea of being surrounded by them, made it very difficult to make my dream come true. I also knew this was going to be a very emotional trip and as much as I wanted it, I was also afraid of facing the emotions. It took me 15 years to finally have the courage to take this trip. What pushed me is the fact that I wanted to be of an age where I would still be able to climb the Armenian castles, and walk long distances in order to be able to see as much as possible. I finally had the courage to make this dream come true in 2008. I joined an Armenian group in Istanbul and toured Kayseri, Hadjin, Sis, Adana, Gaziantep, Hasanbeyli, Kilis, Marash, Zeitoun, Moush, Kharpert, Choumkoush, Van, Kars, Ani and Erzrum. When I decided to join the group, friends and relatives also joined me and made this trip very special.
To my surprise my experience was very positive, although very emotional as expected. I am very glad I made this trip at this young age. I was shocked to discover that I felt right at home - the culture, the food, the language, the hospitality were all very so familiar! I want to encourage every Armenian to leave the taboos behind and visit our occupied homeland. I realised while I was there that it is important for us to visit our lost homeland because it makes the Turks and Kurds who are presently living in our homes and cultivating our lands, that even though we are 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Armenians, we have NOT forgotten our homeland. Our visits keep on reminding them that we are the real owners of these homes and the land. Most importantly, it will keep the story alive with the new generation of Turks especially in the villages. The children there are very curious and seem to have heard things from their parents and grandparents. They know of the Armenians and that we used to live there. Talking to them and telling them who we are, I really believe will make a difference in the future. It will give them a sense of reality!
For anyone who is seriously interested, there is a group going out from September 14 to 28. The group meets in Istanbul as everyone comes from all parts of the world. This is an Armenian group and has an Armenian guide. If anyone is interested have them contact me at anooshig at gmail dot com .
I am also working in getting a group together for May 2009. "
Best regards,
Linda Aintablian.
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Also read Linda's letter further down in the Letters to the Editor section.

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News in Brief - by Sevag Devledian
  • The leaders of Cyprus are to resume direct peace talks on September 3 on ending the 34-year-old division of the eastern Mediterranean island. The UN Chief of Mission in Cyprus, Taye-Brook Zerihoun, made the announcement after hosting more than two hours of talks between President Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat.
  • A Turkish court agreed to hear a case against 86 people, members and affiliates of the ultra-nationalist group known as Ergenekon, accused of a plot to overthrow the government, which media reports said included a plan to assassinate a top general. CNN Turk television, which broadcast footage showing pages from the near-2,500 page indictment, said the court would hold its first hearing on October 20 in Silvri prison, near Bolis.
  • Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan declared that his country is interested in normalising the relations with Armenia and anticipates "concrete steps" from the opposing side. Ali Babacan said this in New York, where he had arrived to drum up support at the United Nations for Turkey's bid for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council.
  • The Council of Europe sees settlement of the Karabakh conflict in the framework of international law and exclusively in a peaceful way, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Lluis Maria de Puig said.
  • The ARF Dashnaktsoutiun held a congress in the town of Vanadzor on 18-20 July to elect new members to the party's supreme board. According to a report, the number of members of the supreme board has increased from nine to 15 persons. Former party members, who have taken up posts at the government, were replaced with new ones.
  • Hrant Dink, the prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist who was shot to death in 2007, had applied for permission to carry a gun after receiving threats. However, officials turned down his request, said a police informant with an Armenian name, according to a report issued by the parliamentary sub-commission examining Dink's murder, Turkish daily Hürriyet reports.
Sports - by Sevag Devledian
  • The XVIII AGBU World Games took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, from July 7 to 13, 2008, with athletes and guests pouring in from all over the world. In all, approximately 1,000 individuals participated in this biennial event aimed at providing a platform for the organization's athletic groups to engage in friendly competitions and bringing together Armenian youth on a global level.
  • Olympic Champion, GM Levon Aronyan is included to take part in the second round of FIDE Grand-Prix. The second round of Grand-Prix will start on 30 July GIBRAHAYER e-magazineuntil 15 August in Sochi. Armenian GM L. Aronyan refused to take part in the first round as it was held in Baku.
  • UEFA CUP: Thursday 31 July - AC Bellinzon vs FC Ararat (AGG 1-0) in Cornaredo, Lugano and FC Banants vs Salzburg in Kotayk, Abovyan (AGG 0-7).
  • Armenian Olympians will have an extra motivation to win top prizes this year as for each gold medal the winner will receive about $66,000 from the state budget and land a check for $700,000 from the National Olympic Committee of Armenia. Silver and bronze medal winners will receive $50,000 and $33,000 from the state budget, respectively.
  • Rendall Munroe is to make the second defence of his European super-bantamweight boxing title on September 5 against France-based Armenian Arsen Martirosian.
  • The Minister of Youth and Sports Armen Krikorian, has appointed Harout Tahmazian of Cyprus as member of its Executive Committee. In the next Games of 2009 only games in football and basketball will take place, while The Pan Armenian Games including all sports will take place in 2011.

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

This new, modern space, located on 23d Armenias str. in Nicosia (tel. 22105586) is dedicated to children’s clothing and shoes for the ages of 6 months to 7 year-olds... because style is not just for grown-ups! The main brands imported are Ralph Lauren and Converse.
There's also a parents' corner where one can find Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts and Polo’s so that you and your beloved offspring can have matching outfits for your favourite summer excursions!


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The Greek theatre production of the classical tragedy “BACCHAE” (VAKHES) under the auspices of the Greek ministries of Foreign affairs, Tourist Development, Transportation and Communications, the Organisation for the Promotion of the Greek Culture of the Ministry of Culture is looking for five local actors or dancers, aged 25-35 years old, to be included in the chorus of the tour that will be given in New York on 16 and 17 of September 2008.
The theatrical production "BACCHAE" will be presented in several states of America, under the auspices of WORLD COUNCIL OF HELLENES ABROAD (SAE, USA REGION), as follows:

September 16,17 New York, USA Grand Opening (Premier)
September 18 Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT
September 20 University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
September 21 University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
September 23 Hyannis High School, Hyannis, MA
September 24 Portland Museum of Fine Arts, Portland, ME
September 25 University of New Hampshire, N.H.
September 27 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
October 2 University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC
October 5 University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
October 8 Hellenic Cultural Center, Houston, TX
October 11,12 San Francisco (UHAS),
October 17 Philadelphia
October 18 Boston
October 19 Pittsburgh, PA
October 22 Chicago
October 25 Detroit

This theatrical production will also be transferred to a film.

For further information,please contact with John Fiotodimitrakis - tel: 16463024191 and 1718 3884717. e-mail: iapetofioto at yahoo dot com

Letters to the Editor

Dear Friends,
Please click on the following link to view about 250 pictures of my pilgrimage to Cilicia and Historic Armenia.
If you are not familiar how to use this, click on the first picture of the grid to enlarge it and then click on the arrow to view one picture at at time. Click on " i " to view long descriptions.
http colon slash slash gallery dot mac dot com slash paulbelmont#100079
alternately visit
Sorry it took a long time. I hope you enjoy the pictures and hope it encourages you to visit and see these with your own eyes. Contact me if you decide to do so.
Best regards,
Linda Aintablian

Recently I circulated my grandfather's - Vahan Bedelian's - family pictures on Facebook. One of Gibrahayer's subscribers from the United Kingdom - Ann Patey Avakian - commented on one of the images, wanting to know how the violin had been the reason for the survival of my grandfather and his family.

How did the violin save him Simon? Sounds like there's story there... Ann wrote.
I thought I would answer her question through these pages for the benefit of the rest of the readers.
While Vahan Bedelian's family was deported from Adana to Aleppo during the Armenian Genocide, he secured a job as a violin teacher at Aleppo Art School and thus secured a staying permit in Aleppo. All others who did not manage to stay in Aleppo, were deported further into the Syrian Desert and Der Zor, and perished on the way from illnesses, hunger and massacres.
There was also an incident in Baron Hotel in Aleppo, still owned by Mazlumian family. Owners, Krikor and Onnig Mazlumian, gave a reception to Shukru Pasha, who was going to Der Zor as the next Governor, and had stopped over at the Baron in Aleppo on his way. They invited young Vahan Bedelian to play a few a-la-turca pieces on his violin, to soften his heart, regarding Armenians. Shukru Pasha was moved by the sensitive playing of Bedelian, and even asked him to follow him next morning to Der Zor, "to teach this art over there".
But Bedelian's friends, managed to talk him out of this idea, arguing that they needed him in the Art School of Aleppo, where he taught.
This is what he meant when he said the violin saved his family's life. Had he gone to Der Zor with the Governor, his family would have had to follow him as they were all staying in Aleppo due to his staying permit. And only God knows what their fate would have been...

Simon Aynedjian

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