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Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra - katoomba at cytanet dot - for Gibrahayer
e-magazine Nicosia - Wednesday 3 December, 2008 -
The Armenian community of Cyprus filled the Utudjian Hall of the Armenian Prelature on Tuesday night, 2 December 2008, to listen to the UNDP’s plan on the restoration of the medieval Armenian church of Sourp Asdvadzadzin in occupied Nicosia. Present were the UNDP Programme Manager for Cyprus, Jaco Cilliers, the project engineer Stefano de Vito, and the project architect Paolo Vitti as well as MP Vartkes Mahdessian and Father Momik Habeshian. The evening was presented by the Chairman of the Diocesan Council Sebouh Tavitian.
In the beginning of the slide-show presentation, we were delighted to see that this team of experts had previously undertaken the restoration of many important monuments in Rome, Perugia, Sicily and Jerusalem.
The slide-show contained a wealth of historical information about the church and the adjacent monastery, as well as architectural information and pictures on the various stages at which the church building was built. It also contained information on the Melikian mansion, which is also scheduled to be restored in parallel with the church. This feasibility study has taken about 18 months to complete, and it is now ready to be put into use for the much-awaited restoration of the Armenian complex. While conducting the study, survey plans were used, as well as pre-1963 photographs, which greatly helped the team to discover what was built where, when, and for what purpose.
As the team informed us, the entire project will take about 30 months to complete, and it includes the restoration of the old buildings and their collapsed roofs, as well as the electrical illumination of the complex. The ultimate goal is not to restore the church as it was in the 17th or the 18th century, but to restore what we have now and to prevent the further decay of the buildings. The Melikian mansion wall will be re-built, and a new entrance will be opened from the north part of the complex, to allow a better view of the impressive church and belfry. We were also prompted to keep in mind that the programme may stop at any time, either due to lack of funding or due to other reasons.

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine
Let us hope that what the UNDP has planned for the last 4 years will soon become a reality, and let us hope that once the project is finished, all the Gibrahay community will pack the ancient church of Sourp Asdvadzadzin for an unforgettable Badarak!


GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

from the report of the Italian team of experts of the UNDP

... During the Ottoman period the church was restored several times. One is recorded in 1688. In 1788 the Baptistery was built. Finally in the second half of XIX c. many works are documented. In 1858 the pointed arches that support the north side of the porch were constructed. Two years later the bell tower was built. The collapse of the central part of the porch may have been the reason for the restoration of the works.
To this period date the most significant changes to the interior of the church to adapt it to the Armenian creed. The hirdbay flooring was raised from the level of first and second bay. The altar was put on the uppermost part: it was composed of a masonry block in which were reused marble slabs coming from ancient monuments, like the Mirabel’s family slab. The front of this higher part of church’s floor had decorated tiles. In the first bay the women gallery was built. Women's entrance was from the west entrance, while men's entrance from the northern gate (see M. de Mas Latrie 1846 report) ...


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Public Radio of Armenia 27.11.2008 - Independent correspondent Jean Eckian informs that following worldwide protests of Armenians, the Panoramio, the partner of Google Earth, eliminated the inscription `Talaat Pasha' on the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan on the website.
Earlier, a hacker had posted the name of Talaat Pasha on the Armenian Memorial of Dzidzernagapert on Google Earth.
This intolerable profanation was signed Haluk Dolmayan. Actually, it was the adulterated name of historian and Director of the Institute - Museum of the Armenian Genocide, Hayk Demoyan.
Before the protest, by clicking on the location titled Talaat Pasha, one could see Dzidzernagapert in Yerevan.


GIBRAHAYER e-magazine - Although Armenia appeared to be content with the televoting system chosen to select their representative for Eurovision 2008, they will be doing this by internal selection for 2009.
The two participants rumoured to be on the shortlist are System of a Down, who have had renowned European-wide success and Arame, voted best male singer at the Armenian National Music Awards in 2007.
System of a Down have made note that they will only be keen to represent their country if they are allowed to make mention of the Armenian Genocide, something that could cause concern, since Eurovision is scheduled to take place in Moscow. Arame is less demanding and would follow a trend set in place by last year's representative, Sirusho, who had previously won the best female singer award at the same awards ceremony back in 2006.


GIBRAHAYER e-magazineAlexander-Michael Hadjilyra - katoomba at cytanet dot - for Gibrahayer e-magazine Nicosia - Wednesday 3 December, 2008 - On Friday and Saturday, 28 and 29 November 2008, PRIO organised its 3rd Annual Conference titled “One Island, Many Histories: Re-thinking the politics of the past in Cyprus”. Amongst the various speakers, one name was very familiar: Dr Susan Pattie, the author of the brilliant book on the Gibrahay community titled: Faith in History: Armenians Rebuilding Community (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press: 1997). Pattie was one of the four speakers of session 7 (Ledra Palace Hotel), where she spoke on “Imagining Homelands: Poetics and Performance among Cypriot Armenians”.
Pattie started with a personal story: when she first arrived in Cyprus, at the age of 10, it was night. She woke up at Ledra Palace, facing the most beautiful sunrise, and seeing a palm tree for the first time in her life! Proceeding to her topic, she identified that theatrical plays and musical performances help promote nationalism and the idea of ethnicity, as the performance of history becomes part of their narrative. There are three main categories of Western Armenian poetry and music. First, poetry and music about the origins, the bravery and the pride of the Armenians, with powerful symbolisms carried through the Ararat Mountain, the Christianisation of Armenia by Sourp Krikor Naregatsi, the battle of Avarayr, and the invention of the Armenian alphabet by Sourp Mesrob Mashdots.
The second category of poetry and music speaks about the Genocide; here, we have accounts of the deportations, of the sacrifices for the collective, and of the horrific slaughters, as well as narrations of the survivors, who speak about their survival tales and the help they received. Poetry and song-making prevent people from forgetting, they electrify the audience, and they re-ignite grief and anger, even if the word “Turk” is not mentioned. The third category is about the Dispersion; this poetry speaks about the displacement, the Diaspora, the new homelands, and the sense of feeling “foreign” in a new home. It also speaks about the new multi-lingual reality in which Western Armenians now live in, and the important attachment they must feel about their homeland and their motherland. Finally, it speaks about the dichotomy of feeling grounded and at the same time being a part of your new country.

News in brief by Sevag Devletian
  • Cypriot Euro-MP, Marios Matsakis, offered Ankara to apply football diplomacy in relations with Cyprus. `The game between the Armenian and Turkish teams seems to have worked properly. The same can be done for normalisation of relations between Turkey and Cyprus. I have already sent a message to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan,' Marios Matsakis said, Today's Zaman reports.
  • Over $35 million was collected during the Telethon held in Los Angeles on November 27, reports the press office of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. The funds will be spent on development programs in Armenian and NKR rural areas.
  • The President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, considers that next year - 2009 - as "exceptional and proper" for reaching a settlement of the Karabakh issue.

Panathinaikos Vs Anorthosis
Tuesday 9 December in OAKA Stadium Athens - GREECE
you can also watch the big game on AYMA's big screen

Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor of Gibrahayer e-magazine,
Pro Edvcatio Worldwide International Movement, upon the resolution of its Armenian experts’ panel, congratulates Mrs. Louise Aynedjian, the elected member to Cyprus Primary Schools Students’ Parents Board Nicosia district, covering 122 establishments integrated to the human resources development activities within Cyprus.
We wish her all success in the accomplishment of her task, which we hope will take into consideration of the Country’s cultural diversity in which Western Armenian Language needs an efficient care among other matters.
In this respect a close cooperation is necessary with the Minister of Education, as well as the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian.
Looking forward having the news of Mrs Aynedjian’s successful accomplishments, we remain,
Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Vartan Ozinian - Spokesman for Pro Edvcatio*

* P R O E D V C A T I O is a Worldwide International movement which deals with educational matters – taking into consideration social, economic and political dimensions of the cultural dynamics – together with geopolitical realities and related strategies for the development of human resources, respectful to legitimacy and legal conditions. The Pro Edvcatio’s G R T A S S E R E is a panel – constituted by ad hoc Armenians of Diaspora and non-Armenians – which deals with Armenian educational issues.

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Sport News by Sevag Devletian

  • AGBU's Ararat FC heavily defeated Livadiakos 13-2 for a game for the 1st Division of the Cyprus Futsal League.
  • AYMA/HMEM battled for 4-3 defeat against Dasikes for a match in the 2nd Division of the Amateur Football League of Cyprus .
  • In the 1st Division of the Amateur Football League Lipenza defeated National Bank of Greece 2-0.
  • Nor Serount's Homenmen were awarded a 4-0 win as their opponents, Dighenis, didn't show up for the game in the 3rd Division of the Cyprus Futsal Championships.
    • German-Armenian Khoren Gevor stopped Finn Amin Asikainen in the seventh to win the EBU middleweight title at the Hartwall Arena in Finland.
    • Armenia's Ararat FC is going to bring a lawsuit against the President of the Armenian Football Federation (FFA), Armenian MP Ruben Hayrapetyan. According to the club administration the FFA President gave a good beating to Ararat's General Manager Varujan Simonov on November 15.
    • On November 26 the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan signed a decree on awarding Medals "For Services Contributed to the Motherland" of the first rank to the head coach of the men's chess team of Armenia, International Grand master Arshak Petrosyan, International Grand Master Levon Aronyan, International Grand Master Vladimir Hakobyan, International Grand Master Artashes Minasyan, International Grand Master Tigran Petrosyan and International Grand Master Gabriel Sargsyan for their brilliant victory at the 38th Chess Olympiad, for properly presenting Armenia on the international arena, and promoting the development of chess in Armenia.
    • Former Cyprus Davis Cup star Haig Ashdjian won the over 55 singles event at The Aldiana Tennis tournament at Alaminos, defeating Leo Gotsch from Germany 6-0, 6-1 in the finals. The Aldiana tournament is an ITF category four tournament carrying international points.
    • Cyprus National Tennis Championships: Yanos Kouyoumdjian lost to Yiorgos Chirstodoulou 6-0, 6-4 in the quarter finals of the under 12 singles championships. Yanos - partnered with Edmond Aynedjian - also lost their round one match in the under 14 championships and were eliminated.


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