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Forum: What do Armenian's feel now that it is almost one hundred years after the event of the Genocide by Young Turks in 1915?

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Alright everyone, I like to see some aggressiveness and unity on this article. We should all comment, email, and give this publication and author a hard time for writing this piece of garbage propaganda. Let's shove his ''Phd" up his A.S.S.
Here it is:…/foreig…/227301-anti-semitism-in-armenia

Horrifically, many Armenians have taken to addressing Jews as “ocar,” the Armenian word for soap.
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  • Lida Hovnanian We are fed up with this kind of hate speech projected onto Armenians AGAIN....who is next you poor poor poor miserable jewish victims. This article stinks of false propaganda and bullshit. Armenia has the long standing reputation for being highly tol...See More
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  • Andre Yeto Dear Lida Hovnanian , with the Soviet socialism Armenia did really better in many fields compare to where it is now..
    Who knows maybe things keep changing out there as well yet with our Genocide realities We still must know better not to spread hatered towards anyone .
    We should stand by Justice even though there still might be denial of the truth.
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  • Garen Balian This is the problem .. This is why such lies are being spread.
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  • Berge Oknayan I think the biggest "ocar, ojar" is this asshole financed by the azeris for their propaganda. Armenians in general do not hate, they do not know how to hate. "Hate" is the speciality of the turkish race, who procure and finance only trash, a PHD does not make you respectable, your actions do. Definitely you are not respectable.
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The military footage was obtained exclusively by US investigative journalist David Collins… Phoenix Lights UFO: Watch incredible classified footage of US fighter...
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Another version of Anoush Abour....
2 cups pearl barley (gorgod)
1 ½ cups (or more) dried fruit e.g. apricots, dates, raisins....
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Armenian women making quilts | Old Alexandropol \ Gyumri.
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  • Garen Balian what do Armenian women do today ? Honestly just a question
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  • Garen Balian They were so skillful .. The traditions should always continue that way , especially in the Diaspora 
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  • Sarah Pidgeon My grandmother made quilts, always by hand, no machines. She also painted reverse on glass, which is another Armenian tradition.
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  • Garen Balian The Armenian Quilt and Rugs have dissappeared from our History... When the Armenians were taken to there deaths , all the belongings remained in the homes of the Armenians which was eventually ransacked by Kurds and Turks ..  Sad part of history
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Directed by David Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants “Anahit” animation will be shown on silver scr...
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Oil exploration in Armenia.

Three Companies Exploring for Oil in Armenia - (ARKA News) — Three companies are exploring for oil in the territory of Armenia, Vardan Vardanyan, the head of an energy and natural resources ministry’s department overseeing development of...
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