Sunday, 25 January 2015

About ACCUK: - About the Armenian Community and Church Council of Great Britain - We are proud to support the following groups of committee's which make up the backbone of the Armenian's!...We are honoured and indebted to those individuals who have taken up the banner on our behalf!

The Council represents and acts on behalf of the community, to enhance the moral, educational, intellectual, and social development of the community. To promote the language, history and culture of the Armenian people, to support organisations, charities and institutions working for the interest of Armenians, and to promote relations with Armenia and its Communities in Diaspora.
The Council is elected to office by those members of the British Armenian community who have registered as members of the community and have paid their annual Community Contribution.  The term of office of the Council is a maximum of four years, and any registered member of the community who satisfies the requirements of U.K. residency as per the constitution of the community, may tender his/her candidacy for election. Any person wishing to register may apply online or request a registration form by emailing to .  Registration is FREE and payment of the Community Contribution is voluntary.
The postal address of the council is ACCUK, P.O.Box 46207, London, W5 1XX 

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