Friday, 8 May 2015

Another Аrmenophobic scandal in Azerbaijan: Dismissed oligarch found to have ‘Armenian blood’

14:17 07/05/2015 » SOCIETY

The news about the dismissal of Rashad Mammadov, the owner of the Azerbaijani company AzImport and the ex-head of the State Flag Square Complex at the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, was a bombshell. Despite the fact that he is accused of embezzlement and loss of trust of the country’s political leadership, the official's alleged Armenian origin became the key point in the information campaign against him.
News outlet notes that Rashad Mammadov's mother is Armenian by nationality - Martirosova Aida Stepanovna. “That is to say, the person who stood on guard for the Azerbaijani state symbols is half-Armenian,” the site outrages.
Mammadov is accused of capturing the citizens' property during the construction of Buzovna - Zagulba - Bilgah highway in 2010. Further, none of the property owners was compensated. Moreover, the company also seized a strategic object of the country – a bomb shelter in Buzovny – constructing 56 two-storey shops on its place.
"Rashad Mammadov's crimes against the Azerbaijani people are endless. Tens of thousands of people remained under its tractors and bulldozers. Only a person, in whose veins flows Armenian blood, could make up his mind to go on such a step!" the Azerbaijani outlet summarizes.

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