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Dangerous Days in Karabakh

Nagorno-Karabakh's cocktail of conflict explodes again
By Thomas de Waal-BBC

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RT visits injured Nagorno-Karabakh kids in hospital amid reports of ongoing hostilities (VIDEO)

Escalation of hostilities in disputed Nagorny-Karabakh LIVE UPDATES

Watch the latest on Nagorny-Karabakh from RT’s Murad Gazdiev in Stepanakerd
Artsrun Hovhannisyan: Armenian troops liberate new positions and frontiers in Karabakh
4 April, 2016

 In some sections of the frontline the Armenian troops have made major advancements, liberating new positions and frontiers. “Armenpress” reports Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan made a note about this on his Facebook page.

“Finally, good news. Armenian units have made major advancements in some sections of the frontline, liberating new positions and frontiers. Long live Armenian soldiers”, Hovhannisyan wrote.

Along the entire length of the contact line of Nagorno Karabakh- Azerbaijan opposing forces, on April 1 and throughout the morning of April 2, the adversary undertook large-scale offensive military actions, during which the adversary shelled with missile-artillery units not only Armenian defense positions, but also civilian settlements.

The Azerbaijani armed forces fired MM-21 (Grad) multiple rocket launcher on April 2, at 08: 30 in the direction of Martuni (NKR), killing 12 year old Vaghinak Grigoryan and wounding two other children. Later, 4 more civilians were taken to Stepanakert hospital.

Due to timely and professional actions of Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army it was possible to take the situation under control inflicting considerable losses on the enemy. Armenian forces downed 2 enemy helicopters, destroyed 15 tanks, 3 UAVs and one MM-21 (Grad) multiple rocket launcher. Over 200 Azerbaijani servicemen have been eliminated during this period.

Armenian side has suffered 18 victims and almost 37 wounded.

Since 06:00, April 3, the adversary resumed aggressive military operations using missile-artillery and armored vehicles in the southern direction of the frontline. Defense Army takes deterrence measures and has taken control of a tactical position in Talish direction occupied by Azerbaijani forces the previous day.

Russian expert sees «Turkish trace» in escalation of Karabakh conflict
Naira Badalyan
April 3 2016 

The decision to launch a military provocation in the zone of Karabakh-Azerbaijani conflict was most likely agreed with Turkey, editor – in-chief of the journal “Problems of National Strategy” of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Adjar Kurtov told “Izvestiya”. According to him, Azerbaijan's leadership has never denied that it can use armed forces for settling the conflict. Now Baku has decided that the time has come if not for a wide scale war than at least for a check of forces by a military provocation.   “Not so long ago Aliyev has visited Turkey. Azerbaijan copies its political ally's experience acting the same way as Turkey, which ignores international law, prior agreements and prior unions as well as violates other countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity. During the hot phase of Karabakh war in 1990ies Turkey was actively supporting Azerbaijan particularly, by strengthening its armed forces on the border with Armenia. Currently Turkish leadership's all the bellicosity testifies to the fact that the plans of military provocation were agreed between Baku and Ankara”, the expert thinks. 
According to him, in such situation Russia's stand remains unchanged: «We have bilateral relations with Armenia in military sector. There is a Russian military base on the territory of Armenia. Besides, Armenia and Russia have obligations within CSTO. In this case if Armenia is attacked all these mechanisms will work. The issue is other in case of Nagorno-Karabakh, which is an unrecognized state; Russia does not have any treaty obligations with it either in economy or in policy or military field. However, Russia is concerned over the fact that a war may launch close to its southern border. Besides, no one can guarantee that in case of large scale operations bombs will not fall on the territory of Armenia.  
“In other words if a wide scale war is unleashed with using all kinds of weapons Moscow will certainly find a juridical ground to consider it an attack on Armenia. And Baku realizes this, this is why I think that the current escalation of the situation in the conflict zone is most likely a provocation and not a large scale war”, the expert is assured, “Russia should influence all the sides of the conflict. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic should participate in negotiations for the conflict settlement as a full member. The Russian side should activate diplomatic efforts and more actively to attract UN, European institutions and CSTO structures”, Kurtov summarized. 

Karabakh retakes Talish military base seized by Azerbaijan a day before
April 3, 2016 

PanARMENIAN.Net - Heated clashes are currently underway in the southeastern and northeastern directions of the Artsakh Republic-Azerbaijan contact line.

In response to the Baku-initiated large-scale bombardment reported in the morning, the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army units took retaliatory measures and seized back the strategically important military base in Talish, occupied by the Azerbaijani forces the day before. Suffering grave losses, the rival was forced to retreat. During the confrontation, two Karabakh servicemen were wounded.

In addition, Karabakh troops are conducting successful operations in the southern section of the contact line. Here, repelling Azeri forces' rocket, artillery and panzer attacks, the Karabakh troops neutralized 2 Azerbaijani tanks and an infantry fighting vehicle.

On the night of April 1-2, Azerbaijani armed forces initiated overt offensive operations in the southern, southeastern and northeastern directions of the line of contact with Nagorno Karabakh, using artillery, armored fighting vehicles and air force equipment among other weapons.

Aside from the battles on the frontline, the rival has also carried out artillery strikes on civilian settlements and places of permanent deployment of several military units.
On April 2, at around 8:30 am, the rival used BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher in the Martuni direction of the contact line. 12-year-old Vaghinak Grigoryan was killed in the shelling, two more children were wounded.

Earleir, the Nagorno Karabakh special forces identified an Azerbaijani subversive group near the Levonarkh settlement and threw the saboteurs back to their positions.
According to Armenia’s Defense Ministry, the rival troops retreated after suffering several human losses.

As many as 18 Karabakh servicemen were killed and 35 were wounded in the course of military operations with Azerbaijani army on April 1-2, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said at a Security Council meeting.

Starting at 6:00 am, on April 3, the Azerbaijani armed forces have been conducting aggressive military actions in the southern direction of the line of contact, using rockets and artillery, as well as armored fighting vehicles.

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