Wednesday, 3 August 2016

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1. Two weeks siege in Armenia comes to an end
2. ARF Dashnaktsoutiun: No retribution against armed group
3. 200 Melkoniantsis come together in Nicosia
4. Fetiye Cetin's 50-minute interview on Turkish Cypriot "Sim Kanal"
5. Fetiye Cetin speaks at Homenetmen -AYMA
6. Scouts from Tehran and Nicosia camp in Cyprus
7. Homenetmen - AYMA bowling team bring two more trophies
8. Sargsyan: We do not accuse the Turkish people of Armenian Genocide but the denial of it.
9. Hamazkayin Sipan and Nanor Dance groups perform in Limassol
10. The Armenian Genocide through the Cypriot Press 1914-1923
11. May 28 Armenian independence celebrations in Cyprus
12. Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian on Facebook
13. Nareg School Graduates 2015-2016
14. News in Brief from Turkey
15. Gibrahayer calendar
16. Egyptian MPs call for Armenian Genocide recognition
17. The Armenian Cemetery in Nicosia
18. 335-pages supplement of the Armenian community in Cyprus in Phileleftheros
19. Armenian Cypriots in the National Guard
20. AYF International youth camp in Cyprus from 21-28 August
21. ARF Badanegan Panagoum 2016 begins in Troodos on Sunday 14 August
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