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What’s the trouble with Germany? Simple: Germany!

In the last century Germany badly messed up Europe. By starting two ruinous world wars. Kaiser Wilhelm II and Horrible Adolf did it. Now Angela Merkel is at it again, mutatis mutandis. As an Italian proverb says: good or bad things come in three.

In WWI the German Army sought to dominate Europe. Germany declared war on Russia, France’s ally, and then violated the neutrality of Belgium, so bringing Britain into the conflict. For the latter it was a window of opportunity. Germany’s powerful fleet and colonial ambitions, the Baghdad Railway, all that gaff, had threatened Britain’s worldwide empire of robbery and plunder.  An intolerable rivalry! But Kaiser Wilhelm, himself half-English, miscalculated, his foolish ‘Huns’ rhetoric notwithstanding. Germany lost. Maybe 38 million, military and civilians, perished. Three empires collapsed, Russia went Bolshevik and untold sufferings ensued.

In 1939 Hitler sought revenge – or redress. At first the Huns did well. Poland and France crumbled. The Fuhrer after Dunkirk offered England a separate peace, plus guaranteeing the British Empire. (Aryan solidarity nonsense.) Crafty Churchill spurned Hitler’s kindness. After an abortive Battle of Britain, Adolf chose to invade Russia, the bloody fool! By 1945 the Allied Bombers had turned German cities into rubble, Stalin’s victorious armies had entered Berlin and conquered Eastern Europe. Casualties estimated at 60 million – 3% of the world population. Millions of Jews were exterminated. A Communist Iron Curtain cut off Europe in two. The Cold War followed.

How is Germany at it again? Chancellor Merkel is no Kaiser or Fuhrer, let it be clear. Unlike them, she is, I presume, benevolent. She plans no war. But she has invited over a million migrants into her country and Europe into the bargain. She has thus opened the floodgates. From Africa, the Middle East, Asia as far as Afghanistan, multitudes are heading towards the old continent. How many? 10 millions? 50? More? Who knows?  And no one can stop them…

Merkel is allegedly a Christian. A pastor’s daughter. Charity demands the best motives should be imputed to her. But subjectivity is beside the point. Objectively, Angela is as dangerous to other European nations as Wilhelm and Adolf. Perhaps even more. Because war could stop the dastardly duo but no one can invade Germany to overthrow frumpy Merkel. The German people could topple her but, thanks to Allied ‘reeducation’, they are too sheep-like or somnambulant to dethrone their nutty leader.

What is to be done? One radical solution would be to abolish Germany. To put a definitive end to this endlessly problem-causing country. Mad proposal? Unreal? Utopian? Yet in 1944 it was put forward as a realistic plan by US Treasure Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. At the Quebec Conference Roosevelt and Churchill tentatively approved it. They agreed that to prevent any future bellicose threat or rearmament – a WWIII - German industries would be dismantled and shut down. The Allies were ‘looking forward to converting Germany into a country primarily agricultural and pastoral in character’.

A nation violently dragged back to a pre-industrial economic stage would rapidly shrink in population, towns and morale. Actually, the Plan amounted to genocide of the German people. Of course, Morgenthau, a Jew, had no particular reason to love Germany. Pity his idea was never adopted. Not because it was savage, racist and inhumane, no, whatever Western leaders might hypocritically pretend. Because they quickly realised their Russian allies’ menace and so a strong West Germany was vital to face up to the new enemy. It was power politics, opportunism pure and simple.

If another Morgenthau Plan is out, what else? Maybe lumbering Germany with a useless partner, so to weaken her? The recent Ventotene Meeting between Merkel, Renzi and Hollande (the three charlatans) could presage that. Like Mussolini hampered Hitler with Italian military incompetence during WWII, might perhaps Renzi’s farcical politics and Italy’s faltering economy reverberate on Merkel’s powerful country? Not a chance. Germans, for all their faults, will never be as pathetic and ridiculous as Italians.

I believe Germany can only be saved by a German. An illustrious one. Like the Zarathustra-like philosopher Nietzsche. Consider how televised sights of masses of distressed folks, crying women and babies pressing at the gates of Europe excite feelings of pity, sympathy and compassion. It caused over-generous Merkel to invite them into Germany. (Contrast that with the mean stinginess of Britain’s piffling numbers.) But now listen to Nietzsche-Zarathustra: ‘Compassion is despicable! Not a virtue but a vice. A weakness to be spurned’. Feeling pity for ‘the bungled and the botched’ like refugees is a mistake. ‘A man loses power when he pities…Sympathy for the weak is the profoundest immorality’, the philosopher contends. (Check Rant 646 for full exposition of this.)

Wait a minute…Isn’t this terrible Ubermensch language anti-Christian? Indeed it is. Nietzsche overtly repudiated Christ’s teachings, his kindness towards the poor and the suffering as disgusting manifestation of feebleness. The Superman came on earth to destroy that. Verily, he is the Anti-Christ!

But how could Christian Europe accept that? ‘Christian Europe’!?! Don’t make me laugh. Christian Europe is dead. Her leaders daily spit on the face of Christ. France, once led by King St Louis, is now headed by an atheistic ‘cochon’. And the other European leaders are vile ‘cochons’, too.

Zarathustra, your time has come. Save Germany and all of Europe!

Revd Frank Julian Gelli


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