Thursday, 8 December 2016

Cardiff to Exhibit Genocide Paintings in London

From: John Torosyan <>
Subject: Cardiff to Exhibit Genocide Paintings in London

A special invitation to attend a a unique exhibition of paintings by Professor Lems Sureni Nersisyan depicting scenes from Armenia with quotations from famous individuals
on the subject of the Armenian Genocide.

English translations of the text on the paintings will be displayed alongside the painting.

The paintings until recently were exhibited at the Centre for Human Rights in Strasbourg.

This unique exhibition will tour the UK and ultimately it is the wish of Professor Nersisyan that the paintings are gifted to a permanent exhibition.

Lems Nersisyan was Born 1946 Aygebats Village Shirak Region Armenia . He is a Professor and Teacher as well as being an official Artist for the Republic of Armenia

He has had 28 Major exhibitions in Armenia and Internationally including 7 Exclusive Works 

He has painted some 1500 canvases and his works are sought by collectors from The USA, France, Russia, China, U.K. and Iran.

The exhibition will coincide with the Messiah Concert which will be held in St Sarkis Church on the same days.

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