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** FATHER FRANK’S RANTS Rant Number 789 10/1/17 MI6 & RASPUTIN

In Marrakesh’s wealthy district you may spot a curious, garish, crimson doorway, topped by the picture of a scowling, sinister-looking face. It is the Rasputin night-club. One of many around the world. Perpetuating the legend that the Russian monk was a debauchee, a lecher and a drunkard. The truth is that Grigori Rasputin was a Christian pacifist who wanted to save Russia from the abyss opened by WWI. That’s why MI6, the British espionage, had him brutally murdered.

In The Times, historian Ben Macintyre laid out the evidence. Rasputin was lured into a trap by Prince Yusupov but the plot was probably hatched by the British Ambassador, in concert with MI6’s boss in St Petersburg, Samuel Hoare, and executed by his agent and Yusupov’s friend Oswald Rayner. (The latter may well have shot Rasputin.) You see, Yusupov and Rayner had been chums at Oxford. In fact, while a student in the city of the Golden Spires, Yusupov had been a member of the exclusive Burlington Club. Rings a bell? Yes, the same elitist, ultra-snobbish club to which upper class demi-gods like ex-PM David Cameron and current Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson did belong. Huh!

MI6 contrived Rasputin’s elimination because it feared the monk’s active desire to end the war. A human tragedy of apocalyptic proportions. Caused by incompetent generals and idiotic politicians. Since Russia had joined the war, over four million soldiers had died by 1917. Tsarina Alexandra, Tsar’s Nicholas’ Empress, over whom Rasputin had great influence, was pressing her husband to make a separate peace with Imperial Germany. And she might have succeeded. Thus torpedoing the Allies’ war against Germany. That was the motive for Rasputin’s liquidation. Simple.

The Tsarina was German – indeed the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria, another famous monarch of German blood. The story of how Victoria unwittingly passed on haemophilia to the Tsar’s family, and so to little Alexei, the Crown Prince, is universally known.  Rasputin’s healing power to stop the boy from bleeding to death after an injury accounts for his esteem in the eyes of both Tsar and Tsarina. You’d feel enormously bound to anyone who kept your child alive, wouldn’t you?

As the Marrakesh nightclub instantiates, heaps of opprobrium have been piled over Rasputin’s head. Most, if not all of them, plainly false and slanderous. Grigori was a simple, uneducated Russian man but his simple origins explain his ability to be attuned to ordinary people’s feelings and needs. More than the decadent, corrupt and truly vile aristocratic cabal who later murdered him. The notion that he had sex relations with the Empress is quite absurd. The Tsar would never have put up with that. And Rasputin was a married man with children. Women felt drawn to him but since when haven’t holy men of all faiths had the support of numerous female followers? I can think of at least one example in one major monotheistic religion…

What if Rasputin had succeeded and Russia had pulled out of the war? The monarchy would have survived. The Bolshevik revolution would never have taken place. (Lenin, in his Swiss exile, so despaired of the possibility that he was thinking of migrating to America.) The horrors of the triumph of atheism. The martyring of Christians… think about it: the extermination of the kulaks, the Stalin-induced holocaust of the Ukrainian famine, the millions and millions, mountains of innocent dead – all that would never have been.

Nor would Hitler have arisen, come to think about it – if Germany had won. No Versailles treaty, hence no scope for rancorous, vengeful Adolf to rise to power. So, no ensuing catastrophe of WWII, no more millions dead, no extermination of the Jews…

But the Allies would have lost the war, handing victory to German militarism! Would that have been such a bad thing? Despite the lies of wartime propaganda, Germany was a civilised nation, run by a Parliament, in which sat Europe’s largest group of socialist MPs. At bottom, the conflict was the case of two kindred peoples and empires, fighting over a share of a juicy colonial cake. A share jealous Britannia was determined to keep to herself alone. That is why Rasputin had to die.

Ironically, Russia did eventually make peace with Germany. Only, it was the Communists who did it, after they seized power, through their fateful October coup d’etat. It was the peace treaty of Brest- Litowsk. It came too late to hand Germany victory, however. (Moreover, America’s entry into war was more likely the decisive factor, regardless of what Russia did.) Unlike the monk Rasputin, Lenin did not give a damn about saving the lives of the Russian peasants. Brest Litowsk served him to gain time, so he could carry on with his inhuman plans.

MI6’s murder of Grigori Rasputin entailed awesome, frightful consequences for the peoples of Europe, nay, of the whole world, it seems. Another instance of the never-ending mischief of our home spooks but…what’s new?

There are some in Russia who wish to rehabilitate the much maligned monk. I doubt they’ll ever turn him quite from sinner to saint but…well, after all the Russian Orthodox Church has canonised the Tsar and his family, so…

Would then the Marrakesh night club change its name? To what? Boris Johnson?

Revd Frank Julian Gelli


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