Thursday, 19 January 2017


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► In Aleppo
► Cyprus talks continue in Geneva
► Garo Paylan suspended from Turkish Parliament
► Christmas in Cyprus
► Turkey pays for Erdogan's overreach into Syria
► News in Brief
► Gibrahay Sports
► Turkish Flags Spark Controversy in Baskeball Game
► Melkonian Brothers' Memorial
► A message from AYF Cyprus
► Hamazkayin Timag's "Super Boeing" by Harout Tahmazian
► I remember that which matters most ... we are still here
► Kim Bu Ermeniler hits Turkish Cypriot media
► Simon Aynedjian's New Year's message for Yerkir Media TV
► A calendar by Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra
► Order your Michougov Keofte
► Celebrity Diplomacy
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