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** FATHER FRANK’S RANTS Rant Number 790 17 January 17 JFK & TRUMP: SAME DESTINY?


President John Kennedy’s assassination at Dallas stunned America and the world. JFK was young, handsome and liberal. Progressive America’s darling. As different from aging, maverick Trump as the sky is from the earth. Yet…could the Donald suffer the same fate?

Nutty conspiracy theory? Pray, consider CIA Director John Brennan’s explicit, sinister- sounding warning: Trump ‘needs to be very, very careful…’ Wallahi! It puts me in mind of the standard Mafia words to those in line for elimination: ‘Stai attento!’ Exactly the same trope Brennan used: ‘Be careful!’ A disturbing parallel. What’s going on?

Brennan was gunning for Trump’s approach towards Russia. It ‘worried’ the chief spook. Because, he said, it absolved Russia from ‘various actions’ in past years. Did he mean, perhaps, like Russia heroically standing up to Adolf Hitler in WWII? Sacrificing millions of her young men on battlefields while America was still twiddling her thumbs safely across the ocean? And continuing to fight on until Yanks and Brits risked landing in Normandy? Maybe Brennan should own up…

The master spook was angry because Trump had fingered him as a probable leaker of the fake news meant to discredit him. A Buzzfeed job. Attributed to a former British MI6 officer. (Christ! Why is it you always find a Brit when mischief is at hand? The shocking answer is in my ‘The Dark Side of England’, available on Amazon.) Someone told the industrious, well-paid 007 that a Russian had told someone else something about prostitutes piddling over a bed the Obama couple had slept in – while Trump looked gleefully on, filmed by Roussky spies. A preposterous, absurd and uncorroborated muck-racking that no media with an ounce of seriousness would have touched. You might as well ‘reveal’ that someone told you that someone told someone else that Obumble was filmed interfering with a Syrian child refugee. Which explains why he didn’t bomb President Assad. We are back to Dr Goebbels’s barefaced Nazi propaganda: lie and lie and lie again. Something will stick.

These three infamous letters – CIA - have been long part of liberal and left wing demonology. From the 1954 overthrow of President Arbenz in Guatemala to the 1961 failed Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion, the attempted murder of Fidel Castro, the successful one of Allende during the Chile coup… Plus Ecuador, Brazil, Greece, Congo, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Haiti, Afghanistan, the Gulf War…the CIA’ maleficent tentacles extended far and wide. Lefties claimed the Agency should be abolished and its leaders and henchmen prosecuted as war criminals. However, you can bet your boots the spooks will find plenty of friends amongst liberal bleeding hearts – because the target is their favourite bogy: the Donald.

Mr Brennan accused Trump of undermining ‘national security’ with his criticism of CIA dark arts. But just look at the record of misdeeds above: who is undermining whom? Is America’ security and honour really upheld when crimes galore are perpetrated against foreign peoples? He also resented the analogy between his agents determined to blacken Trump’s name with Nazi Germany. Again, the above list – only a selection! – suggests a CIA catalogue of horrors not unworthy of comparison with the Third Reich. As it happens, I possess a copy of Walter Schellenberg’s Memoirs. A top SS spymaster. The various Nazi operations he describes – quite fun, really - were largely botched-up affairs. It seems the blond spooks of the millenarian Reich fell short of Aryan superhuman efficiency. In general, the democratic, racially diverse CIA performs a tad more lethally well…

Who killed JFK? Only an omniscient mind could answer that one. (Or my nice friend Alex, perhaps…) I well recall the day. Coming home from the cinema – a movie about espionage, funny that! – I found my beloved mum watching TV: ‘They shot Kennedy!’ she announced. ‘Who did it?’ I asked her. ‘Oh, the fascists…oh, no the communists…’ She seemed rather in doubt about it. We are not much clearer today. Shady Lee Harvey Oswald, the putative shooter, was a US Navy Intelligence spy who had deserted to Russia on superior orders. Who manipulated him into killing JFK? Oliver Stone’s tedious film, JFK, despite pretences was a left-wing whitewash – it claimed the culprit was a minor New Orleans gay businessman. Huh! Bigger fish was swimming in that murky pond…

An US President feuding with his own spies is dangerous. Not so much for that sacred cow – ‘national security’ – as for his own safety. Because the bastards really know how to plot, to confuse and how to kill. It must have happened behind the scene before – now it is right in the open – on twitter. Doubly dangerous for all and sundry. Especially those of us who don’t want to succumb to hysterical Russia-phobia. Or don’t fancy another world war. Or any war, for that matter.

Taking on the CIA is indeed very risky. ‘They could deal with the President before the end of the year’, a bright Muslim journalist friend of mine quipped last night. ‘Murdered’ is what he meant, I suppose.

If I were the Donald I would be ‘very, very careful’…

Revd Frank Julian Gelli


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