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Armenian News... A Topalian... Propaganda Trap!

Panorama, Armenia
June 23 2017
Several Armenians fall victims to Azerbaijan’s so called ‘peace platform’ fraud 

Azerbaijan has managed to trick a group of Armenians into its so-called ‘Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform’. In an interview with Armenian Shant TV Company, the deceived people explained how they ended up in the adversary’s propaganda trap. 

The released video presents how Azerbaijan launched a fake initiative known as ‘Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform’ in fall of 2016 in order to present itself as a peaceful nation in the eyes of the international community. The true goal of the platform is to mislead people and get statements from them through fake promises, afterwards distorting and fitting those statements into the Azerbaijani propaganda nature to split the Armenian society and create an illusion of a dialogue between the Armenian and Azerbaijani people. 

A group of Armenians, who fell victims to the ‘peace platform’ fraud, told the TV company how the members of the initiative made tempting offers to them via social networks to join the platform and to build a successful career. For instance, A French teacher, Narine Dermenjyan was promised a job in Germany. Later on, she found out a distorted statement made on her behalf. 

“I repeatedly came across my name on Susan Jaghinyan’s Facebook timeline, suggesting that I allegedly support the view of Karabakh becoming part of Azerbaijan, which is absolutely untrue,” Ms. Dermenjyan said. 

Another Armenian citizen David Aleksanyan told how Baku attempted to trick him into the platform as well, however he managed to reveal the fraud in time. 

“I joined Baku’s so called ‘peace platform’ in order to once again show the fake nature of the Azeri propaganda and the their alleged peaceful intentions,” he said. 

The platform also misled Canadian-Armenian intellectual Janet Hakobyan. They allegedly conducted an interview with the latter, publishing the distorted answers on Azerbaijani media outlets. “I reproached them to learn that they abused my words and answers. Shame on them. I would never exchange an inch of my Fatherland with anything else,” the intellectual said. 

The Armenian citizens told the TV Company how shocked they were to find out their names among the members of anti-Armenian organizations. They managed to prevent the Azerbaijani fraud on time by voicing about it, however the so called ‘Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform’ also features six other Armenians, who are also victims of this scam. 

Armenpress News Agency , Armenia
June 23, 2017 Friday
Armenian citizens reportedly cross Russia's remote border into Norway,
foreign ministry awaits confirmation
The Armenian foreign ministry focuses on
the issue of the Armenians who crossed the Russian northernmost remote
border and appeared in Norway. The Armenian Embassy in Norway
contacted police where the information was confirmed. Norway’s law
enforcement agencies said the case is being dealt by the migration
service, foreign ministry spokesman Tigran Balayan told ARMENPRESS.

“We are trying to identify them through this body [migration service]
and contact them. We have sent a written inquiry to Norwegian
authorities and we are waiting for their response to clarify whether
or not they can confirm that the border crossers are citizens of
Armenia, as well as based on what documents are they confirmed to be
Armenian citizens”, Balayan said.

According to Associated Press, 6 Armenians crossed the remote Arctic
border into Norway from Russia on June 20.

Norway has asked Russia how come the Armenians were able to enter
Norway via a remote Arctic border post despite a bilateral border
agreement that doesn't allow them to cross there, AP reported.

It is reported that there is one child among the Armenians. The police
chief at Norway's Storskog checkpoint says they are aged between 4 and

RFE/RL Report
Minister Claims Rising Investments In Armenia
June 23, 2017
Nane Sahakian
The Armenian government has already secured more than a third of
around $850 million in investments which it promised to attract into
the domestic economy this year, Minister for Economic Development
Suren Karayan claimed on Friday.

Prime Minister Karen Karapetian repeatedly gave such promises during
campaigning for last April's parliamentary elections. He said the sum
equivalent to over 7 percent of Armenia's Gross Domestic Product will
come from foreign and local private investors as well as the state
budget and foreign loans extended to his government.

Karayan insisted that "approximately 37-40 percent" of the promised
investments are already in progress. But he declined to specify their

"We can't publicize names, it's a commercial secret," he told
reporters. "I can only specify the sectors where those investments
have been made."

The minister stated earlier that at least 10,000 new jobs will be
created in Armenia, mostly in the manufacturing sector, in the course
of this year.

The government's political opponents and other critics are skeptical
about these pledges.Speaking in the Armenian parliament earlier this
week, Edmon Marukian, a leader of the opposition Yelk alliance,
pointed out that Karapetian has not visited any western European
country since he became prime minister in September.

"What is being done to attract those investments?" Marukian
asked. "Who is supposed to go [to Europe,] meet those people and bring
the investments?"

Karayan dismissed that argument, saying that "many" potential European
investors have visited Armenia in recent months. "Just a few days ago,
French partners were visiting," he said. "They are going to invest in
our light industry and place production orders. And on Monday our
partners from Denmark will arrive."

The Armenian economy was essentially stagnant last year amid a
continuing recession in Russia, Armenia's leading trading
partner. Karapetian's cabinet expects that it will grow by at least
3.2 percent in 2017. The World Bank and the International Monetary
Fund have forecast slightly lower growth rates. 

Armenian Weekly
June 23 2017
Charles Aznavour to Receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Famed French-Armenian crooner Charles Aznavour has been selected to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aznavour will join Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” in the Live Theatre/Live Performance category, the Walk of Fame Selection Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced on June 23.

Born Shahnour Vaghenag Aznavourian in 1924 in Paris, Aznavour was raised in an atmosphere of “music, love, and poverty,” and was always encouraged to entertain. To help support the family, he joined a touring children’s company and even hawked newspapers on boulevards.

“I learned about songs and music from my father and about theater and poetry from my mother. I grew up among singers, actors, dancers who were Armenian and Russian in a Jewish ghetto. Can you imagine what a beautiful combination that is?” Aznavour once said in an interview.

Making his stage debut at nine as an actor-dancer, he spent 20 years fighting to get to the top of the theatrical world, seeing his personally written songs only become famous when sung by Edith Piaf, Mistinguett, Maurice Chevalier, and Juliet Greco, among many others.

“I became a successful writer very slowly. My songs became so popular in France that one day they accepted the man who wrote them. I started the kind of song that faces the reality of life—everyday movement, everyday feelings, everyday story. Nobody before wrote anything about deaf-mute love, homosexual love, a song about an ugly woman. They were all afraid. I’ve done it. Everybody else came after me.”

Since those difficult days, Aznavour has ridden the top of the performing crest. His best has been described in eloquent terms, as “fantastic charisma,” electric magic.” He describes it as the “hunger of succeeding, of achieving something. Any entertainer who achieves something important has a monstrous attitude. Piaf was a monster. I’m a monster. We’re frightening people.”

Though described as the Frank Sinatra of France, he has sung in nine languages in the world’s most famous musical venues, including Carnegie and Radio City Music halls. His songs, such as “She,” “Dance in the Old Fashioned Way,” and “Yesterday When I Was Young,” are regular staples in the international record-selling markets, and have been performed by world famous singers. “Ils sont tombes” (They Fell), his song dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, became a best-seller in many countries.

In 1998, Azanvour was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN and international users of Time Online. The recipient of numerous other honors, including the “National Order of the Legion of Honor” and the “National Hero” of Armenia.

Dates have not been set for the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies, which must be scheduled within two years from the selection date.

Panorama, Armenia
June24 2017
Tablet production cut down by 92.1% in Armenia 

According to the data released by Armenia’s National Statistical Service (NSS), in January-April 2017, 55 units of tables were produced in Armenia, cutting down by 92.1% to compare with the same period of 2016. To note, in January-April 2016, 696 units of tables were produced in Armenia.

According to the NSS data, at the same time in Jan-April of the current year, the production of computers decreased by 47 % in Armenia, comprising for 133 units compared to 253 units of computers produced in 2017.

In January-April 2017, 230 mobile phones were produced in Armenia. To remind, the first Armenian Armphone smartphones have gone on sale since January 2016. Prior to that, Armenia did not produce mobile phones.

Notably, Armenian company Technology and Science Dynamics Inc./Armtab Technologies is engaged in production of ArmTab tablets, ArmPhone smartphones, as well as development of scientific and research programs.

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