Monday, 28 July 2008

Cohen Takes Credit for Killing Genocide Resolution

From: Aram Hamparian (

Dear Reader

This is your chance to kick-out a top enemy of Armenian Genocide recognition and see him replaced by a friend of the Armenian people.

The battle lines are drawn.

The showdown will be on August 7th.


On one side is Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen, who's fought the Armenian Genocide Resolution tooth and nail, even holding a press conference against this legislation. Just last week, in his local paper, he bragged that among his "biggest accomplishments" was unraveling a "resolution to condemn Turkey for the Armenian Genocide almost a century ago."

On the other, you have Nikki Tinker, a principled community leader who has pledged to fight for Armenian Genocide recognition, to help Nagorno Karabagh, and support Armenia. She has received broad backing, including strong support from the African American community that makes up roughly 60% of the District, and nearly 80% of its Democratic Party.

What makes this race so vital is that Cohen is an extremely vulnerable candidate.

Recognizing this historic chance to send a powerful message across Capitol Hill, Armenians from around the country have rallied on-line to help tip the scales for Tinker.

Over 190 individual on-line donors have given her campaign more than $14,000, on top of other Armenian American donations totaling $5,000, plus local help from ANC-Tennessee volunteers.

Be part of this nationwide effort by sending your secure on-line donation today. In an election this tight, every dollar counts.


Aram Hamparian
Executive Director

P.S. The election is only days away. Your chance to make a difference is now. Please send your secure on-line donation today to the Nikki Tinker campaign.

Prefer to send a check? Please mail your donation to:

Nikki Tinker for Congress
4230 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

Checks should be made out to "Nikki Tinker for Congress." Please be sure to include "Armenians for Nikki Tinker" in the notes section.

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