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GIBRAHAYER e-magazineSTEPANAKERT (Combined Sources) - Some 700 couples tied the knot Thursday in a mass ceremony, through an event organised by benefactor Levon Hayrapetyan, in an effort to encourage an increase in Karabakh's population.
The couples headed to Stepanakert's Renaissance Square, where the wedding ceremony took place. Then the couples headed for the Stepan Shahumian Sports Complex and Stadium for a large reception, at which time their official marriage licenses were issued. Some of the couples headed for Gandzasar for their honeymoon.
Each couple was issued a gift card from Unibank as a wedding gift. The couples are also in for several surprises, as it was announced that for each child they bear, a monetary reward will be provided in the following manner: 1st child: $2000; 2nd $3000; 3rd $5000; 5th $20,000; 6th $50,000 and 7th $100,000.
Earlier this summer, Haryrapetyan told reporters that his aim was to increase the Karabakh population to 300,000 and this was an incentive for couples to marry and raise families in Karabakh.


PanARMENIAN.Net - 13.10.2008 - On invitation of Slovak Justice Minister Stefan Harabin, Armenian delegation, led by Justice Minister, Gevorg Danielyan, visited Bratislava October 6-7 to discuss implementation of agreements signed by Armenia and Slovakia, the RA Justice Ministry's press office reported.
Minister Harabin informed that a bill penalising the Armenian Genocide denial is being discussed by the government, adding that he will press for adoption of the bill.
The Armenian delegation laid a wreath to the khachkar inaugurated in Bratislava on occasion of the resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide passed by the Slovak parliament on November 30, 2004.


GENEVA, Oct 21, 2008 (AFP) - A Swiss court on Tuesday ruled that three Turks were guilty of racial discrimination after having claimed that the Armenian genocide was an "international lie".
Ali Mercan, the Europe-based representative of the Party of Turkish Workers, was sentenced to pay a fine of 4,500 Swiss francs (3,900 dollars, 2,950 euros) by the district tribunal of Winterthur.
Two others were ordered to pay 3,600 Swiss francs each for complicity in the racial discrimination.
During a demonstration in June last year, Mercan had denied that the Armenian genocide had taken place. The other two Turks were co-organisers of the demonstration.
All three said during the court case that they were ready "at any time" to organise a new demonstration and to take the same line.
In April, Armenia's president vowed to redouble efforts to have mass killings of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire recognised as genocide, a label staunchly rejected by Turkey.


YEREVAN - Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - The Armenian Relief Society's 69th International General Assembly convened Saturday with the participation of delegates representing the various chapters of the organisation, including Karabakh and Javakhk.
The opening ceremony, which was open to the public, was attended by Armenia's Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hakobian, ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Bureau chairman Hrant Markarian, and Bureau members Aghvan Vartanian and Hagop Der-Khachadourian, who served as the Bureau's representative to the convention. Joining other government officials and members of the diplomatic corps stationed in Armenia were Director of the Armenian National Archives Virap Amatouni, Armenia's former first lady, Bella Kocharian, chairman of the ARF Supreme Council of Armenia, Armen Rustamian, representative of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Massis Baghdasarian, AGBU representative Ashot Ghazarian, as well as representatives of the His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia and His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians.
Mistress of Ceremonies and chairwoman of the ARS Armenia Regional Executive Alvart Petrosian welcomed the delegates and guests and, following the singing of the Armenian and ARS anthems, read the encyclical by Catholicos Aram I. She also read welcoming remarks from Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Prime Minister Ara Harutunian and the president of the Heritage Party of Armenia Raffi Hovannesian.
In his remarks, Prime Minister Sargsyan praised the ARS and its activities and pledged the government's support for ARS initiatives. Diaspora Minister Hakobian also commended the ARS and praised its efforts both in Armenia and the Diaspora.
Outgoing ARS Central Executive chairperson Hasmig Derderian presented an overview of the organization's international activities and highlighted plans for the celebration of the organization's centennial in 2010.
During a special ceremony, the ARS was presented a plaque by the chairperson of the Mothers of Karabakh Freedom Fighters Association Galia Mayrig, who also detailed the ARS Kindergarten Fund activities in Karabakh and presented moving accounts about the impact the ARS has had in touching the lives of children.
The opening ceremonies were covered by all Armenian media and were a highlight of the nightly newscasts there.

Also participating is a delegation of The Armenian Relief Society of Sosse Cyprus Chapter, who have pioneered in the humanitarian assistance to Armenia and war-torn Karabagh. The Chapter in Cyprus keeps 350 orphans that are supported largely by non-Armenians, it has funded numerous projects in Armenia and Karabagh in the last two decades, and funds on an annual basis a Kindergarten in Stepanakert, named after the Chapter in Cyprus.
The Cyprus delegation headed by Chairwoman Lily Hovsepian, comprises of Maggy Mahdessian, Vera Tavitian, Mayda Nishanian, Rosemary Jamgotchian, Sirvart Kouyoumdjian, Alice Tavitian, Vart Mahdessian, and Linda Tellalian.


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Sunday, 12 October 2008 - At around 12 o’ clock noon, my good friend Rosita Efstathiou and I cross the Ledra street roadblock and we enter the Turkish-occupied areas. The last time we had done this was in June 2008, where we covered about two thirds of occupied Nicosia within the walls. Back then, amidst the hot Cyprus summer, we toured everything to the east of Kyrenia Street, including GIBRAHAYER e-magazinethe majestic cathedral of Santa Sophia, and we were shocked by the simultaneous preservation of the historical monuments and the ruining negligence for the private residences.
This time we entered the occupied areas with a swarm of clouds right above us. About an hour and a half before, I had felt the clouds covering our blue sky while I was at the Sourp Asdvadzadzin church in Nicosia for the Sunday Badarak. At any rate, we saw and photographed the monuments to the west of Kyrenia Street, and then we reached the old Armenian Evangelical church, to the west of Mahmout Pasha str. The church is hard to find for someone is not familiar with the place, as it is located behind a house and it is now an illegal Handicraft Centre, right next to a mechanic’s lot. Indeed, the only indication of this building's past is an Armenian inscription on the north side. This church has its own significance, as it was the only Armenian Evangelical church in Cyprus.
Between the Armenian Evangelical and the Armenian Orthodox church, a distance of less than 300 m, rain starts to pour from the sky. We find shelter in front of a deserted building, until a kind Turkish (-Cypriot?) lady with four children takes us into her minute and half-ruined home. After a brief period of rain, we head to the Armenian Orthodox church on Victoria str. Although the street’s name has been illegally changed to Şht. Salahi Şevket, it seems as if time has stopped at 1963.
The Armenian Complex comprised of the Melikian-Ouzounian School, the Prelature, the Monument for the Armenian Genocide and, of course, the medieval church of Sourp Asdvadzadzin. The beautiful entrance gate, dated 1913, is still closed, despite the promises of the UNDP to restore the complex. It is bizarre seeing these buildings – once the centre of life for the Armenian community of Nicosia – in decay, in silence and in deterioration. As the gate did not give us a good view, and the south part of the complex looked as if a fort, we used the north part to see and photograph the complex. The wild vegetation in it contrasts the cement parking lot next to it, and is perhaps one of the best examples showing the true and ugly face of the Turkish regime.
Soon after photographing the complex, we take a few pictures of what used to be the Armenian Club, now the “Arab Ahmed Municipal Cultural Centre”, and we head back in the government-controlled areas, with a lovely Sunday afternoon ahead of us. The memory of that Sunday will dwell in me for ever.
Seeing all these, and many other monuments, let us always and constantly remember that they are being illegally occupied by Turkey and its army. We should not feel like tourists in our own place, but we must visit them, know them and love them, so as to never forget that they belong to us.

Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra - katoomba at cytanet dot com dot cy

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Let’s first show respect
to each other’s pain
Hasan Cemal
Hasan Cemal, a journalist for Turkey's Milliyet newspaper, and the grandson of Jemal Pasha (one of the masterminds of the Armenian Genocide), recently visited the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan and placed a wreath in memory of the Armenian victims!

Gibrahayer e-magazine would like to thank Hagop Dikranian for sending the translated article to us.

You can read it on , under Article of the week.

News in brief by Sevag Devletian
  • President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan met with US Deputy Secretary of State, Daniel Fried. Sargsyan and Fried discussed the prospects of Armenian-US cooperation and exchanged views concerning regional stability, Armenian-Turkish relations, the Nagorno- Karabakh peace process. They said that the OSCE Minsk Group was the most efficient format. They also said that the conflict had to be resolved in compliance with the basic principles of the international law.
  • Azerbaijan President, Ilham Aliyev, set for a second term after Wednesday's election, will make his first official visit to turkey, a sign that shows he has no bitter feelings for the visit of Turkish President Abdullah Gul to Armenia.
  • Russia will provide 10 million USD for implementing security works of the second energy block of Armenian Atomic Electro Station (AES). The planned works within the financing will start in 2009 the sizes and the direction of which is still to be approved: at present technical discussions are being carried out.
  • A Federal Member for North Sydney, Joe Hockey, Monday spoke openly about the Armenian Genocide in the Federal Parliament of Australia, calling for recognition of the heinous crime. In response to appeals by the Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia), Hockey raised in Parliament the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) recent use of the qualifier 'alleged' when making reference to the Armenian Genocide in a documentary entitled 'Family Footsteps - Armenia' broadcast in September.
  • ARF Dashnaktsoutiun parliamentary bloc member, Artsvik Minasyan, told the National Assembly Thursday that in his assessment Armenia's state budget was weak since the appropriations were not enough to meet the challenges facing Armenia.
  • A Khachkar dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide opened October 11 in the central park of the town Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk province, Ukraine.
  • In March 2009, Armavia's air park will be replenished with a new A-319 airbus produced in France.
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Champions League October 22, at: 9:45

After throwing Greek Champions Olympiakos out of the Champions League, Cyprus Champions Anorthosis defeated Panathinaikos 3-1, in the Champions League on Cyprus Independence Day at GSP Stadium. Anorthosis now top the table with Italian Champions Inter Milan with four points and face Jose Mourinho's boys in Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on the 22nd of October at 9:45 pm.
"A Journey of Cultural Rediscovery:Armenian Heritage in Turkey"

On November 13 from 9.30am to 1.00pm AGBU Europe will host a conference in the European Parliament entitled «A Journey of Cultural Rediscovery: Armenian Heritage in Turkey ».
The conference, which is part of the official European Year for Intercultural Dialogue, will review the recent public debate in Turkey on the country's forgotten Armenian Heritage in the light of recent groundbreaking artistic and intellectual contributions on the subject and will examine the significance of Armenian cultural heritage in Turkey from a European perspective.
Speakers at the conference will include Fethiye Cetin, author of the book "My Grandmother", Osman Köker, creator of the groundbreaking exhibition "My Dear Brother", art historian Professor Patrick Donabedian as well as historians Vahe Tachjian and Ara Sarafian.
The conference will be opened by Michael Leigh, Director General at the European Commission in charge of enlargement. The conference will conclude with a panel debate. A reception will follow the conference.
This events is organised under the Aegis of Bernard Lehideux MEP, with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation's Brussels office.
The conference is open to all but prior registration is indispensable to access the European Parliament's building.

Registration deadline: 4 November 2008
The conference brochure and registration form can be downloaded at:
Conference location:
EU Parliament, Room ASP 3G3 - Rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60 B-1047 Brussels


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Letters to the Editor

Dear Simon,
We do enjoy our weekly read of Gibrahayer, very informative and up-to-date. Similarly, we were interested to see last month’s Politis supplement on the Armenians in Cyprus. One can appreciate that naming individuals is a difficult task and omissions are inevitable, but we feel our father Luther Salakian MBE of English School fame merited inclusion.
Luther Salakian’s passion for education and sports started very early on, first as a student, then as a teacher – a long association and a career of devoted service spanning 50 years – at the English School in Nicosia. He was honoured with the MBE by HM Queen Elizabeth for “Services to Education in Cyprus” having guided and taught thousands of Cypriot youth, including countless Armenians. Another of his greatest contributions to the English School was in establishing a Contingent of the St John Ambulance Brigade of which he was a Founder-Officer. An outstanding sportsman, he played cricket and football for his University (Bristol), and football for the Trust Club of Cyprus. In memory of this veteran hockey player and dedicated coach, the English School has been holding an annual hockey event for “The Salakian Trophy” for almost 30 years.
He took an active interest in Armenian Community affairs, sitting on various committees and School Boards.
Greek Cypriots, the majority of readers of this Politis publication, would recognise Luther Salakian as a prominent and highly respected Armenian.
Yours sincerely,
Azniv and Sylvia Salakian

Dear Simon,
"The Armenian vote in America" is a highly interesting article that so well describes the two United States presidential candidates' contrasting positions on the Armenian Genocide recognition as well as on other Armenia-related issues. A "must read" for all Armenians and especially for Armenian-Americans!
In the circumstances, supporting Barack Obama should be a wise decision.
Thanks for posting this article on your e-magazine.
With warmest regards,
Arto Avedissian - Los Angeles


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    • Anorthosis face Inter Milan on the 22nd of October
    • Latest news on community sports
    • Latest Sports from Armenia and Cyprus
    • complete schedule of fixtures of Cyprus Champions Anorthosis Famagusta, until December 2008
    • With four defeats out of four games and a goal difference of 1-12, Armenia ended the year as the bottom side in Group Five behind Estonia that will be their next rival at the restart of the qualifying tournament in spring (on March 28 in Yerevan and on April 1 in Tallinn).
    • Two Armenian judoists, Artyom Baghdasarian 73 kg and Gor Khorozian 100 kg, will take part in the World Judo Youth Cup which will be held October 23-26 in Bangkok, Thailand.
    • Armenia's Women's U-17 is taking part in the European Women's Under-17 championship. During the first qualifying round in Slovenia, Sweden defeated Armenia 16-0.
    • Former Cyprus Davis Cup tennis star, Haig Ashdjian, won the seniors over 45 Open Singles Championship by dropping just ten games, not only in the finals, but throughout the entire championship, defeating seeded number two Marios Petrou in the finals 6-2, 6-0.
    • Nor Serount's Homenmen lost to Engomi 4-2 in the 3rd Division of the Cyprus Futsal Championships at the Melkonian closed Stadium.
    • Six time Cyprus Champions Ararat FC defeated, Livadia 3-2 after trailing 2-1 for the First Division of the Cyprus Futsal Championship. Homenmen coach Armen Danielyan, was the star player of Ararat, who scored both the equaliser and the winning goal.
    • Back from long injuries, Marcos Baghdatis faces Marcel Granollers ranked 58 in the world, for the first round of the Tennis Tournament of Basel. Roger Federer and David Nalbandian won their first round matches yesterday.

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    • Wednesday October 15 - The Pharos is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a major event at the old Powerhouse which will be inaugurated by President of the Cyprus Parliament Marios Garoyian. The exhibition, with 40 international artists will include many from Armenia. Every evening until Nov 9 there will be events, concerts, lectures and performances. Open to the public – free of charge. Visit the website of the Pharos Trust at www dot thepharostrust dot org
    • Saturday, October 25, at 05:00 pm - Armenian Evangelical Church service in Greek Evangelical Church, 20 Gladstonos street, Nicosia. Message: "God Called the Armenian Nation".(Asdvadtz Gantchetz Hay Joghovourte). The service will be dedicated for the Cultural Month - TARKMANCHATZ. Speaker: Hrayr Jebejian. All are welcome.
    • Saturday, 8 November at 8:00 pm - AYF Cyprus celebrates its 30th anniversary with a Slide-Show presentation at AYMA. More than 100 images of AYF's work in Cyprus over the past three decades will be shown. All are welcome to attend the Kebab Party that will follow. Reservations with Jijo Sarkissian on 99445018 and Haig Costanian on 96350050.
    • Friday 14 November at 8:30 pm - Celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of the Armenian Relief Society of Sosse Cyprus Chapter at The Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia. Details to follow.
    • Friday 28th November - The Office of the Armenian Representative has invited the world famous «Cadence» Ensemble of Armenia to perform only for one night at Latsia Municipal Theatre. «Cadence» Ensemble’s repertoire includes masterpieces of classical and contemporary music of European, American, Russian and Armenian composers as well as the works of Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla.
    • Saturday 20 December - Nor Serount Ball - details to follow.

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