Monday, 6 September 2010

Urgent ... for your attention... UN Resolution

Dear Armenag,

Can you and your friends email your MP's in order to make
representation to the FO regarding the latest Azeri anti Armenian
resolution so the GB does not vote with the Azeris.

I have written a sample where you can use should you need it.



We would like you to make presentation to the Foreign Office regarding
the Azeri resolution which will be put to the UN General assembly
around 9th September which is a very anti Armenian resolution, we
would like you to speak to the FO not to vote for the resolution, as
the Osce Minsk group is the body which is dealing with negotiations on
Nakorno Karabagh,any deviation from the Osce Minsk group will harm the
peace process or any adoption of anti Armenian resolution will harm
the whole process.

We would like to hear your views and the outcome of your
representation to the FO as the matter should be solved peacefully and
not as the Azeris have been behaving of late by using force.

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