Thursday, 23 April 2015

Claris, so very touching and I am sure it has been a constant beckoning to press you to write your poem at long last!...I for one am so pleased that you have. You will find it shared on fb...and on:

I have been wanting to write a poem for this masterpiece called ( 100 years ),one of my favorite paintings of Artist Sevan Malikyan .
This meaningful beautiful painting and the green color used as a part to create this masterpiece really inspired me to write these words down, of course with his permission . I hope the pen I used was as worthy as the brush he used. 
Stay with me
I am here
Twirling on this wall
With a piece left behind
With the scent of my once perfumed hair
Far faraway from a quiet name
Carved on a stone, vanished
Stay with me
I am here
I have nowhere to go
A memory
An image
Touched by no one
Felt by nothing
But a shivering brush of an artist 
Stay with me
I am here
Humming from a distance
Pressed on this canvas
Red, white, orange, blue
And a piece of green
My heart
This only green
Drinking my own sobs
Rising through the cracks of history
Playing hide and sick with the wall behind
Stay with me
I am here
Perished in exile
Comforting the unseen
Away from the ruins of my land
Mourned before death
By the shadows of the desert
By the plundered light of my eyes
In the depth of thousands of screams 
Stay with me
I am here
Stretched out
caressed and forgotten
by the passing hands of the living
Sweltering in tears
Frozen in time
On this un giving land
Waiting to be melted
By the warmth of an eye , passing
By the Lowering of a hands , risen 
Stay with me
I am here
Lift what I have been held by
Lift the forgotten memories of this woman
Free my heart
The concealed trembling green left behind
For a sea so clear
A child so happy
A man so free
That I could shred this canvas
That I could be squeezed out
That I could damp my feet
That I could swim again
That I could dance with the dazzling shells of the sea
Once more
Away from this image
Away from the passing paralyzed eyes of strangers
Away from everyone who left and never returned
Stay with me
I am here. 
Claris 4/22/15

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