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DECLARATION Adopted by the Network of Civil Society “Refugees and International Right” June 30, 2006

So far as Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims that:

acknowledged of self-respect and the same time equality and human rights as a integral part of all members of the human family is the basis of freedom, justice and peace throughout the world;

disregard and neglect of the human rights are the reason of the barbarous actions being roused the indignation of the mankind conscience;

all people without exception are used by the basis rights and freedoms but in the frameworks of the  international right are acknowledged the social and humanitarian nature of refugees problem,

so far as

the armenians of Azerbaijani SSR, exposed to violence, robbery and deportation from the government of their citizenship initiated by the  azerbaijanian authorities, are the most victims as a result of Karabakh conflict,


NGOs presented the interests of refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR and Nakhidjevan declare the following:

within the aim of unity of forces for reestablishment of the violated rights and freedoms of Armenians from Azerbaijani SSR and Nakhidjevan and assistance to guarantee reparation payments for the majority of the moral and material losses have signed the Agreement on Cooperation having formed the Network of Civil Society- Refugees and International Right (then Network).

NGOs-participants of the Network express their gratitude to the authorities and people of Armenia, NKR, RF, Turkmenistan and all other states which received refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR and Nakhidjevan and created all conditions to help them to stand the ordeals falling to their lot also they hoped that all the moral and material losses would be reparated and the culprit would be punished.

NGOs-participants of the Network with the suffering state that both in 1920 the Soviet Armenia didn’t protected the refugees-armenians  from Azerbaijani SSR and Nakhidjevan and today the problem of 500 thousand refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR whose rights were violated has neglected by the international legal cooperation and also has taken no notice and support by the armenian authorities.

Accounting the situation that:

at present to settle the Karabakh conflicts by negotiations, it is discussed the questions of yielding of some regions, controlled by the Defense Army of NKR with the following repopulation of the internally displaced azerbaijanians there;

considered it is necessary to inform the armenian and international public about under mentioned:

the problem of refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR and Nakhidjevan has to be included on the agenda of negotiations directed to settle the Karabakh problem, in any framework of negotiations;

armenians are one of the state making nations which were created as a community of Azerbaijani SSR and have the rights to demand the reparation payments not only for the moral and material losses but the compensation of their Fatherland in the territorial meaning. Nevertheless, the realities expel some any opportunities of returning of refugees-armenians on the territories controlled by the Azerbaijani Republic now, the authorities of which are lasting to neglect their rights.  

Thus taking into account that:

armenians have made up 8 per cent (without armenian population of NKR) of the population of Azerbaijani SSR it will be naturally to give them 8 per cent of the territory of Azerbaijani Republic as compensation of Fatherland. Actually the territory of Azerbaijani Republic makes up approximately 150000 km2, including the part of Caspian Sea (without the territory of Nakhidjevan). Therefore, the territory of armenians of Azerbaijani SSR makes up at least 12000 km2.

Proceeding from the above mentioned:

we express an opinion against that to yield some any territories. All territories, which are outside of borders in which NKR was proclaimed, on which now the sovereignty of NKR is spread, all it is a basis for acquiring of Azerbaijani SSR Fatherland by the armenians  and getting partial the reparation payments for the losses.

Proceeding from that the Azerbaijani SSR has declined legitimation of Azerbaijani SSR and calling NKR as a single legitimate:

we call the authorities of NKR to solve the question of simplified citizenship of armenians from Azerbaijani SSR  and Nakhidjevan and to give it them and legally to pass the land of the abovementioned  territories.

Armenians have been deprived of opportunities of taking part in the process of privatization as a result of the deportation from the Azerbaijani SSR.

We consider that:

we have the right to demand that the authorities of the Azerbaijani Republic our part from income and export of gas, oil as since the foundation of the azerbaijanian oil industry it is hardly to over-estimate the contribution of the armenians  specialists into the development of azerbaijanian oil and gas industry. The foreign companies, which conclude of a treaty with the authorities of Azerbaijani Republic, must take into consideration that, at least, they can be in the role of unscrupulous purchaser if they will not show the adequate approach to this problem.

We call all our compatriots and the international society:

to support forces directed to reestablishment and protection violated rights and freedoms of refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR. The opportunity to continue their lives in their Fatherland can deliver our co brothers from losses and humiliation. In this meaning, any assistance will be accepted with gratitude.

Since 1988 approximately 400 thousand refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR  and Nakhidjevan have found resides in RA and NKR. Many of them had fallen in action for the inviolability of the frontiers of Armenia and for the independence of NKR.

Notify that:

on coming the parliament and the president elections we’ll use all having at our disposal possibilities and influence to support those parties and candidates which will be ready to protect legal interests of the refugees-armenians from Azerbaijani SSR  and Nakhidjevan.


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