Monday, 20 April 2015

Re 3: BBC programs on the Armenian Genocide

BBC Persian TV
Fri 24th April at 17.30 GMT 
Sun 26th April 16.30 GMT 
Mon 27th April 06.30 GMT 
Thurs 30th 11.30 GMT 
Sat 2nd May 11.30 GMT
BBC World
Fri 24th April 23.30 GMT
Sat 25th April 11.30 GMT & 22.30 GMT
Sun 26th April 04.30 GMT & 17.30 GMT
BBC News Channel (Once it goes on BBC News Channel then it will be released on IPlayer) 
Sat 25th April 03.30 GMT & 20.30 GMT
Sun 26th April 02.30 GMT & 20.30 GMT 
BBC Turkish 
BBC Turkish YouTube Channel
Featured under ‘Our World’ programmes
Sat 25th April

‘Remembering the Armenian Massacres’ 
It’s 100 years since the massacres and mass deportation of Armenians who lived in the Ottoman Empire, now Turkey. Armenians say one and a half million people died, the Turkish government says it was many fewer. The killings remain extremely controversial with the    Turkish government resisting Armenian calls to recognise them as genocide. They’re rarely spoken of or taught in Turkish schools. BBC reporter Lara Petrossian’s Armenian great grandfather was one of the few who escaped and started a new life abroad.  A century on, Lara visits her Armenian family’s destroyed neighbourhood in Turkey. She’s joined by BBC Turkish reporter, Rengin Arslan, and together they discover how little remains of Armenian culture and community in Turkey. As they discover their families’ very different versions of the past, they try to understand why the story of the massacres continues to be so difficult to tell.

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