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ԱՋՆՈՐԴՈՒԹԻՒՆ.ՀԱՅՈՑ.ՄԵԾՆ.ԲՐԻԴԱՆԻՈՅ.ԵՒ.ԻՐԼԱՆՏԱՅ DIOCESE OF THE ARMENIAN CHURCH OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAN Տ.Վահան Եպս. Յովհաննէսեան, Հայրապետական Պատուիրակ եւ Առաջնորդ The Right Revd Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate and Pontifical Legate 10 April, 2015

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It is regrettable that with the passing of Keith Barber [Our Blog Master] we are not able to publish the incredibly exciting photographs that appear in the newsletter from the Bishop...Thank you.

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St Yeghiche

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Issue 9, Volume 6
Last Sunday, 5April, 2015, Armenians around the world joined Catholic and Protestant Christians in celebrating the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, popularly known as Easter. Armenian parishes in the France, UK and Ireland in their turn had their own celebration of Easter, followed by traditional fellowship and Easter receptions/luncheon and dinners. His Grace Bihsop Vahan Hovhanessian celebrated his first Easter Badarak in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Paris, France. His Grace led the Holy Week services in Paris and offered the Badarak on Easter Sunday distributing Holy Communion to hundreds of the faithful who packed the beautiful cathedral and blocked the street outside Church to the curb facing the Church across the street! Preaching to the hundrds of people standing and sitting in the Cathedral, His Grace emphasized, ‘This year, Easter has an extra sense of victory for us.’ Click here to read the Primate’s Easter message in Armenian and here in English. The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin was also packed with the faithful who had come to participate in the Badarak offered by His Holiness and hear his homily. Click for to read the Vehapar’s homily in English and here in Armenian.
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His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, will be joined by Hs Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia, and a delegation of Armenian Church hierarchs for a requiem service for the victims of the 1915 Genocide in the Vatical to be offered by His Holiness Pope Francis I, with the participation of His Holiness Nersess Bedros XI, Catholicos of the Armenian Catholic Church. Several groups from the UK, Ireland and France will be participating in the prayer. If your group has not yet requested tickets from the Primate’s Office please do so to secure the best seats available. By the invitation of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate, will be part of the official delegation in the visit representing the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. Meanwhile, as indicated several times earlier, on the 23 of April, the two Catholicoi joined by their Bishop Synod will officially canonise those among the 1.5 victims of the Genocide who werw martyred for their faith, as Martyred Saints of the Armenian Church.
On Sunday the 5th of April Cardiff Parish of the Armenian Church of the UK and Ireland joined its celebration of Easter with the community of the Christ Church Carmarthen. In the opening Sermon Canon Patrick specially welcomed the Armenian's including Mary-Jean Odoherty one of the Armenian singers at this years Eurovision and wished her every success. Canon Patrick stressed the importance to the congregation of remembering the Armenian genocide. He went on to say that to-day Christian's in the Middle East & Africa were suffering and that the lessons from history had been ignored. Canon Patrick as usual took the Lords prayer in three languages, English, Welsh & Armenian. The Easter garden was as usual adorned with Armenian Crosses and Easter eggs. The service concluded with the distribution of butterflies and chocolate eggs as signs of rebirth. Meanwhile, the Cardiff Parish is working hard with the Church in Wales for a special commemoration of the Genocide of 1915 at the St. David Cathedral in May. Details to come.
On Easter Monday the 6th of April 2015 the ACYF London (Armenian Church Youth Fellowship) prepared 20 Easter baskets with personalised Easter cards for the Armenian housebound and elderly. They set off to deliver the gifts in the afternoon and finished late at night when they ended their evening in a fellowship dinner. It was such a humbling project that ACYF endeavour to continue. This was their 6th festive basket delivery and they deliver every Easter and Christmas. Thank you and God bless you dear Srpazan Vahan for inspiring us to run this very important project. Unfortunately His Grace Bishop Vahan was not able to join the ACYF on this occasion as he is now residing in Paris, France where he is now executing the office of the Primate of France as well as the Diocese of UK and Ireland. We and many are extremely grateful to our very generous donors who help make this project possible, thank you very much. The ACYF’s next project is their participation in the Genocide activities. Contact them for more info. God bless you.
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On Saturday 28 March, HG Bp Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate, presided over a public assembly to review and discuss the various programmes of the Primate Office as well as the parishes of the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland. The Assembly was chaired by Mr John Torosian, Chairman of the Cardiff Parish. Following the Primate’s prayer and welcoming remarks, chairmen of the various parishes were invited to present their reports followed by discussion. His Grace then offered a slide presentation of the various programmes of the Primate’s Office including the activities of the Armenian Church Youth Fellowship (ACYF) and a detailed financial statement of the Armenian Church Trust of the UK (ACTUK). This was followed by a period of Q&E. The meeting was open to the public and announced weeks in advance, as in previous years. Questions were answered in details with lively discussion. Assembly ended with Srpazan’s remarks.
By the orders of His Grace Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate of the Dioceses of France and the UK and Ireland, all the parishes of the two dioceses as well as the Armenian churches within the jurisdiction of His Grace as the Pontifical Legate to Western Europe, have been encouraged to make all the arrangements necessary to broadcast the ceremony of the canonisation of the martyrs of the 1915 Genocide which will take place in Holy Etchmiadzin on Saturday, 23 April, live in our parishes. The live broadcast in Etchmiadzin will be followed by the ringing of the local parish churches 100 times to coincide with the ringing of the bells of the Mother Cathedral in Etchmiadzin as well as the Great House of Cilicia in Antileas. The ringing of the bell is scheduled to start in Holy Etchmiadzin at 19:15 hr, which symbolically refers to the date of the Genocide. For further details please contact your local Pastor or Parish Council.
The Continuing Education Ministry of the Primate’s Office of our Diocese is happy to announce the release of a new educational DVD titled “Let’s Talk Badarak”. The DVD includes 9 talks of 10-15 minutes each by HG Bihsop Vahan Hovhanessian, Primate, which elaborate on the meaning of Badarak: this central liturgical celebration in the Armenian Church. Srpazan Hayr elaborates on the biblical origins of the Badarak. How it all started? Key aspects of the developments of the liturgical celebrations through the centuries. The outline of today’s celebration. The meaning and theological significance of key prayers, hymns and liturgical gestures in the celebration of the Badarak. The final session includes His Grace’s several suggestions about how we can actively participate in the Badarak, without necessarily being linguist in Classical Armenian. The DVD is available for £7 and can be for purchase by e-mail the Information Centre or from the Giftshop.
CLICK HERE to watch a video clip of Bishop Vahan’s farewell party.
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The Primate’s Office is happy to bring the attention of our readers to a special event focusing on the 1915 Genocide which will take place on Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 19:00-20:30 at the Amnesty International UK, the Human Rights Action Centre, London EC2A 3EA. The event will include the screening of an exclusive film with Armenian genocide survivors, a Q&A and a reception with canapés. Doors open at 18:30. The reception will be from 20:30. The event is free but booking is required . The event will explore how impunity and failures to bring to justice perpetrators of atrocities leads to future atrocities - Using the Armenian genocide as the focus but looking at subsequent crimes against humanity and genocide, right up to the emergence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Speakers: Carla Garapedian, Armenian Film Foundation and Project Leader, Armenian Genocides Testimonies Collection; Dr James Smith CBE, CEO of the Aegis Trust and co-founder of the UK National Holocaust Centre; Chaired by Kate Allen, Director Amnesty International UK.
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