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What is wrong with modern art, and why is Artour Oshakantsi unique?’

A lay person’s REFLECTIVE THOUGHTS, on  Artour Oshakantsi ‘A Journey from Armenia to London’ as introduced in Professor Pilikian’s meticulously observed Analysis when writing.

...This takes me back to my 'A' level art...Who was it Duchamp? [Correct me if I am wrong] had a moment of enlightenment when sat in a railway carriage looking out at the view when suddenly it was interrupted by a telegraph pole, he noted the frequency and its foreshortening with each interruption. The pole furthest away were smaller than the preceding , this gave depth and distance to the vista. He counted the frequency and found the gaps almost the same in seconds. But his urinal was a political statement.

I do like Pilikian’s opening gambit on His piece, ‘What is wrong with modern art, and why is Artour Oshakantsi unique?’I hope to publish it very soon! 

Now that it is published you too can comment below this post and in your 
own words have your say too! 

Mean while I would like to add:

I agree, abstract is more ambiguous, unclear and one wonders, ponders even, over the work. But then Art 
has a different meaning from one observer to another, as they run their critical eye over each stroke of 
the paint brush, shape and form of every structure. Be it a painting, sculpture or any installation.

I don't know about you but the images from Armenia are far more reminiscent of 
Biblical usage and influence...
It also reminds me of my cousin son's work... Sevan Malikyan.
We Armenian's are, I feel embroiled with iconic works and have this in built imagery 
of stain glass work - where everything we paint has black lines round it... 

At this stage I want to introduce Sevan Malikyan who is also Armenian and a painter his works can be interpreted from scriptures in the Bible and they do remind me of iconic imagery of church  stain glass windows of a more modern space built in less exuberant style, reflecting lives of the area in which the Church was build. These modern mammoths in simple white washed walls and simple seating arrangements are just the right backdrop to hang modern works of Art. Is it a church or a modern Gallery! A place to sit watch and ponder or just to sit and contemplate? You choose!

Below is a reflective comment of Sevan's Work.

I would like to invite you to read the first dialogue held between an Artis of the most high clabber in his work. His name? Sevan Malikian... His CV reads IN the prestigious Art colleges in England and through out his life he keeps true to his work through self explorations, examinations and an in built quest to bring forth the best out of his explorations inTO his teaching!
Here is the first of the selected conversations by email:


Parevner Sevan

I am so happy that you have got in touch, the aim is to profile you by showing your work and anotherArmenian artist who is purportedly well know [see below] in the art circles, but I have not heard of him before, not that it means much! Old masters pass, and new ones need to be supported especially if they are Young, talented and related too.

Here is how it all began, I received an email from Prof Pilikian who wrote the following piece. 

Here is the link to the Artist in question...

Artour Oshakantsi - A Journey From Armenia To London

Do you have a site I can refer to? 

I am taking this step by step, because I want to show you how this has developed......I am continuing this email after you have looked at the link...Let me have your views. S.

sevan malikyan (
Hi Seta pleased find attached my CV there are two shows not added but i will send that to you very soon if needed



Hi Seta 

Please find Attached  some of my drawings  

Ink On Paper

Download photo3.jpg (98.5 KB)
Also Seta 

My first painting i made aged 18 years old before any formal training 

sevan malikyan (

"Self portrait "
Also my latest painting Oil on canvas. " Abstract Landscape" 

Good morning 

Thank you for your support and your wonderful insight in to my work .   The small painting is ineeded an image of the salt lake in Larnaca . 

And indeed the portrait at the age of eighteen does have ghostly elements in my work  . A mental state maybe as a very young man . I wonder even today i still ask those very questions .

I did have a professional platform showing my work in England but i dont have one now . I'm searching for a new website to show my work in Cyprus . 

And will let you know Linda when i have sorted that out. 

Please find enclosed the spiders web attached and other early works of mine 


Mount Ararat. Oil on canvas

I knew you were going to title this one as Mount Ararat! 
It is so symbolic of being Armenian first and foremost! 
But when I was there I was shown mount Ararat, as indeed 
you too have identified it as! But, here is where the confusion 
starts. There are two peaks there and that is the two mountains
switch, when one looks at it from Yerevan to that of the view from 
Turkey. So, it seems depending on which hemisphere one is looking
from East or West... Which view is this ... East or West? Confused? 
So was I! 


No need to be confused, my landscapes are intended as portrayals  of spirit of place and not precise geographical interpretations. Would you like to see more of my work?

With kind regards 


Hi Seta 

Velazquez was a Spanish painter from the royal court of the Spanish golden age 

these type of paintings are called transcriptions where the Artist translate his/her version of the chosen classical painting . 

It`s almost like a homage a tribute.  

The portraits were  actually taken from Egon Schiele  Drawings and later developed in the way i want to take  a image from chance and accident and use of line and paint which then
Develops into something unseen .


Sevan...In that case...I must look it up to educate my eyes in the style, it has a feel of the venetians.
I can see an influence from Egon Schiele in the portraits.   


The large  Yellow  Portrait of the menacing looking man was taken from a photo of Dennis Hopper ,it was more a technical exercise rather then anything deeper .


...You have managed to capture the inanimate origins of the image, 
by the very shiny surface, just like a doll.


 Sevan Your Exhibitions are impressive to say the least! I so look forward to your Exhibition right here in the Midlands. Look up 'THE PUBLIC' IN WEST BROMWICH...IT IS AN INNOVATIVE BUILDING UNLIKE ANYTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ENGLAND, COME TO THINK OF IT - NO WHERE ELSE EITHER. 

2011 Kypriaki Gonia Gallery Cyprus - Solo Show - Oil on Canvas
2009 Aspelia Gallery Cyprus - Solo Show - Oil on Canvas 
2008 Aspelia Gallery Cyprus - Mixed Show - Oil on Canvas 
2007 Fine Art Company Inc London – Group Show Selected Works 
2006 Brick Lane Gallery London – Group Show Figurative paintings 
2005 Fine Art Company Inc London – Group Show Selected Works 
2005 Nicosia, Cyprus - Armenian Cypriot Painters Mixed Show
2005 The Princes Drawing School London Drawing Marathon 
2004 Mall Galleries London - Short Listed Diana Brook Prize 
2004 Mall Galleries London - Mixed Show Landscape Paintings 
2003 Mall Galleries London - Mixed Show Landscape Paintings 
2002 Mall Galleries - Art for Youth - Mixed Show Oil Paintings 
2002 Mall Galleries London - Mixed Show Figurative Paintings 
2001 Riverside Studios - Mixed Show Figurative Paintings 
2001 Kensington Galleries London - Prints and Small Works 
2000 Riverside Studios Radio Interview – “In Conversation: Artists Work”
2000 Riverside Studios Arts Festival London - Solo Show Abstract Paintings 
1994 Barcelona Student Studio Exchange - Mixed Student Work 
1992 Alexandra Palace Art Show – Student Work – Oil Painting

P.S. of course we have the same great grandparents silly me !

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