Saturday, 21 September 2013

dmark....Special Editorial

This site is prepared to voice and platform thoughts over: 
  • The Armenian Genocide of 1915 by the Young Turks of the day. 
  • Hrant Dink 
  • It is aimed to be nonjudgemental over personal view points. 

Blogger dmarks said...
Hello. I am inviting you as an active and concerned Armenian blogger, to visit this recent conversation about the Armenian genocide:

It would be interesting to counter the views that the claims of genocide are part of a right-wing conspiracy, and that the Young Turks weren't bad at all.
13 September 2013 12:29
Blogger Seta said...
Thank you for bringing this site to my attention!

The overwhelming evidence for Genocide is clear! DEBATE IS FUTILE!
As for the Young Turks: 'How bad does one have to be 'BAD' YOU DECIDE!

Genocide is an all moving word, it is not a claim that can be made lightly. The word was not even invented or created then hence the lack of referral to the word 'Genocide.'

I have now decided to highlight your comment on the blog with a subject heading of its own...Look up dmarks

21 September 2013 11:07

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