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AREV - This Sunday, 29 September‏

Arev Play Group, St. Sarkis Church Parish, London 2013
St. Sarkis Church
Iverna Gardens, London W8 6TP
·       This Sunday, 29 September 2013

AREV Children’s Club

AREV is starting its 4th year with a new programme and exciting activities. This year each session will explore different Armenian artistscomposersfolk talessongsand dances

Saryan_By_the_Well_Hot_Day_1908.jpg  Minas_The_Village_of_Jadjour_1960.jpg  Gorky_Agony_1947.jpgSARYAN                                                                                MINAS                                                                                             GORKY

AREV is for 4-7 year-old children (younger and older children are welcome) and meets once a month at St. Sarkis Church, Gulbenkian Hall. Parents’ participation is essential.

11:30 Programme in the Gulbenkian Hall; 12:15 Children and parents attend church service (Badarak

For more information please call Programme Director, Shakeh Major Tchilingirian07968 446223 or send an email to (or see the video clip).

Upcoming dates and session programmes:

29 September
Story:  "Dziteh" (Hovhaness Toumanyan)
SongDzenkele Mnkele (Parsegh Ganachian)
Colouring:  inspirations from Martiros Saryan

27 October
Story: "Khosogh Tsukeh" (Hovhaness Toumanyan)
SongGakavik (Komitas)
Colouring:  Inspirations from Minas Avetissian
DanceVer Veri

24 November
Story: "Yerek Vishap"  (Nouneh Sarkissian)
SongHingala (popular)
Colouring: inspirations from Arshile Gorky

Saryan_Hot_Day_Running_Dog_1909.jpg  Arakelian_Drying_Wheat_1920.jpg
SARYAN                                                                                                                      ARAKELYAN

St. Sarkis Armenian Church
Armenian Vicarage, Iverna Gardens, London W8 6TP
90th Anniversary Celebrations: Past & Present (video)

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