Thursday, 9 April 2015

George M Gregorian Proud to report that I just came from the Statehouse of Rhode Island where the House and Senate approved April 24, 2015 as Armenian genocide

  • Remembrance Day. Bill was sponsored by one of our own Rep. Katie Kazarian, seen in center of the photo
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  • John Aynejian Yeah you're right - what then? We should just stop trying to do anything and shut up about it and sip tea and eat lokoum and never mention it again. Thanks for clearing that up for all of us! Now we can all be as spineless as you
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  • Irene Hay Edward, great point really. You are not the only one in the dark though. At least one other person (me) is lol. I don't think there is a plan. Personally, I don't care what trky recognizes or don't. If the perpetrator doesn't come clean, the sentence is even harsher. It's high time to take this issue to court.
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  • Margarit K. Mardirosian Well said John Aynejian.
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  • Gina-Marie Cheeseman I have no answers to your questions. All I can think of is the words of my dying grandfather who told me to "go get our family's land back" if Turkey ever starts giving stolen land back. We weren't even talking about it. He brought it up out of the blu...See More
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  • Zaroug Chilingirian Baltajian Historians/Professors/writers Politicians have been working tirelessly to put the records together, that's why Turkey is refusing to Recognize the Genocide, cause once they do, they have to pay back and give back our lands, Churches, homes etc...........See More
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  • Joan McClendon Carol: I posted a video a while back about a professor who was documenting properties in Ayntab from old land records that the government recently opened. He is going to do this in all of Turkey
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  • Seta Cox REPARATION!...
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