Thursday, 9 April 2015

Melik Chris Melkonian‎I am a descendant of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide! 9 hrs · No amount of moral admonishment or "indirect pressure"

will guarantee that our demands are met, in the absence of our own organizational presence on the ground. Only by struggling ourselves can we convince our allies of our attachment to the revolution, to the land, and to our national rights. And only by struggling ourselves will we have the chance to impose our demands, in the face of all reactionary opposition." 
-Monte Melkonian-
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  • Helen Maneyan I am always trying to find out more about Monte's killing, but can't, it's no written anywhere. It is very interesting and close to my heart. I was at the country when the war started, I saw him with my own eyes, his fidayees, and all the fighting guys. Rest in peace, my great hero Monte.
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  • Kharpert Si AVO::: Armenian HERO. RIP
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  • Helen Maneyan I am sorry, I think I confused the picture with Monte's. Rest in peace my heroes, always be remembered.

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